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Chapter 11



Author’s POV





~~In the Choi Mansion…~~



A deep blue Porsche drove in and halted in the car garage.



Candy and Lina got down from the car with their backpacks, heading into the mansion.



Lina looked at Candy, who has been silent all through the ride and asked; “Candy, what’s wrong?”.



“Nothing, I’m fine!”.



Lina looked at her worriedly as they entered the mansion.



“Welcome Young Miss! Miss. Lina!”, Some servants chorused.



Lina muttered “thanks”.



They both put on their slippers which was brought by a maid before heading to the kitchen.



Then, Lina spoke again; “I don’t like your attitude in school today. Candy, this is not you. Seriously, I don’t see any differences between you and Lisa!”.



Candy frowns and looked at her before saying; “Excuse me, don’t compare me with Lisa. Lisa is a b****!”.



“Really?”, She mumbled with a scoff as she brought out a bottle of chilled water from the refrigerator before she said again; “Then why were you



acting stupidly with Jennie, glaring at her as if she was the reason why Jason never fell for you?”.



“What?”, With a scornful look, Candy raised her head up at Lina who was staring at her.



“Oh Lud! I don’t think I owe you an explanation, Lina. Wtf? You’re not even my mother!”, She mumbled the last sentence but Lina heard.



Lina watched as she stormed out of the kitchen.







Lina’s POV





I left the kitchen and went to my room.



I dropped my backpack on the couch and slumped on the queen size bed, staring at the ceiling.



*Why is Candy acting bi***y?*



My phone started ringing, interrupting my thoughts.





My backpack is far away from the bed.






I’m tired.



Frowning, I reluctantly got down from the bed and went to take my phone from the bag.



It stopped ringing and I looked at the caller.



God! It’s mom.



I dialled her number and she picked up almost immediately.



Hey Mom!



How are you Lina?



I’m fine mom. Sorry, my phone was not beside me earlier.



I said as I sat on the bed.



It’s okay dear.



Just got back from school.



Really? So how was school today?



It’s was great! And how are you doing over there?



I’m doing fine baby. I’ll be back in a few weeks, okay?



Really? I’ll be happy.



Awwn, how is Candy and everyone there?




They’re fine. Aunt Nanna went on a business trip yesterday, probably she will be back tomorrow.



Yeah, she called and told me. Then, take care of yourself.



And you mom! I love you!



Love you too baby.



Then, I hung up.



Huh, I’ve really missed my mom.



She has been at San Francisco for like going to 3 weeks for her fashion line project.







~hours later…~



Candy’s POV





I walked out of my room and took an elevator to the first floor.



After the little misunderstanding with Lina, I haven’t seen her in my room and I’m getting bored.


I already showered, ate and took a nap.



I just wore a bumshort and a light short sleeves blouse.



I walked out of the elevator, heading to the garden at the backyard.



“Candy!”, I heard my dad’s voice which made me stopped and turned back.



He walked out of the elevator too, dressed in a tuxedo.



“Dad! You were in your room?”, I asked surprisingly.



I never thought he was in this house.



“I arrived an hour ago, just went to change and get ready!”, He replied with a smile.



I smiled and crossed my arms across my chest and asked; “so where are you going again?”.



“I’m having a dinner with some friends. How are you doing baby?”, He asked.



“I’m fine dad! It’s been days since I had last saw you and I never thought you will come to this house without checking on me!”.



“I’m sorry princess!”, He said and embraced me for few seconds before we pulled away.



“It’s okay Dad!”.



“Going somewhere Chairman Choi?”, We heard Bon’s voice as he walked in.



“To a dinner, I guess!”, He said again, staring at dad.



“Bon, what is it?”, I asked confusedly.



“Nothing!”, He replied, still staring at dad sternly, then smirked as he entered the elevator.



My mouth hang opened in awe, then I looked at dad and asked; “Dad, what was that? Why was Bon like that? He was never like that to you. What happened between you two?”.



He shook his head, heading out.



“It’s nothing. Forget about it. I gotta go. Bye princess!”.



And with that, he left.



I stood there in shock mixed with confusion and surprise.



What the hell is happening between those two?



Bon will never do that, especially to dad.



And they both said it’s nothing!


But definitely it’s something!


And I’ll find out!



I need to see Lina!




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Join us on TELEGRAM :






(Lisa’s mom)


✨✨ Min Hara’s POV ✨✨





That crazy daughter of mine!



Where is she for goodness sake?



I dialled her phone number again but it was not available.





Does this girl have to do this?



“Ma’am, Chairman Choi has arrived!”, A maid said to me and I gasped before nodding.



“Take him to the dinner room!”.



“Okay ma’am!”.



I tried Lisa’s number again but same result.



My anger boils up and I smashed the phone against the marble floor, clenching my fists.



The guards I ordered to search for her, came in.


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The Chief Head of Securities spoke; “Ma’am, we searched everywhere but there’s no trace of her. The detective promised to call me once they find her!”.



“You good for nothing fellows! Am I paying you all for nothing?! If you can’t do your jobs maybe I should fire you all and get your useless selfs outta my property!”, I yelled, glaring at them before walking away.



Min Lisa!


You little devil!














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Inseparable Lovers


( Our High School Love Story )



By: Sulaiman M. Zainab





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