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Chapter 4 ⃣ 6 ⃣



Jennie’s POV





“Jason! You are going back home now!”, I said sternly and he was taken aback.



I folded my arms, looking at him sternly.


Jason scoffed, looking away.


“I won’t!”, he replied softly.






“Jennie please!”.


He cup his cheeks with his palms, pouting and blinking his eyes childishly.





I choked back my laughter.



He kept persisting and I finally gave up.



“Okay okay okay! Thank your stars, today is weekend so my mom is at home.”, I said and his face lit up.



“Thanks buddy!”.



“Don’t get too excited yet!”.



Wait!; Jason is really serious about this?



Why would he prefer this place?


I’m sure he can get a room in one of his friend’s house, so why here?



This dude…



But let me imagine this; Jason living in my house? Together?





That will be awkward.


But he looks pitiful.


Poor Jason!



“Let’s go in!”, I said, walking back into the house and he follows me.



We entered the sitting room and Mia turned to look at us.



“Hun? Jason Tan!”, She exclaimed and stood up before embracing Jason.



“Hey my princess!”, Jason said as they pulled away from the hug.






“Hello my prince charming!”, Mia replied happily and I glared at her.



Who is her prince charming?


Better not be Jason!



Just then, I heard my mom’s footsteps and I turned instinctively to the stairs.



“Mom!”, I blurted out as she walk toward us.



I suddenly became nervous.


What will be her reaction if I tell her about the rent?



Mom glanced at Jason and turned to me.


I understood her eyes signal.



“Huh, he is Jason. Jason Tan!”, I replied to her.




“Jason Tan?”.



“Yes mom!”.



She turned to Jason, smiling.


“I’m really sorry, I didn’t recognized you. Also, I should have met you earlier to thank you for helping my daughter. I’m sincerely grateful for everything you’ve done for her!”.



“It’s okay ma’am. Good evening!”, Jason replied and bowed his head a little.



“Good evening!”.



“Mom, he wanna discuss something with you!”, I said to my mom.



“Really? Let’s go to the dinning table”, she said and walked to the dinning room.



Jason look up at me nervously and I dragged him to the dinning room.



We sat on the dinning chairs and I spoke up nervously:



“Mom, Jason requested for a…rent in our house. Only you can make the decision!”.



“A rent?”, Mom asked confusedly and I looked at Jason.



“Ulm, I need a room for rent and I like this place. Though Jennie told me it’s a family apartment but I really hope you accept my request. Please ma’am, I need a place to stay for sometime!”, He pleaded hopefully.



“Please ma’am! I won’t even mind living in your sitting room! Please!”, He added, looking pitiful.



Ah, this guy is unbelievable!



Mom looked at me, then back at Jason.



My heart was over pumping.



“Okay okay! We have a room left, you can make use of it. Don’t worry about the pay, I won’t collect a dime. You can stay for as long as you want. Accept it as a repay for your kindness on my daughter!”, Mom said with a smile.





My mom really accepted?



Jason’s face lit up with happiness.



“Thank you ma’am! Thank you so much. I promise you won’t regret it. But for the pay, I’m willing to pay for the room!”, He said and mom shook her head.



“It’s not a rental room. Definitely I won’t collect a dime!”, Mom insisted.



“Thank you ma’am!”.



“You should just call me ‘mom’ instead of ‘ma’am’.”, She said, smiling.



What the heck?!



Jason glanced at me and winked


“Okay mom!”.


This brat!



“That feels better.”, My mom said and sighed.


“When will you move in, Jason?”, She asked.



“Right now!”, Jason replied immediately.



“Okay. Jason, you don’t have to worry about your meals. We will all have our meals together starting from this evening!”, Mom said and he nodded sheepishly.






“Jennie, lead him to the guest room!”, She ordered and I groaned quietly.



In one sentence, Jason is now living with us.










Author’s POV





Meanwhile, after Jason left the Tan Mansion, Lady YooRa summoned Kay, his bodyguard.


She ordered him to follow Jason inconspicuously, to know his destination and report back to her.






~Choi Mansion…



Candy, Lina and Bon arrived at home after the messed up engagement banquet.



They walked into the grand sitting — Lina and Candy were discussing about the Incidence.



Bon was behind them, looking absent minded.



Candy slumped on a couch and Lina sat beside her.



“I can’t believe Jason is an illegitimate son. Is that possible?”, Lina said.



“I don’t believe it. I guess he said it so that the engagement won’t work out”, Candy replied, pulling off her shoes.





Bon voiced out, standing few feet away from them.



The duo quickly turned to look at him.



Bon went down on his knees, staring at the floor ahead.



Candy and Lina stare at him in daze.



What is he doing?


Why is he on his knees?



“I have a confession!”, He spoke up, Interrupting their thoughts.



“Bon, what is wrong with you?”, Lina asked unbelievably.



“If you have a confession, why on your knees?”, Candy also added.



“It’s serious!”, He replied.



“Okay. What is it?”, Candy asked curiously.



Bon sighed in determination, but his phone started ringing as he opened his mouth to talk.







Bon’s POV





What the heck?!



Who the hell is calling me?


Why now?



Guilt is eating me up.


I can’t take it any longer.



I want to confess.


I want to confess the secret between me and Lisa.


Lisa’s big secret that led to the blackmailing.



I don’t want my sister and Lina to be disappointed in me again. Not again!



“Bon, pick up the call!”, Lina’s voice jolted me back to reality.



Darn it!



I pulled out the phone from my pocket, then checked the caller.


It was even an unknown number.



I hesitantly received the call.






A feminine voice spoke out from the other line.


This voice… it’s familiar.



Who are you?



I blurted out angrily.



it’s me. Min Lisa!



Min Lisa?



I look up at the two girls opposite me, they were staring at me anxiously.



Why the f*** is Lisa calling me?




I knew the voice was familiar.



What do you want?



I asked calmly because of the girls staring at me.



“Excuse me!”, I whispered to them as I was standing up.



Then, I walked out of the house.



You bit**! Why are you calling me?! How did I even got involved with your sh*t in the first place?!



I cursed.



I am outside your house. I wanna talk to you!



I don’t wanna have any thing to do with you again! Listen to me—



She Interrupted me.


You want me to create a fuss outside your gate before you can come out?





This girl is a bloody devil!



I gritted my teeth and asked:


Where the fu** are you?



In a cab. Opposite your house.



I hung up and walked hurriedly toward the gate.


After I passed through the gate, I spotted a cab directly opposite me.



I looked around to be sure no one was watching before I walked to the cab.



I saw Lisa leaning on the back seat with her eyes closed through the transparent window.



Biting my lips with anger, I knocked on the window.



Her eyes flung open and she slowly rolled down the window.



“You devil!”, I spat at her.



“Please enter the car and let’s talk”, she said calmly and I laughed.



“I don’t trust you! Say whatever you wanna say!”.



“Bon, I swear, I can’t harm you. Please come in and let’s talk!”, She said softly and I smirked.



“The last time I checked, we don’t have anything left undiscussed!”, I snarled.



“Bon please!”.










Not Edited…





Inseparable Lovers


( Our High School Love Story )



By: Sulaiman .M. Zainab






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