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Chapter 8



Author’s POV





“I knew there was something suspicious between those two!”, Lina broke the silence as she washed her hands.



After they left the cafeteria, they went to the restroom.



“I can’t believe Jason…”, She said but paused, shaking her head confusedly.



“That’s okay Lina. Let’s go!”, Candy said dryly.






They opened the door and walked out, bumping into Lisa.



“Can’t you watch where you are going?!”, Lina spat at her.



“Oops!… sorry! Didn’t saw you coming, maybe because you’re invisible!”, Lisa muttered loudly and Candy clenched her fists.



“Don’t let me reflect my anger on you, cunning bitch!”.



“Tsk…tsk…tsk… really? I guess you saw Jason’s new toy, that must have vexed you. Candy, don’t you think we’re now shipping on the same boat. I really don’t like that Jennie and I know you don’t as well. I think we’re like two fox fighting for the same meat and with Jennie now, that makes us three. And you know me, I don’t like sharing my things but in situations like this, I prefer to share with you rather than that Jennie. What do you think?”.



“Ridiculous! Even if the earth was flooded with oceans and you’ve the only boat left, I’ll never ship with you. Huh, fox? I’m not a fox! And I’m not ready



to share any meat with greedy bitch like you! Btw, what meat are we fighting for? Jason?”,



Candy asked with a scorn before she continued:



“You know, Lisa, in this life, there are somethings that we can imagine but never have them and there are somethings we can see and touch but can never be ours!”.



Candy moved closer to Lisa and whispered into her ears;



“If you’re smart, you’ll understand what I mean!”.



“You!…”, Lisa was left speechless as she gritted her teeth with anger.



“Let’s see then! You and that Jennie are nothing to me but a piece of trash! Sister!”,


Lisa said with sarcasm on the ‘sister’, before walking away angrily.



They were dumbfounded.



“Sister?”, She whispered.



“I don’t know what that sly fox is up to again, but this time, she shall be the loser!”, Candy said, looking at Lisa walk away.



Lisa has always been a threat to her ever since kindergarten, causing her troubles and making her feel inferior.



But Candy is determined to make her pay for everything before they graduate.





Lisa’s POV





“Who does she think she is?!”, I mumbled angrily, heading to the music class.






Just then, my phone rang.



I shoved my phone outta my pocket, it was mom.



What again?






Get ready today, Chairman Choi will have dinner with us tonight.



So? How is that my f***ing business?!



I yelled.



Because he is your step-father-to-be! You wouldn’t dare not come home today!



She said sternly and hung up.






Step father indeed!





Chairman Choi is still married with his two kids.



He is planning to divorce his wife and marry my mom.



My mom wants to marry him just because of his huge fortunes just like she did to my dad!



All she cares about is money, fame, reputation…






I’ll not go home today!


I promise!







Jennie’s POV





Finally, after all the tiring classes, the bell rang for closing hour.



“Guys, let’s plan for the school prom night coming this Friday!”, I heard Lina said.





Prom night?



“Ugh! That’s true. I totally forgot!”, Candy replied.



I was stuffing my books into my backpack when I heard Lina called me.






I turned back to her.






“You’ll come right?”, She asked and I looked around; almost everyone in the class was waiting for my answer.



“Not sure!”, I replied almost in a whisper.



I don’t think I can go, it’ll be extravagant unlike my former school.



My former school is just a simple school for middle class, so our prom nights were always plain and simple unlike this prestigious school.



I’m sure it’ll be luxurious.



“You should come. After all, you’re a newbie. Gosh! It will be superfab!”, Lina exclaimed dreamily.





Yeah, superfab and luxurious.



“Sure, Jennie will come. Everyone will attend the prom night, why wouldn’t you come?”,




Someone said and I looked up, it was Candy, staring at me with her lips curved in a smirk.



“It’s her choice. Btw, It’s not compulsory!”, Jason spoke out.



“Whatever!”, She scoffed.




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Jason’s POV





What is wrong with me?



Jennie is really innocent and doesn’t deserve what I’ve planned to do to her.



I don’t just know why, she is different.



Her shyness, nervousness… around me is cute.





I need to get rid of this tiny feeling!



And I need to get rid of my plan!


I guess I was just destined to help her without anything in return.



Actually I’ve got rid of my plan!


I like her being just my friend, it’s cool and different.



Maybe it’s not bad if I make her my friend and nothing attached.



The little time I spent with her today was blissful.



She is too innocent to deserve a jerk like me.



If I make her my friend just to have my way into her, wouldn’t that be betrayal?



No she doesn’t deserve it.



It’s not bad to be generous for once.



At least I’ll have a record of changing a commoner’s life for good.



And I hope my instincts are right about her.



I hope she is not like some other girls who just want me for my money.



I hope she is not a golddigger, acting innocent to win my trust.



I kept glancing at her all through the lectures, even though I could only see her side view.



My heart keeps racing, looking at her alone.



Aswear, when I held her hand this morning, it was…



I can’t describe it.



And seriously, because of her, I haven’t flirt with any girl today.



This is serious!



Gosh darn! I need to get rid of this stupid feeling!














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Inseparable Lovers


( Our High School Love Story )



By: Sulaiman M. Zainab





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