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Chapter 12




Candy’s POV





I pushed the door slightly open before entering Bon’s bedroom.



Most of the interior are in harsh colour!







…with posters of different hot male celebrities plastered on the walls.



“Ha! Candy! When will you ever learn to knock?!”, He yelled, walking out of the bathroom shirtless with a knickers.



Sincerely, if he was not my annoying brother, I’ll definitely crush on him.



He is just so s£xy with slightly broad muscular shoulders and s£xy abs!…



Oh my!



But unfortunately, he is my twin brother!



His voice snapped me back; “When you’re done drooling, split out whatever you wanna blabber and get outta here immediately!”.



I gasped in disbelief and huffed.



“Who was drooling?”.



I scoffed and continued; “listen to me duckhead! What the heck is happening between you and dad?”.



I watch as he stroll in to the dressing room and came out with some clothes.



He looked at me and smirked.



He placed the clothes on his king-size bed and picked up his phone.



I was losing patience, watching him ignore me.



I can’t take it anymore, so I shouted; “what simple english I just spoke don’t you understand? Or maybe you were deaf and you need me to repeat myself?”.



He looked up at me; “you won’t want to know and it has nothing to do with you, period!”.



And with that he stood up and walked to the balcony.



I glared at him before storming out.



“Suit yourself!”.



Yeah, it’s not my business anyway and it better not be my business!



But why do i feel like something is not right.



I turned back to look at his bedroom door.



He doesn’t even look ok.



“Just let him be”, Lina said behind me.


I turned to look at her.



“Do you know anything about this?”.






I sighed heavily.



“I guess it’s nothing then. But I thought you were mad at me?”, I asked her and she rolled her eyes.



“Not me, you were mad at me, remember?”, She replied with a faint scoff.



“I’m sorry!”.



“Okay. Wanna play chess?”, She asked, smiling.



“I’m in!”.



“The last person to the game room is Goliath’s bride!”, Lina shouted.



“Definitely not me!”, I shouted, running as fast as my legs could carry me, heading to the game room.











“Hahaha, Candy! You’re Goliath’s bride!”, She said for the nth time, laughing.




I rolled my eyes in annoyance.




“Then you must be Goliath’s mother!”, I yelled and she bursted into another round of laughter.



Why is everyone around me so annoying?



“Goliath’s bride!”, She teased and tickled me, making me laugh as well.



“You’re so annoying! Eww…”.







Lisa’s POV





“Lisa, are you sure about this?” Rosê asked me again.



I raised my head up and spat; “Please! I said I’m not going home”.



“But you know your mom…”



I interrupted her immediately, knowing what she wanna say; “my mom, not your mom! You are not me!”, I shouted at her and she looked away.



“I’m just worried!”, She mumbled.



I ran my fingers through my hair in frustration before I snarl!; “If you are worried about yourself getting in trouble with my mom, I’ll sort things out myself. Just get out of this room, I’ll take care of myself!”




She bowed a little and mumbled ”good night” before walking out of the room.



I scoffed and slumped on the bed.



Oh God!


I can’t even go to the clubhouse!



I’m stuck in here.


I’m sure mom has sent her boys to search for me everywhere.



I lodged into this hotel in disguise.


I used Rosê’s name to fill the lodging form so that they won’t find me.



I picked up Rosê’s phone and ordered for some clothes.



I left my phone in my locker at school so that they can’t track me through it.





My life is messed up!



Just then, I remembered Kim Jennie.



That slut!


I’ll make life miserable for her in the school.



She will have no other choice but to go back to where she belongs.



I hate commoners like her, pretending to be innocent!









Author’s POV





In Candy’s bedroom, she covered herself with the duvet on the bed and turned the lamps off, ready to dive into her fantasy world (slumber).



Just then, her phone, which was on the bed, beeped.



She sat up and turned the lamps on again before picking up her phone.



It was a message from an unknown number.



Suddenly, her phone beeped again.


It was another message from the same number.



She clicked on it to read;



You look beautiful today. I’ll always love you even if you keep rejecting




I know that someday you will realize my love for you. It’s unmeasurable.



The second one says;



Good night snow white! I’ll always love you!



Candy read the two messages uncountable times before she got tired.



*That brat! I wonder if he will ever stop sending this night messages!*






Even though it was an unknown number, Candy knew who it was already.



She stared at the messages again before she blocked the number.



“I’m sure you will send another message with another number tommorow, blockhead!”, She said to herself and shoved the phone aside.



“It’s Jason that I want. I’ll love no other guy but Jason! Humph!”, She mumbles as she laid back on the bed.



Suddenly again, she sat up on the bed.



“Lemme call mom”, she said as she picked up her phone.



‘Why should you call her? Have you forgotten that she grounded you?’___ her inner mind spoke to her.



“That’s right, she grounded me. If Lina hadn’t borrowed me her phone… So, why should I call her anyway? I won’t have my laptop, credit card and other things for a whole month! …tsk…”.



She huffed and laid down back on the bed.






Unknown POV





I want you to break into her locker, shred all the books inside, scatter every other things and mess the locker with paint! Leave no trace, remember! I want it done perfectly. Got it?



Yes boss!



I hung up and my mouth curved into a smirk.



Kim Jennie!


This is just the beginning!



You’ll leave Emperor Tan High School very soon!



Worthless commoner!













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Inseparable Lovers


( Our High School Love Story )



By: Sulaiman M. Zainab





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