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Chapter 4



Candy’s POV





“Seems like you have a new locker neighbor!”, Lina said as we walked into the hallway, heading to my locker.



I looked up and saw the back view of a female student, walking away from the locker beside mine.






“Yah! Jason has arrived! It’s trending on the school group chats!”, Lina exclaimed.



“Really? Lemme drop some few things in my locker before we go”, I said happily and opened my locker.



“These stickers are still here”, Lina said and chuckled.



Well, Jason’s friend, Han ChanSoo gave me the colorful stickers and I used them to decorate my locker.



“I can’t believe our school gave out a scholarship to an ordinary commoner!”, I heard some girls chatting as they walked along the hallway.



“It’s has never happen in the history of E.T.H.S!”, One of the girls added.



scholarship? To a commoner?


“Wait!”, Lina said to them and they stopped. They turned back and looked at us.


“What do you mean by our school gave out a scholarship?”, Lina asked. “Haven’t you heard?”, One of them asked and Lina shook her head.


“A commoner is here in our school on scholarship. She has even resumed for this session today!”, Another girl said.



“A female?”, I asked and they nodded.



“It’s really shocking. We still find it hard to believe but it was confirmed. She is the new owner of locker 68”, another girl also said.



Locker 68?



“Okay, thank you”, Lina said and they left.



“I can’t also believe it! Is that really possible?”, She asked as she walked toward me.



“Lina! I think she is that my new locker neighbor we saw earlier. The girls said the commoner is the owner of locker 68 and mine is 67”.



“You’re right. So it’s true!”, She exclaimed.



“We’ll talk about that later. Let’s go and see Jason!”, I said and we walked away.












As expected, many girls were cheering as Jason got down from his Limousine.



Awwn, my sweet crush!



He was looking as beautifully handsome as ever!



He even looks more cute.



He was wearing; a brown pencil trousers and white inner shirt with leopard-skin knee length coat and brown fashion trainer boots.





This guy is a greekgod!




“Wow! Jason is dope!”, Lina giggled and I smiled, staring at him.




“I knew he wouldn’t wear his school uniform, rascal!”, I heard someone’s voice beside me.



I turned to look at the person.



“Bella!”, I said surprisingly and she hugged me tightly.



I embraced bher and we pulled away.



“Lina!”, She called, who hasn’t noticed her presence.



“Bella!”, Lina exclaimed and they hugged.



She is Bella Tan!


Jason’s kid sister!



“How are you doing?”, Lina asked happily.



“I’m fine sis.”, She replied.



Bella is 2 years younger than us.


She is in grade 10.



Everybody paved a way for Jason as he walked majestically into the school building with his bodyguards behind him.



“Candy look! This is the scholarship commoner”, Lina said, showing me a girl’s picture on her phone.



Sincerely, this girl is really beautiful.


Even beautiful than that Min Lisa bi”**h!



“You’ve also heard about the commoner?”, Bella asked and we nodded.



“How did it happened?”, Lina asked.



“Who else has that power to give out scholarships?”, Bella asked and shrugged.



“Jason?”, Lina asked confusedly.





Why would he?



A commoner for that matter!



Lina laughed briefly.



“Bella! Are you alright this morning? Where in the world would Jason meet her? He doesn’t even associate with COMMONERS!”, Lina said, emphasising the ‘commoner’.



She is right.



“That was what I also thought. But I asked Dad if he knew about it but he said it was Jason’s decision”, Bella explained and Lina blinked her eyes unbelievably.



“Ohh, I need to give Aunt KiRan a special gift I bought for her from Ireland”, Bella said and turned to leave.



“I bought many gifts for you guys too!”, She added immediately and winked at us before she walked away.



“Aishh… that cute girl!”, Lina said and I smiled.



I looked up and saw Jason stopped walking, staring at someone and he smiled at the person.



I traced his gaze and it fell on a female student.





She is the girl Lina showed me her picture…



The commoner!

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Jason really know her!



And he even smiled at her?!



Jason doesn’t smile at just anybody, only to his family and close friends.



… rather he will smirk at you.









Jennie’s POV






I left the hallway and got outside.



I saw many students, crowded, waiting impatiently and anxiously.



Is that Jason a god or something?



Why are they anxious because of him?



I scoffed and just then, a white limousine and a black Corolla car, drove in and stopped close to the crowd.



Most of the female students screamed happily expecting the person to get down from the car.



Some guys, corporately dressed like bodyguards rushed out of the black Corolla car and went to the Limousine.



They stood in two rows and one of them opened the car door.



Someone stepped out and the screams from everyone almost deafen my ears.



Awwn, Jason!



Look at him! He is wearing the latest trainer boots!



Gosh! He is so handsome!



Jason Tan!!!



We love you Jason!!!



They kept screaming.



I looked at the guy that got down from the car.



Oh heaven Lord!



He is Jason Tan?



God created this guy on a special day!



Handsome is an understatement, he is beautiful!






Handsomely dressed in a brown pencil trousers and white inner shirt with leopard-skin knee length coat and brown fashion trainer boots.








He is tall and handsomely built with brownish black hair, crazily styled.





He is…



I studied his face as he walked closer to the direction of where I stood.





He is…my savior!



The guy that saved me from harassment last week!!



He is the one!



Oh my God!


He is Jason Tan!



South Korea heart!


Asia face!



I can’t believe someone like him saved me.



Ordinary Kim Jennie?



This gives a clear explanation of how I got my scholarship.



But why would he help me?



He doesn’t even know anything about me.



I stared at him unbelievably.



As if he felt my gaze on him, he stopped and looked at my direction.



Our eyes made an intense contact.



He smiled and waved at me.



Someone shouldn’t wake me up from this dream!


Jason Tan smiled and waved at me.



But it’s reality!


I swallowed hard.



Ugh! I can’t believe it! After all our scream and everything, he only sighted an ordinary commoner!



I heard someone said behind me.



Oh my!


This is what I was trying to avoid!



I don’t wanna fall into any hand of these rich kids!



Jason walked away with his bodyguards.



Immediately, the crowds faded away.


Only few students were left, including me.



I looked up and saw a female student staring at me some feets away from me.



Another female student was beside her, busy with her phone.





She is really beautiful and cute.



This lady can actually beat my beauty, even the girl beside her.



That was why I said all the students in this school are beautiful and handsome.



What’s with that awful stare from her?




What is she doing?



She is moving closer to me?!



What for?


What did I do?



She was looking all classy and everything!



Even her walking steps…are classy!



“Candy, wait for me!”, The other girl beside her ran to catch up with her.



Ohh, she is Candy?



Before I realize it, she was few inches away from me.



The other girl also looked up at me, as if just noticing my presence.



Her mouth formed ‘O’.



That Candy girl stared at me from head to toe and walked away.



The other girl also followed her, shouting:



“Candy! Wait!”.



If only stares could kill, I would be 6 feets down at this moment.



What was that?


“So you’re the one?”, I heard a familiar voice behind me.



What again?!



I turned to see another beautiful classy looking student, with two other female students behind her.



Now the question is, who is the most beautiful?



That Candy girl or this girl?



But wait!


I remember her voice.



She was the student that said:



‘I can’t believe it! After all our scream and everything, he only sighted an ordinary commoner!’.



Yes, she is the one.



She moved closer to me and smirked.



“Kim Jennie, right?”, She asked and I nodded.



“I hope you will last longer in this school!”, She said and walked away with the lost puppies, trailing behind her, leaving me in awe.






What does she meant by that?



“Don’t worry bi**h! I’m gonna last longer than you will ever expect!”, I muttered and scoffed.



I think I hate this girl already!


At least that Candy was even better!






Just then, the bell rang and I looked at my timetable.



Commerce, first class!



I ran off, following the location on the map to my class…grade 12!














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Inseparable Lovers


( Our High School Love Story )



By: Sulaiman M. Zainab





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