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Chapter 10



Jason’s POV





My mom’s bedroom door was slightly opened and I heard Lady Heisha yelling from inside.



“That your ill-mannered son has stirred up another trouble for the Tan family!”.



“My son is not ill-mannered!”, I heard mom said calmly.



“Really? But he just gave out a scholarship to a commoner! In Emperor Tan High School! Outrageous! Then what should I call him? Uncourteous fellow?”, Lady Heisha shouted.



“Lady Heisha please stop it!”.



“What? You wanna defend your ill-mannered son?!”.




“I said he is not ill-mannered. Don’t call my son names!”, Mom said in a faint yell.



Thank God mom spoke out.



But before I knew it, Lady Heisha picked up a glass of water on mom’s dressing table and splashed it on her face.



Now she has crossed the line.



“Lady Heisha!”, I yelled as I flung the door angrily.



They both turned to look at me.



I clenched my fists in anger as I gritted my teeth.



“Your ill-mannered son is here!”, Lady Heisha said and scoffed.



“Don’t ever touch my mother again!”, I walked closer to her and yelled.



“Really? You’re now taller than me so you can as well threaten me!”.



I glared at her before walking to mom, who sat on the sofa bed, wiping her wet face with an handkerchief.



I squatted beside her and collected the handkerchief, wiping her face gently.



“Mother!”, I whispered and she smiled.



“I’m fine”.



“Lady Heisha! Get out of this room!”, I said calmly.



“You!…”, She went speechless with rage.



The next thing I heard was the door slammed shut.



“Mom! Do you have to keep enduring this?!”, I asked angrily.



“Jason, it’s nothing. I’m okay as far as you and your sister are good. I’ll endure everything, it can’t be like this forever!”.



“For God sake! You always say that! I’m now 18 years old! You’ve been living in this house for almost 18 years and you’re still treated like a piece if trash! When will the forever come?! When?! You’re not even allowed to handle the family matters, people doesn’t recognize you as the Second Madam of the Tan family! Lady Heisha handles everything! And yet, she still causes you pains! Mother, everyone knows me as the heir, everyone knows Jason Tan, but why can’t they know my own mother? Why can’t they know my mother who is enduring all the pains for me?! Why do you always have to suffer for me?”,



I cried painfully.



“Jason! Don’t say that!”, She said calmly as she stood up.



“I don’t want you and your sister to grow up without a father, so I’ll have to endure everything to be under this roof. Forget about it! How was school today?”.



“Mom!”, I said as I also stood up.

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She walked closer to me and cupped my face in her palms, smiling.



“Jas! You’ll be the one to wash away the pains for me. You and your sister.


Look at you, you’re now grown up!”, She said and laughed briefly.



Behind that laughter, I felt the pain.



“So how was school today?”.



“School was fine. You took your medications?”.



I asked and she nodded ‘yes’ as she sat on the couch, looking at me.



“Then, who is this commoner you gave a scholarship?”, She asked with a smile.



I smirked and sat beside her, holding her hand and patting it gently.



“Mom, I just wanted to be generous!”.



“Really?”, She said and laughed.



“Jason Tan, that’s great! I’m proud of you!”, She rubbed my cheek gently and I smiled.



“Mom!”, Bella opened the door and popped her head in.



“There you are!”, She muttered and entered.



“Hey rascal! When did you arrived?”, She exclaimed.



Well…Bella is like that, too lousy!



“Bella, mind your language!”, Mom scolded and she pouted.



“I just called him rascal because I think it’s cute!”.



“…tsk…”, I scoffed.



“You left school early, so don’t tell me you just arrived”, she persisted.



“It’s not your business!”.



“And Bella, you should always stay with mom to chase mad dogs away from her!”, I said and Bella knitted her eyebrows.



“Lady Heisha again? Mom, what has she done to you this time? Ugh! That mean greedy crooked old woman!”, She mumbled.



“Bella, watch your mouth!”, Mom said.



“What mom? You need to put her in her place, she is so mean. Who does she think she is? If I were you, I would have reset her brain long time ago!”, She said and huffed.



Haha, that’s my sister!


Bella is the one who always speaks up for mom, so she and lady Heisha are not on good terms at all.



And I must say lady Heisha kinda fear her.



Bella is the kind of person that can fight for herself in difficult situations.


She is strong, fearless and crazy.



Sometimes I even forget that she is my kid sister, she often act like the eldest.



And when it comes to people messing with mom, she can do anything even if takes beating the person.


So, she often exchange words with Lady Heisha.



“Bella, don’t forget to transfer the money you borrowed back to my acct.”, I told her.



“What? What money? But I told you I won’t repay and you said ‘whatever’ “, she replied, frowning.



“You listen to yourself, I said ‘whatever’ not ‘okay’ “.



“Jas! Are you kidding me? Ohh, you said ‘whatever’ so that you can show off to your secret girlfriend and get back at me later!”, She yelled.



“Secret girlfriend?”.





Secret girlfriend?* ___my inner mind mocked.



“Yeah, secret girlfriend! You can fool others but not me!”, She said and rolled her eyes.



“Aishh…you lousy mouthed fella!”, I mumbled as I stood on my feet, moving closer to her.



“What are you doing? Step back! Don’t move closer to me!”, She yelled, stepping backward.


I grabbed her hands tightly, pinching her face, laughing.



“You brat!…let…me…go! Mom! Mom!…”.



I often ask myself; is this girl my kid sister or older sister?



She is just too lousy.



I released her hands and she ran to mom who was laughing.



“Mom! Are you laughing at me? You should be on my side!”, She frowned as mom laughed.



“I’m sorry dear!”.



Bella patted her face and I laughed.



“Humph! He wanna ruin my beautiful face”.



“Young lady, don’t forget my money!”.



“Humph! I won’t pay!”.



“Really?”, I said as I moved closer to her again.



She raised her hands forward like a shield to protect herself.



“What are you doing again Jas! Don’t come near me! Don’t you dare! You bully! Mom!”, She whimpered playfully and I stopped.





“I’m not a scared cat!”.







Jennie’s POV





After Jason’s car drove away, I smiled and turned to open the front door but was shocked to see Mia standing akimbo by the door step.



She wiggle her eyebrows and asked; “Got a f***ing rich dude on your first day?”.



Oh my gosh!



“Mia! Where had you learned that?”, I asked with a frown.



“Learned what?”.



“Swear words”.



“Durr… everyone knows what ‘f**k’ is?”, She replied.



Father Lord!



I said as I gently pushed her outta my way, entering the house; “Oh my goodness! Mia! You’re just 12 years!”.



“12 doesn’t mean dumb and naive. After all, I am not you. I bet you didn’t know what ‘moth**fu**er’ was when you were 15!”, She blurted out and I turned to look at the tiny girl who just spoke.



Yeah, I know Mia is smarter than me when I was her age.






I rolled my eyes and turned to leave.



“You haven’t answered my question!”.








You don’t expect me to tell her it was Jason Tan that just brought me home!



The entire world will hear about it by tomorrow.



I stopped and turned to her, she was staring at me sternly.





Is this girl my mother?



I replied; “Mia! I got a new rich friend named Candy, she just decided to give me a lift!”.









Candy of all people?



She knitted her eyebrows, looking at me suspiciously.



“Are you satisfied, mom?”, I said, precisely not a question, with long stress on the ‘mom’.



I rolled my eyes, heading to my room before I halted.



Mia was now sitted on a cushion with concentration on the TV.



“Where is mom?”.



“She went to Aunt Chai’s place on the next street!”.



“Ohh…”, I nodded and went to my room.







I sat on my bed, smiling sheepishly.



Jason is not bad!





I can’t believe…



I can’t stop remembering his cute blue eyes, s£xy pink lips and…






… when he held my hands!



Wait, today was my first day and it was amazing with Jason.



*Jennie! You’re crazy!*



I mentally slapped myself.



*You’re nothing to him!*



My inner mind said and I sighed sadly.



Yeah, I’m nothing to him compared to his rich friends.














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Inseparable Lovers


( Our High School Love Story )



By: Sulaiman M. Zainab





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