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Inseparable Lovers


( Our High School Love Story )



By: Sulaiman M. Zainab





Chapter 3



Jennie’s POV





I took my bath and dressed up in my new school uniform.



It was a white long sleeves shirt with the school name inscribed on it in red color and red tie attached to it, pepper red tummy mini flay skirt, white long socks and red footwear.



It’s unique!



The customised school bag is also pepper red with the school name in white inscribed on it too.



“Jennie, it’s getting late!”, I heard my mom’s voice.



“Almost done Eomma!”.



<<<‘eomma’ means ‘mom’ in Korean>>>



I stuffed my school bag with my new phone, new notebooks, pen and pencil case, admission form and other necessary things.



I packed my hair with a ribbon and adjusted my dress.



I held my school bag and walked out of my room.



“Mom, am ready”, I said as I walked into the sitting room.



“Wow!”, Mia exclaimed.



“Aigoo, my baby!”, Mom pulled my cheeks.



“Mom!”, I frowned.



“Sis! Please let’s take some selfies”, Mia pleaded.



We took some pictures.



“Huh, am gonna let the whole school know that my elder sister is attending Emperor Tan High School!”, She said excitedly and I chuckled.



Mia was also dressed in her school uniform.



“Aishh… don’t delay her with your leaking mouth”, mom said to her.



“Eomma!”, She groaned.



Mom gave me some money to feed myself at school before I left with my sister.



She held my hand as we walked down the street heading to the bus stop to board a bus.



People were staring at us in astonishment.





Everyone knows Emperor Tan High School.



So it got them a big surprise that ordinary Kim Jennie is attending such a prestigious school.





Am proud of myself!



I walked with pride and my sister giggled beside me.



This is the best day of our life!



I wish dad was alive to see this miracle!






I arrived at the school gate.



Different luxurious cars were roaming in and out of the large compound.



Can I cope in this school?



I know I can never fit in but I can try my best to be myself, right?




I sighed and proceeded to enter the school compound but the guards stopped me.



They looked at me from head to toe, probably wondering why I didn’t came with any luxurious car.



“You are?”, One of them asked.



“A new student”, I replied and showed them my admission form.



They looked at me weirdly and opened the gate for me to enter.



I entered and was dumbfounded.



This is paradise on earth!



The school is magnificent!



Even magnificent is an understatement.



I watched in amusement as different classy looking students got down from their cars and walked around with pride.



Lemme say all of these students are beautiful!



Both boys and girls!



I saw a big castle-like building by the left with ‘THE ADMINISTRATIVE BUILDING’ boldly written.



I need to find the Principal’s office.



It must be in that adminstrative building.



I walked into the building and was ‘WOW!”.



The beautiful wall paintings, marble floor, nice smell, refreshing air and everything!



I kept walking along the narrow wide corridor.



I couldn’t even ask anyone for help because I don’t have the courage.



Everyone I met looks classy and have this ‘mind-your-business’ look on their faces.



Oh, that’s right.


I think I can get the school map on their phone.



I removed my new phone from my bag and thank goodness, I found the school map.



It made it easy to locate the Principal’s office.



I knocked on the glass door and heard a feminine sweet voice gestured me to enter.



I entered and looked around the large sparkling office.



My eyes fell on a young beautiful classy-looking woman, busy searching for whatever on the office desk.



She looked up at me.



“Good morning ma’am”, I greeted and she nodded.





She can’t even reply!



“How may I help you?”, She asked.



“I came to see the principal”, I replied, trying to sound in my best polite way.



“Emperor Tan High School’s principal at your service!”, She said.





She is the principal?



“I’m the student who got scholarship into this school”, I said nervously.



“Ohh, Kim Jennie?”, She asked and I smiled.



She know my name?



“Yes ma’am!”.



She stared at me from head to toe and I felt really awkward.



What’s with this awkward stare?



“Okay. We don’t give out scholarships, if you don’t know, but you’re lucky to be the first student on scholarship in the history of this school”, she said and I swallowed hard.


First student on scholarship in the history of this school?



Why should it be me?



“Anyway, welcome to Emperor Tan High School, Kim Jennie. Any slightest mistake and you’ll be expelled. Be of your best behavior!”, She said and smiled.





She smiled.



“Thank you ma’am!”.



“By the way, I’m Han KiRan, the school principal. Your admission form, please?”, She asked and I gave it to her.



I filled a personal form and she gave me some school magazines and guide books.



“I guess you already have the school phone, you will find everything you need to know about this school on it. You can ask questions or search for anything on the Emp-Tan Google app.


But you need to activate your profile before you can do all these.


Click on MY PROFILE app on your phone and do the activation right now”, She explained and I nodded.



“You can have your seat and do that?”, She added and I sat on a couch.



Oh my God!


Emp-Tan Google app?


My Profile app?


This is incredible.



Like she said, I found the app and activated my profile.



“Done ma’am!”, I told her.



“Ask the Emp-Tan Google app for your locker number”, she instructed and I nodded.



I clicked on the app and asked for my locker number.



Oh heavenly Lord!



Immediately, the number displayed with my name and profile info.



“It’s number 68 ma’am!”, I spoke.


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“Good job! That’s how you will handle any other things you need. That’s why Emp-Tan phone is there for you. Grade 12, ask the Emp-Tan Google map for the location. You may leave”, she instructed and I smiled.



“Thanks ma’am!”, I appreciated and she nodded.



I took my bag and left, following the location on the phone to my locker.



This is amazing!



Even by this, I don’t think I need to befriend anyone or cross any line of those rich kids.



I got to the location and ‘waw!’, it was also a wide narrow path with many lockers on both sides.



Students were busy with one thing or the other.



Some were chatting and laughing, some were busy with their phones, some were busy with their lockers and so on.



…all looking classy.



I walked to my locker and opened it.


It was empty and spacious.



But wait!


I’ve been too excited to even ask myself this question.



Who got me this scholarship?


It must be someone influential with great power in this school.



But I don’t even associate with rich people.





What matters to me is that I am now a student of E.T.H.S!!!



Suddenly, I felt many eyes staring at me.



I turned and saw many students staring at me.



What did I do?





I don’t want to be the subject of the formula with this rich kids!



I even heard someone, murmuring:



Who is she?



She is the new owner of that locker?



She must be a new student.



Let’s search for her profile!



Yeah, that’s right!



My profile?



They all brought out their phones and operate it.



What are they doing?



Immediately, murmurs roared up.



She is here on scholarship!



That’s not possible, we don’t give out scholarships!



Not even to a commoner!



Oh my!


They already knew I’m a commoner.



This is trouble!



Big trouble!


What? She is a commoner?



They murmuring went on and on blah blah blah



I turned back and arranged some things into my locker, ignoring their murmurs.





Rude spoilt fellas!!!



Everyone! Jason Tan has arrived!



Someone screamed happily and everyone started running out of the hallway.



Jason Tan?


Chairman Tan’s only son?



Well, I heard that he is very handsome but a pervert.



Anyway, I won’t miss out.



I also need to go and see him for real and confirm if he is as handsome as people describes him.



South Korean heart indeed!



Maybe I can compare him with the guy that saved me from harassment last week.



That guy was damn beautifully handsome!


I arranged my locker and closed it.



I looked at the locker beside mine, so childish!



It were designed with beautiful colorful stickers.



These rich kids are something!



Where do I get time for all this?





I took my bag and walked away.







Candy’s POV





We arrived in school.



“Oh my! I’ve missed this beautiful environment”, Lina cooed as we got down from the car.



Bon also got down from his car behind us and crazy girls surrounded him, drooling.



Awwn, Bon! we’ve missed you!



I heard you went to Hawaii for the vacation.



Gosh! Look at his silky hair!



And his wristwatch!



Blah blah blah…



I scoffed and walked away.



“Wait for me little white witch!”, Lina shouted behind me and I stopped.



She ran to catch up with me.



“You’re really something! If not because I was instructed to take care of you!”, She mumbled.



“I heard that!”, I said and she rolled her eyes.



“Whatever!”, She replied and I turned to leave.



“Hey bi***es!”, I heard the voice of my worst nightmare, behind us.



“Not early this blessed morning!”, Lina muttered.



We turned back and saw her walking toward us.



I smirked and also moved closer to her with Lina beside me.



“Hey bi**h!”, I replied and she chuckled.



“Hey look here Lisa or whatever you are called! This morning is too blessed for a tiny evil goddess to ruin!”, Lina said, getting annoyed.




“Ohh, goddess? I’ll take that as a compliment but Evil? Isn’t that too harsh?”, Lisa asked sarcastically.



“Maybe it is. You’re the last person I wanna meet this morning. But since you are here, I will just leave you. Keep ranting and the lost puppies around you will gladly listen and waggle their tails to your ugly tone”,



I told her, referring the lost puppies to her two friends behind her.



She was visibly angry.



“I have other things to do, I need to see my JASON!”, I said, emphasising the ‘Jason’.



I winked at her and flung my long silky ebony hair across her face before I walked away.



Lina scoffed and also followed beside me.



“You!…”, Lisa groaned, pointing her finger at me, visibly vexed.













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Inseparable Lovers


( Our High School Love Story )



By: Sulaiman M. Zainab





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