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Chapter 9



Jason’s POV





Jennie stood up, holding her backpack.



“Going home?”, Lina asked her.



“Yeah!”, She replied almost in a whisper.



“Okay bye!”.



“Good night Jennie cutie!”, Bon shouted, waving at her.



She glanced at me, then waved at Bon shyly.



“See you tomorrow newbie!”, ChanSoo also waved at her.



“Good night!”, She said to him before walking away.





Won’t she bid me a goodbye too?



I wish I could run after her but I have something to settle.



Just then, Candy and Lina stood up.



“Candy wait!”, I found myself blurt out.



It took some seconds before she looked back at me, expressionlessly.



“Guys! I’m sorry for making you all worry about me this morning!”, I apologized.



“Reminding me makes me wanna punch your beautiful face, but it’s okay!”, Bon broke the short silence.



“It’s okay dude!”, ChanSoo also said as he stood up.


I turned back to look at J.G who was busy with his phone.






He looked up at me, with a light smile.



“It’s okay. But don’t do that again, inform us if you wanna go somewhere!”, He said and I nodded.



“Apology accepted!”, Lina also said.



“Who cares if you’re angry anyway”, Bon whispered, pouting his lips.



Lina stucked out her tongue at him, shaking her head.



“Eeww…”, Bon covered her face with his palm, pushing her head backward.



“Stop it!”, She shoved his hand off and he chuckled.



I looked at Candy.






“Okay!”, She mumbled, heading out of the class.



I sighed softly before I stood up.



“Let’s go home!”.



I knew about Candy’s feeling for me.


Bon told me about it when we were in Grade 11.


But I just love her as my friend and like my sister.



We’ve all been friends since childhood and I know Candy as a calm, beautiful and kind hearted girl.





I can’t love her the way she wants.



No matter how much I had tried, I just have plain love for her.



I wish she could get rid of her feelings for me because I won’t like seeing her heartbroken.







Me, ChanSoo, Bon and J.G walked down the hallway, heading out of the building.



Oh my gosh! Look at them!



Jason is extraordinarily cute today.



I really missed seeing him during vacation.



I heard that he went to Ireland for the last vacation, so I also went there but I didn’t got the chance to meet him.



We heard some girls chatting among themselves.







“Get the car ready!”, I ordered my guard.



“Yes boss!”.



“So, we will meet at the club tonight?”, ChanSoo said.



“Sure!”, J.G replied.



“Yeah!”, Bon also replied.






“Why Jason?”, Bon asked surprisingly.



“No reason. I just wanna stay at home with Mom!”, I said.



“Seriously? I think it gonna rain today!”, J.G teased and I chuckled.



“Dude, for real, you’re not coming?”, ChanSoo asked again.



“Yeah, I won’t”.



“Jas! Are you okay? You don’t wanna club, have fun, get drunk, flirt with girls and get one laid?”.



“Huh, I’m fine but mom is not really okay. She is on medication and I need to stay with her”, I said.



Well, partly, it’s not a lie.



“Aww, our regards to her!”, ChanSoo said, patting my shoulder and I nodded.



“Gotta go now. We’ll chat you up tonight!”, J.G said as he gave me a side hug.



He did the same to others before walking into his car.



“Then, I’ll leave too!”.



“Yeah, see you tomorrow!”.







“Young master, the car is ready”, my guard said behind me.



I nodded before walking to the car.



He opened the door and I entered before he closed.



Within few seconds we drove out of the school compound.



I looked out of the window and saw Jennie walking to the subway.



“Stop the car!”, I ordered immediately.



The car stopped and I got down from it, leaning back at it.



Jennie was just walking few feet toward me before she looked up.



“Hey buddy!”, I waved at her with a smile.







Jennie’s POV





I walked out of the school compound, heading to the subway with random stuffs running in my mind.



The subway was just few feet away when I looked up to see Jason.



Not again!



He leaned on his harsh limo with all his glory, staring at me.



He flashed a smile at me and waved.



“Hey buddy!”.



I sighed, walking closer to him.



“You’re going home? Lemme give you a lift!”, He said.



“I’ll just board a bus at the subway!”, I replied and he frowned.



Unexpectedly, he grabbed my hand, opened his car door and pushed me in before he also entered.





Just like that?



“I said I’ll board a bus!”.


“And I say no!”.



“It obvious you like people following your desire!”, I blurted out with a scoff.



*Oh my Lud! Jennie! Where did you gathered that courage to speak to him like that*



*The last time I checked, you were nervous and shy around him!*



Jason looked at me and smirk.



“Obviously!”, He whispered.



“And I like the new you. That’s how friends should be. After all we’re friends, be free around me, I don’t bite!”, He added before looking out through the tinted window.



I stared at him astonishingly.



*I guess he is just an angel in disguise sent here to help your destiny, Jennie!*



“Thank you Jason!”, I said sincerely.



He looked at me and smiled.



“It obvious you love saying ‘thanks’ for everything!”, He said, emphasising the ‘thanks’, as he patted my hair.



Did he just used my words against me?



“Now, can you give me your home address, little princess?”, He whispered into my ear, giving me a ticklish feeling.



I bite my lips to held my laughter.







Candy’s POV





I ordered the chauffeur to stop the car when I saw Jason’s car pulled over.



I watched as he got down from the car, leaned on it, waved at Jennie before he pushed her into the car and also hopped in.



His car was there for few minutes before it drove away.



“Candy, what is it?”, Lina asked.



“Nothing. Let’s go!”, I said to the chauffeur.



“Candy, I need to talk to you when we get home!”, She said, looking back at her laptop.






“Going to club today?”, She asked, not looking up.




“Nope!”, I replied immediately.










Jason’s POV





~~Tan Mansion~~



The car drove into the large compound and halted in front of the mansion.



Yeah, I went to drop Jennie at her home and it was cool.



I got down from the car and entered the mansion.



“Welcome young Master!”, The servants chorused with a little bow.



One of them brought my slippers and I pulled off my boots before I wore them.



“Where is mom?”, I asked.



“Second Madam has been in her room all day but First Madam just arrived”, a maid replied.



“And where is she?”, I asked again.



“Not long ago, she went to Second Madam’s room!”.



“What?”, I frowned and ran to my mom’s room.



Well, my mom is the second madam of the Tan family and she gave birth to me and Bella.



First Madam, Lady Heisha, was my dad’s first wife but because she couldn’t conceived, dad married my mom as his second wife.



Even though before he married my mom, I was already in her womb which made me an illegitimate child but dad decided to kept it a secret from the world since I was his only son and the heir.



But Lady Heisha has been on my mother’s neck, always causing her troubles and worries.



But my mom being a calm person, endured all the pains and that’s why she is still living in the Tan mansion with Lady Heisha under the same roof.



My mom’s bedroom door was slightly opened and I heard Lady Heisha yelling from inside.



“That your ill-mannered son has stirred up another trouble for the Tan family!”.










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Inseparable Lovers


( Our High School Love Story )



By: Sulaiman M. Zainab





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