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Chapter 16



Author’s POV





After many minutes, Lisa came out of the restroom.



She leaned on the restroom door with her eyes closed, whereas, Bon was just few feet away from her.



The bruises on her face were already dressed with bandages.



“You must be feeling upset too!”, Bon said in a low tone and she widened her eyes open in shock.



She saw Bon walking closer to her with a smirk.



“What do you want?”, She asked in a whisper.



Now standing few inches away from each other, Bon leaned closer to her and whispered into her ears; “Don’t think you can play games with me and win!”.



Lisa swallowed hard, looking sternly at him; “Get out of my way, I need to go to the principal’s office!”.



“Really? I’ve forgotten!”, He whispered and grabbed her arm tightly.



He pulled her away from the corridor to a corner, swiftly.



She groaned in pain; “Let go…off…me… you bastard!”.



He smirked and released her with great force, which made her slumped on the floor.



She placed her palm on her arm and yelled at him; “You’re a bastard!”.



Bom squatted beside the fearsome Lisa and whispered into her ears again; “You can mess with me all you want, but with my twin sister? I won’t spare you that! How shameless you are! Your new target is now Jennie? You’re really shameless, you don’t expect Jason to fall in love with a whore like you!”.



“Bon! I’m not a whore! Watch your mouth!”, She spat at him and he laughed.



“Really? Then what are you? A prostitute!”, He said and laughed again.



“Lisa! If you keep up with calling Candy your sister and she finds out about my dad and your mother, I’ll make you miserable! I won’t watch you hurt my sister! Remember our deal? What do you think will happen if I tell your mother about your little secret?”, He said, smiling maliciously.



Glaring at him, she replied; “Don’t you think you can threaten me with my secret! Do you think she’ll believe you without any proof? After all, you don’t have any proof!”.



He laughed and said; “Yes, you are right, I don’t have any proof! But don’t I really have any proof?”.



She flinched in shock; “You won’t dare!”.



“Really? Maybe I should give it a try!”.



“Bon, I swear if you dare! I’ll release the video and everyone will think you molested me! You’ll loose face”, She threatened and he stood up.



“Is that it? Lisa, this is between you and me! We both know that it’s not true!”.



“Yeah, it’s between you and me! But what will others think? Hahaha!”.



“Just stay away from my sister! Keep to your promise! And I hope that someday, you’ll be able to bear all the burden you’re pulling upon yourself!”,


Bon said to her calmly, then turned, walking away.



He remembered something and stopped; “And, I promise you, I’ll never allow your mother to ruin my family!”.



With that, he walked away, leaving Lisa dumbfounded.







Bon’s POV





I don’t want Candy to know about our parent’s divorce.



Yeah, our parent’s have divorced.


They’re still waiting for the right time to tell Candy and I don’t want that to happen.



I’m planning to sort things out between my dad and mom, hoping it’ll bring them together again.



That was why mom left two days ago, but she lied to Candy that she was going on a business trip.



Actually, she went to my maternal grandparent’s mansion.



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That girl is a real devil!


Last session, I went to the clubhouse.


One of my flings who was working for Lisa drugged my drink and when I was half-unconscious, she took me to an hotel.



Lisa came into the hotel room and because of the drug, I had s** with her.



Unknown to me that she videoed everything until she sent the video to me.



She started threatening me with the video because of her secret which I knew about.



She was afraid I’ll expose it, that was why she planned the video thing.



Since she has the video and her secret in my own hands, we made a deal. If she tells Candy about my dad and her mother, I’ll expose her secret. And she promised not to let her know about it, but if I expose the secret, she’ll release the video.



But I’m sure she won’t be able to bear all the burden she is pulling on herself.







Author’s POV





Lisa walked into the principal’s office.



“Where the hell have you been?!”, Candy, who has been waiting impatiently at the office, yelled at her immediately she saw Lisa entering.



Closing the office door, Lisa replied angrily; “How has that got to do with you?!”.



“Maybe you don’t realize how long you’ve kept us waiting!”.



“Oh, please! Cut the crap!”, Lisa snarled, glaring at her.



With a snort, Candy said to her; “Stop glaring at me or am gonna pluck your eyes out of their sockets! Crazy witch!”.



“You won’t dare! Annoying bitch!”.



After that, they both went mute.



“You both have nothing else to say?”, The principal voiced out and they both turned to her.



“Sorry ma!”, Candy muttered and Lisa rolled her eyes.



“After you broke the school rules, you still have the audacity to exchange words right in my front?”, Miss. Han said sternly.



She sighed and continued; “I don’t have much to say. Candy! Lisa! You both have two options. You will have to choose one of the options as your punishment. The first option, I want to meet your parents in school tomorrow!”.








The two chorused in shock.



To the two girls, this is the most difficult punishment ever.



How will Lisa tell her crazy mother that the principal want to meet her because she got into a fist fight in school?



And Candy?


Her mom is on a business trip and her father is always busy that she rarely sees him.



“What? You can’t?”, Miss. Han asked and they nodded.



Of course, Miss. Han also know that it’s impossible, that’s why she gave them that difficult option.



“The second option”, she continued and paused again.



Lisa and Candy were staring at her with their hearts beating rapidly.



What’s the second option?



“It’s quite difficult but it’s your choice. Gather 2000 stones into a big bucket each, from the school garden! But don’t worry, I’ll give you the buckets!”.



Their hearts almost exploded due to shock.







“That’s impossible too!”.



“It’s your choice! Choose one of the options!”.



“Aunt KiRan! You can’t do this to me!”, Candy whimpered playfully.



“Huh, you’re really funny!”, Miss. Han replied and laughed but it faded in her serious look again.



“The school garden? The stones in the school garden are not much!”, Lisa groaned.



“Really? You’ve tried it before?”, Miss. Han asked and she shook her head.



“There are many stones in the school garden. Though, you’ll have to move around to gather them”, she added.



“You don’t expect me to move around that large garden in search for stones!”, Lisa complained.



“Then choose the first option!”.



“That’s impossible!”.



“You’re wasting your time. If you start now, you’ll finish before closing hour! But if you keep wasting time, I’m sure you won’t finish even after closing hour”.












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Inseparable Lovers


( Our High School Love Story )



By: Sulaiman M. Zainab





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