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Chapter 7



Jennie’s POV




I can’t believe Jason made me ditched the second class.



He pleaded to me to keep him company and he took me on a stroll around the school.



The school is magnificent!



Well…who dares to challenge him for strolling around during lesson hours?



Now he gat me involved.



Our conversations were short and casual.



We were in the garden when we heard the bell rang for recess time.



He was busy with motivational drawing.



Yeah, that Jason’s secret I just got to know.



He is a very good artist.



You need to imagine the aura he carries as he concentrated on his drawing.



He looked exactly like an immortal — god of beauty.



My eyes wouldn’t stop betraying me as they kept glancing at him.



He caught me staring and flashed his s£xy smirk at me, making me blush lightly and I felt butterflies in my stomach.




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Jason Tan, what exactly are you turning me into?!



He placed his painting brush on a flat plate beside the drawing table.



“Let’s go to the cafeteria”, he said, staring at me.



“No, I’m not hungry”, I replied.



Hell no!


I’m hungry but you don’t expect me to go to the school cafeteria with Jason





Those rich spoilt brats’ stares alone will bury me six feet down.





I can’t go.



“Earth to Miss. Kim!”, Jason’s voice jolted me back to reality.



He was leaning his head closer to me, making my head move backward nervously.



Our face was few inches apart.



“Or you don’t wanna go with me?”, He asked, his mint mouth breathe hitting my face, sending another shiver through my entire body.



He smirked and moved away from me.



“Remember you’re now my friend. Maybe I forgot to tell you, you’ll always follow me everywhere I go, like my buddy!”, He said and smiled, heading out of the garden.




I watched him as he walked away but suddenly stopped, he turned back and his eyes met mine.



“Not going?”, He asked and I looked away.



He smirked and within a few seconds, he was in front of me, grabbed my hand unexpectedly and walked away with me behind him.





His hand is so warm.



“Pack my drawing tools back to the car!”, Jason ordered one of his guards outside the garden, who bowed and left immediately.







In a blink of an eye, we arrived at the school cafeteria.



Jason intertwined our hands as he opened the cafeteria door.



We walked in and that’s it — the murmurs were deafening.



Lemme say everyone in the cafeteria turned their attention on us.



Ugh! This is the beginning of my doom!


Door to hell!



You need to see the deadly glares some girls were sending me, it makes me wish the ground could just swallow me up.





That mean girl that confronted me this morning!



Oh heaven father!


If only stare could kill, I’m sure I’ll be on my way to heaven right now.



Jason walked toward a table, and there she is, that Candy.





Her face was visibly red in anger.



“Hey guys!”, Jason waved at them.



They were five around the table.



Candy, the cute girl that ran to catch up with her this morning, and other three handsome guys.



But not as handsome as Jason.



*Jennie, are you kidding?*



One of the guys was on his feet with water dripping on his face.



“What’s up dude? What ya gat here?”, The guy replied, staring at me seductively.



What the heck?



I think a spell was casted centuries ago on handsomely cute guys, that they’ll always flirt with girls.



Even in his drenched state, he can still seduce someone.



Jason whispered something into his ear and he uttered an ‘ohh!’.



But I can see the obvious resemblance between the guy and Candy.



“Jason, where have you been?”, Another guy asked.



“Just went to settle somethings!”, Jason replied.



“Who is she, Jason?”, The drenched guy asked.



“Kim Jennie, a new friend!”, He replied.





He introduced me as his friend?



“New friend!”, The guy exclaimed with sarcasm.



“Well…new friend! I’m Choi Bon!”, The drenched guy introduced himself, brushing his drenched hair backward in pride.



So cute!



“Hi!”, I said and he smirked.



“And he is…”.



Jason interrupted him:



“He is Han ChanSoo!”, Jason said, referring to the guy that asked his whereabout earlier.



ChanSoo smiled faintly and waved.



“Hi!”, I also waved back.



“He is Kang Jeogi but we call him J.G!”, He said, pointing at another guy who didn’t even spare me a glance.



He was busy with his phone.



“Don’t mind him, he is kinda grumpy!”, Bon whispered to me and I nodded.



“Hi! I’m Fang Lina, just call me Lina!”, The cute girl beside Candy waved at me.



“Hi too!”.



“She is Choi Candy! That dude’s twin!”, Lina slapped Candy’s shoulder lightly and pointed at Bon.





I knew it!


The resemblance is obvious.



Candy shot her a glare and Lina pouted her lips, then mumbled ‘sorry’.



Candy hissed and gulped down all the content in her water bottle.



“Candy!”, Jason called and she looked up.





“Is anything wrong?”.



“Obviously nothing!”, She spat.






That’s it!



She grabbed her red backpack and stood up before walking away, not after she sent me a glare.



“Candy!”, Lina called and also walked away.



J.G was the next, he stood up and walked away.



“Well dude, gotta go now!”, ChanSoo patted Jason’s shoulder before walking away as well.



“If only you know how damned worried they were!”, Bon whispered to him but I heard.



“See you later Jennie!”, He waved at me and walked away.







Jason smiled sadly and sat down.




“Sit!”, He gestured me.



I pulled out a chair and sat.



“You’re not hungry? Order for anything! Bills on me buddy!”, He said.



“Are you okay?”.



“Yeah, I’m fine!”, He replied as he leaned back on the chair.



“Jason!”, A tiny voice called behind us.



The girl sat beside Jason.



“Jason!”, She whinned.



“I went to the counter now to pay for my friends’ meals but realized that I left my credit card at home, can you give me yours?”, She asked, pouting her lips cutely.



“Sort yourself out!”, Jason replied.



“Hun?”, The girl frowned as she held his arm.



“Jason!”, She whinned again.



He rolled his eyes and shoved out his card.






“Awwn, thank you! I won’t pay you back remember?”.






The girl stood up and just then she noticed my presence.



Her gaze swept my body from head downward.



“Where are ChanSoo?”, She asked Jason.



“I don’t know!”, he replied.



“Ohh!”, She uttered, staring at me awkwardly before she left.














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Inseparable Lovers


( Our High School Love Story )



By: Sulaiman M. Zainab





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