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Chapter 5 ⃣ 3 ⃣







~Third Week Of The Second Semester…



Jennie’s POV





It was early Monday morning, I left Jason with his friends and went to my locker.



I was arranging my locker when I started hearing some girls gossiping:



“Did you saw Min Lisa’s update on her Weibo yesterday?”.



“Yeah, she posted that she will resume school today.”.



“Is she really going to come back, after what happened at her so called engagement banquet?”.



“Who knows. Huh, I still can’t believe everything that happened at that banquet. She slapped Jason Tan’s mother on the face?! Omo! That was terrible!”.



“Yeah, so terrible! My dad was also there at the banquet”.



“Your dad was? My dad was at Spain back then.”.




“You saw Jason’s mother, right? The woman is so gorgeous! Awwn…”.



“Hm hm. But I wonder why she keeps a low profile.”.



“Come to think of it, wasn’t Lady Heisha the Madam of the Tan family?”.



“Oh my! Could it really be that Jason is an illegitimate son?”.



“If that’s it, then his mother is a mistress and Lady Heisha, his stepmother?”.



“Gosh! That’s so complicated! Could it really be true?”.



“What do you mean? Jason said it himself! He said he is an illegitimate!”.



“Maybe he said it to save himself from the contract engagement. I don’t believe Jason is an illegitimate!”.



“Me too. He is too beautiful to be. Gosh! Jason is so handsome!”.



I took my school bag and left the hallway.



Lisa is really coming back today?



Why do I suddenly feel uneasy?



Well, maybe it’s nothing.



Even though she apologized for her unreasonable behavior last semester, she later became snobbish after Candy’s little accident.



I was relieved that at least she didn’t made school a living hell for me.



I brought out my phone and logged in to the school net.



It’s true.


Lisa is coming back today.






I shrugged and strode to the football field to join Jason and others.



“Hey guys!”.


I waved at them and sat down on the bench beside Lina.Recommend you to download Topster Stories App for Exclusive Access To Erotic and Romantic stories



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She was busy devouring her hotdog.



Geez, I dislike hotdog.



“You want?”, She asked as she reach the hotdog pack out to me.



I shook my head Immediately.


“No, thanks!”.



“Okay! Buh have got plenty if you crave for it.”.



I smiled and nodded.



Actually, we are in the first lesson hour but our English teacher got admitted at the hospital, so we have the hour for free.



I looked ahead and saw Jason chatting with his friends (Bon, J.G and ChanSoo).







Authors POV





“Bunch of lazy brats!”, Candy suddenly shouted at the guys and they all turned to her.



She was sitting few benches away from Jennie, playing with a puzzle board.



“Do you think that field is for decoration?”, She asked them and pointed at the field.



They frowned at her nonsensical question.



“Can’t you dummies be entertaining for once? You guys should at least play football to entertain we girls!”, Candy added and they bursted into laughing.



She slammed her palm on the puzzle board and chirped at them:


“Have I become a comedian?”.



“We should entertain you girls? Why don’t you girls entertain us instead? I remember Candy is a hot twerker!”, Bon said, then winked at Candy.



ChanSoo frowned and smacked his head.



“What’s wrong with you?!”, Bon shrieked.



“That’s my girlfriend! How dare you flirt with her?!”, ChanSoo said with a faint anger in his voice.



Bon widened his mouth open in disbelief and huffed.


“Your girlfriend? Have you forgotten that she is my own twin sister?!”, He shouted.



“Really? Oops! Sorry, I forgot!”, ChanSoo replied with sarcasm, then snorted at him.



Bon blinked his eyes rapidly, gasping for breathe, at the same time flapping his hands across his face to fan himself — dramatically.



“You’re becoming too rude to me just because I gave my sister to you! Don’t you have some respect for me…your brother-in-law!”, He shouted at Chan.



“Well, the last time I checked, I was older than you!”, Chan replied with a mild voice.



“Hun? Older than me? Just three months makes you older than me?”, Bon flared up.



The others watch the two ranting at each other.



“Within that three months, you were yet to know how earth feels!”, Chan fired back at him.



Jennie furrowed her forehead and tilted her head to Candy’s direction.



Candy was grinning ear to ear as the watch the duo.



“Candy! Don’t you think you should stop them. The way am seeing it, they might end up exchanging punches all in the name of “am older” “no you’re not”.”, Jennie whispered to her, worriedly.



Still grinning, Candy exclaimed:


“Babe, that’s the main entertainment! I’m damn enjoying their argument! My brother vs my boyfriend! That’s a great challenge!”.



Jennie paused her lips and shook her head unbelievably.


*This girl is damn crazy!* — she grumbled to herself.



“Omo! Lisa is coming back to school today?!”.


Lina’s sudden exclaim made them all flinched in shock.



Even Bon and Chan went mute.



“W…what did you just say?”, Candy stuttered.



“As in, check the school net! Min Lisa is coming back! They shared her Weibo update to the school net.”, Lina shouted again as she turn her pink laptop to their direction.



They all brought out their phone and started operating on it.



“That’s right. I heard some girls’ discussion about it at the hallway and I also checked the school net. It skipped my mind to tell you guys.”, Jennie spoke up with guilt.



“That shameless bit**! I guess heaven is about to fulfill my new year wish. I swore that I will teach her a big lesson before we graduate from high school!”, Candy mumbled with a deep frown on her face.


Bon’s face twitched and uneasiness filled his whole heart.



*Lisa is coming back today? It’s not even up to a month? Why is she back so early? That girl must be pulling a new trick! She had said her coming back won’t be good. What’s her plan? I knew that girl will end up destroying herself than she already had. Lisa is a devil! I hope everyone will be safe. Right?* — He thought.












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Inseparable Lovers


( Our High School Love Story )



By: Sulaiman .M. Zainab






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