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Chapter 6



Jennie’s POV





After the commerce class, I left the classroom, heading to the female restroom with the aid of my phone location.



As I walked down the narrow corridor to the restroom, I felt someone’s presence, like someone was following me.



I increased my walking speed, but suddenly something gripped my wrist and slammed me against the wall.



I heard a loud bang on my head and I closed my eyes in fear.



“Please… don’t kill me!… please!”, I trembled in fear with my eyes still closed and leaning against the wall.



I can still feel the person’s huge hand around my tiny wrist, pinning it to the wall close to my head.



*Will I just die like this?



*I can’t believe someone wants to kill me on my first day in this school!



*Those rich rude brats are capable of doing anything, especially to a commoner like me.



*Will I just die like this?



*What about my mom? And Mia?



*God please help…


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“Still not opening your eyes?”, The most s£xiest slightly deep masculine voice I have ever heard interrupted my thoughts.



It’s coming from the person holding me.



The fear earlier didn’t made me realize the strong aura around the person.



Faint s£xy masculine fragrance!



It was like the smell of paradise on earth.



I forgot about everything — all my fear — and inhaled the appeasing fragrance.



Heaven knows if this will be the last time I will ever smell something like this.



It’s now or never!



I inhaled it deeply with my eyes still closed, suddenly I heard a loud bang in my head again.



*Jennie! You’re between life and death and you can still think about inhaling whatever fragrance! You’re a dummy!*



Wait…who is this person?



I blinked my eyes and opened them gently.



I heard a soft chuckle from the person.



“Little princess finally decides to open those eyes!”, The s£xy voice said again.



After my eyes opened, it met with a blue ocean-like eyes staring deeply at me.



My gaze swept downward on his face, from those ocean eyes to his pointed nose then his thin pinkish lips curved in a smirk.



Who else would it be?



Jason Tan!!!



That hit me like a bullet!



It’s Jason Tan!


My savior!



Oh my gosh!



Now I can see clearly why he won the face of Asia.



Looking at his cute face alone can make you drool in ones imaginary fairytale.



But…what does this demi-god wants from me?



I have nothing to offer him, so why is he after me?



He saved me, got me a scholarship into this prestigious school…



What can I offer him to repay all these kindness?



Definitely nothing!



“Earth to Miss. Kim! I know I’m handsome, so stop raping me with those eyes!”, He whispered into my ear, his warm mouth breathe tickled my ear skin, sending shiver down my entire body.



Oh Christ!



What was that?



He chuckled and released my wrist.



“Nice to see you again little princess!”, He said seductively with a sweet smile.


Little princess?!






“H…hi…”, I stuttered nervously.



*Jennie! Stop this! Be composed! Be yourself!*



My inner mind lectured me and I took in a deep breath before exhaling noiselessly.



“Thanks you!”, I finally gathered my little courage.



“For what?”, He asked and I raised my head up to look at him — to look at his oceanic eyes.



Those eyes are something!



Too s£xy and making me nervous.



I blinked my eyes, looking away and replied:



“For saving me last week!”.



Then he let out a ‘ah!’ as if just remembering.



“And…for the scholarship!”, I added.



“Are you sincerely thankful?”, He asked suddenly, making me look up at him again.



I nodded sincerely.



“Then proof it!”.






“Proof it to me that you’re sincerely thankful”.






“Be my friend!”.



That one hit my again like a bullet.



Be his friend?



Jason Tan wants me to proof my sincerity by being his friend?



Hell no!



“Excuse me?”, I finally found my tongue after a short silence, his gaze never left mine.



“Be my friend to proof your sincere thankfulness!”, He repeated.






“You don’t?”, He asked as he pulled my chin up, making me stare into his eyes.



“That’s all I seek from you, but you don’t want to!”, He said and released his hand before walking away, s£xily.


Just like that?



Then…if that’s all he wants…



But why does he wanna be my friend?



I’m not in his league!



“Fine!”, I blurted out loudly before I could even register the gravity of what I just uttered into my head.



*Jennie! Really? You agreed?



He froze on the spot and turned to look at me.



Our eyes met, making an intense contact.



I blinked my eyes to get rid of the awkward stare.



“Okay! I’ll be your friend, Jason Tan, if that’s all you seek from me!”,



I said and his lips curved into a wide smile.



“Ok buddy!”.



Just then, the bell rang for the next class.






Author’s POV




Candy, Lina, Bon, ChanSoo and J.G all sat together, digging into their meals.



Candy was precisely picking on her meal and ChanSoo staring at her, smiling sheepishly.



After a long silence, Lina broke the silence;



“Ugh! This is so boring! Why are we silent?”.



No one replied, she scoffed and continued crunching her chips.



Just then, Lisa and her friends walked into the cafeteria.



“That bitch! Candy, we should teach that brat a lesson this session!”, Lina blurted.



“Remembered when she shredded all your books and scattered your locker last session?”, Lina continued.



“Hahaha! It was so interesting to watch!”, Bon mumbled, loud enough for them to hear and Candy shot him a glare.



“Oops!…”, He pouted.



“Seriously Bon?! It was not funny. Lisa is just a pain in the ass, she thinks so highly of her self. Humph! I loathe people like that!”, Lina scoffed, shooting deadly glares at Lisa’s direction.



“Don’t worry, I’ve gat plans for that witch!”, Candy muttered dryly.


“So we gonna watch another season!”, Bon said, chuckling.



Before anyone could even notice, someone spattered watery substance on Bon.



He gasped and stood up immediately, his face drenched in water.



Candy smirked and positioned the bottle water on the table.



“That’s to teach you not to interfere in my business!”, She said mockingly, smiling victoriously.



“Choi Candy!”, Bon yelled at her but she didn’t even budge.



Oops!… Bon got drenched!



Haha! So funny but he is still cute.



But not as cute as Jason! Look at him. He looks like a demi-god!



Oh my gosh! That girl must be so lucky to get touched by Jason Tan!



Humph! She is just an ordinary commoner!



The murmurs went on and on.



Immediately Candy heard the murmurs, she knew Jason has walked into the cafeteria.



She was less concerned about Bon or whatever, she looked toward the cafeteria door and there he is, the beautiful looking demi-god in all his glory.



Who wouldn’t see Jason Tan and appreciate what God has done?



Who wouldn’t see Jason Tan and wonder what good deeds he had done to be rewarded with this great glory?






Candy’s eyes darkened immediately she saw that Jennie girl behind Jason with their hands intertwined.



Everyone in the cafeteria payed their attention on the two as they walked in.



Lisa was not left out, her eyes was even more darkened than Candy’s, with murderous intent as she stared deadly at Jennie.



*This little bitch! I haven’t even get rid of Candy but you little slut also appeared out of the blue!* ___ she thought evily, clenching her fist tightly, looking ghostly pale in venom.



*Let’s see how long you’ll last in Emperor Tan High School!*



Candy’s gaze never left Jason even after he reached their table.



She looked at Jennie and scoffed.



*So you’re Jason’s new toy?!*



“Hey guys!”, Jason flashed them a heavenly smile.



“What’s up dude? What ya gat here?”, Bon replied, staring at Jennie seductively.



“Back off dude! Get her outta your lists!”, Jason whispered to him.



“Ohh…”, That was all Bon could utter.



*Huh! Unbelievable! Now everyone is stooping low for this ordinary Jennie! Even Bon!*










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Inseparable Lovers


( Our High School Love Story )



By: Sulaiman M. Zainab






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