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Chapter 4 ⃣ 8



Author’s POV





Jennie led Jason to the guest room.



The room was bright, neat and portable.



“Well, there is only one lavatory (toilet) in this house. I hope you don’t mind.”, Jennie said as she watch Jason admiring the room.



*Is this guy crazy? What’s so special about this old-fashioned room?* — Jennie thought.


Jason turned back to her after she spoke.



Smiling, he replied casually:


“I don’t mind. After all this place is more peaceful than my home.”.



Jennie knotted her eyebrows, leaning on the door frame.



“How is this place more peaceful than your home?”, She asked curiously.



“Forget it!”, Jason said as he slump on the mattress.



“Okay!”, She rolled her eyes and raised her hands up in surrender.



“So…was the news…true? The illegitimacy thing?”, Jennie asked hesitantly, staring at Jason who doesn’t seems bothered.



“Yeah, it’s true. I’m an illegitimate child. My father already had a family when he had an affair with my mom. My mom got pregnant of me and because she was carrying me, he married her as his second wife. Even after they got married, my mom was still addressed as a mistress. But after she got pregnant of Bella, my mom was given the title of Second Madam. Bella was a blessing to her because if Bella didn’t came, my mom would still be a mistress!”, Jason explained casually and gave Jennie a smile.



Jennie kept staring at him dazzlingly.



*Imagine him explaining as if he was narrating a bedtime story.* — Jennie thought.



“I’m sorry about that.”,


Jennie was speechless, so that was all she could uttered.



Jason laid on his side — using his hand to support his cheek — staring at Jennie.



He smirked.


“Don’t be sorry. It has nothing to do with you, so it’s not your fault!”.



Jennie sighed awkwardly because of his stare.



“What about school? Exam starts next week which is this coming Monday. It’s gonna be a tough week for you. The press won’t let you rest. I’m sure they’ll be waiting for you arrival at school on Monday.”, She said pitifully.



“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it!”, He replied confidently.Recommend you to download Topster Stories App for Exclusive Access To Erotic and Romantic stories



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Jennie wanted to ask.



“Wait!; How did you even arrived here…alone? No guards, no hoodie—”, Jennie asked curiously and paused.



“But I have my phone, credit card and tuxedo with me.”.



Jennie furrowed her forehead.





“Yeah. I ordered for a cab with my phone, paid the cab driver with my credit card and I used my tuxedo to cover my face on my way here!”, He said proudly.



“That’s a great achievement!”, Jennie remarked and snorted.



Jason feigned annoyance and he laid back comfortably on the mattress, staring at the ceiling.



“I will go shopping tommorow. I need some clothes and other things. You are going with me!”, He said in a commanding tone.



Jennie glared at him with her mouth opened in disbelief.



*What a rude brat!*



“I’m not going!”, She said coldly and Jason sat up to look at her.






“It’s for you to say but for me to decide!”, Jennie replied stubbornly.



“Jennie, you are going with me. No more argument!”, Jason said and laid down back.



“You…”, Jennie was speechless.


All she could do was open and close her mouth but nothing came out of it.



She sighed heavily and turned to leave.


“Let’s go prepare dinner!”.



“Prepare dinner? Why us?”, Jason asked confusedly and she turned back to him.



“If not us, then who? Ohh, because I included you? Well, I’m the chef of this house but now that you are here, you will be my assistant chef!”, She replied commandingly.



*You are good in commanding people, right? Two can play this game!* — Jennie thought.



“Okay! Sounds fun!”, Jason exclaimed with a smile and got up from the mattress.



“Really fun!”, Jennie said with sarcasm.



She frowned and said again:


“You can’t wear a dress shirt and pant to cook. It will be suffocating. Wear something more casual!”.



“Why will it be suffocating? And remember I came here with nothing?”.



*Poor you!* — she said in her mind.



“Puff! I can give you my sweatpant and baggy vest.”.



Jason’s face lit up.


“Okay buddy!”, He said while grinning and Jennie smiled.







~The Choi Mansion…



Bon, Candy and Lina were eating dinner in the dinning room.



The girls were both chatting non-stop.



“Candy, do you want some borscht?”, Lina asked Candy — grinning sheepishly.



Candy frowned.


“Hell no! You know I don’t like borscht! Annoying brat!”, She yelled, getting disgusted and Lina burst into laughing.



“You are so annoying!”, Candy mumbled.



Lina recalled and spoke up after a long silence:


“Wait a second! Bon, you wanted to tell us something earlier before you went to receive a call!”.



Bon froze and Candy paused eating.



“Ulm… it’s not important!”, He replied nervously, looking down at his plate.



“Really?”, Lina asked suspiciously.



“Yeah, really!”, He said in a low tone as he put down his spoon.



Candy and Lina stare at him with confounded faces.



Bon stood up unexpectedly.


“I’ve lost my appetite!”.


And with that, he left the dinning room.



Lina and Candy glanced at each other — speechlessly.



“That’s a shocker! What the heck is wrong with him?!”, Lina exclaimed and Candy shrugged.






~Next day (Sunday)…



Early Sunday morning, Kay drove Lady YooRa and Jane to Jennie’s house.



When they arrived, Lady YooRa and Jane got down from the car.



“Kay! Is this where our Young Master lives now?”, Jane asked disgustingly, looking around the neighborhood.



“That’s enough Jane!”, Lady YooRa said and Jane pouted her lips to keep her mouth shut.



Lady YooRa looked around the neighborhood too, then sighed.



“Let’s go!”, She said and Kay led them to the Kim residence’s porch.



Kay clicked on the doorbell and they all await response, patiently.



Mrs. Kim, who was preparing cleaning up the kitchen, heard the doorbell dinged.



“Jennie! Get the front door!”, She said loudly to Jennie who was at the kitchen balcony.



“Okay mom!”.


Jennie replied before rushing to the front door.



She unlocked the door and opened it.



Her eyes widen with shock at the sight.



She slowly opened the door wider to get a clearer view.



“Good morning Miss. Jennie!”, Kay greeted but she was too daze to reply.


Probably didn’t even heard.







Jennie’s POV





Had it be I hadn’t watched the news about Jason’s engagement, I would still recognize this beautiful woman.



She is Jason’s female version.


Even Bella doesn’t have this strike resemblance with their mother.



Young and elegant.


Poised and sophisticated.



Her pink lace pencil office gown with long flay sleeves, blended perfectly with her milk skin, making it brighter and more glowing.



Now I know where Jason and Bella got their beauty.



I shouldn’t be surprised, definitely Mrs. Tan wouldn’t look like nobody.


She is indeed the Madam of the Tan family.




All these went through my mind smoothly within few seconds and I mentally slapped myself back to reality.



And again, realization hit me like a bullet.


Why are they here?!!!


Are they here to find Jason?


Did Jason told them he was here?


Or perhaps they found out themselves?



Yeah, I’m doomed!














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Inseparable Lovers


( Our High School Love Story )



By: Sulaiman .M. Zainab





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