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Chapter 5 ⃣ 1 ⃣



Jason’s POV





Okay mom.



I love you son!



Love you too mom. Bye!



I smiled, then hung up the call.



I rushed out of my room to Jennie’s bedroom.



“Jennie! Are you in?”, I said loudly through her bedroom door.



Almost immediately, the door cracked open and Jennie peeped her head out.


I chuckled and she grinned.



“It’s you!”, She exclaimed and I raised my eyebrows.



“Don’t act as if you didn’t know!”, I said and she opened the door widely.



“Come in!”.



I strode into the room.



“Hurry up before Madam Mia see us!”, She said hastily.



“Are we doing anything bad? Or do we have the intention to do anything bad?”, I replied and snorted playfully.



“You pervert! Have you forgotten what happened the last time Mia met you in my room? You bribed her several times just to keep her shut from not telling mom!”, Jennie said sternly but cutely and I chuckled.



How can I ever forget?



She slammed the door closed and whispered loudly:


“It’s not funny!”.



I smirked and raised my hands up in surrender.



“So, what’s up?”, Jennie asked and sat on her study chair.



“I will go to school on Monday. Kay will come to pick us up and also, he will bring my new school uniform tomorrow.”, I said, smiling at her.




“Y…your school uniform?”, She stuttered with surprise and I laughed.



Her expression was so cute.



“Yeah! I am no more the heir. I can’t misbehave in school anymore.”, I said nonchalantly.



“Whoa!”, She exclaimed and eyed me from head to toe.



“How will you look in a school uniform?”, She asked rhetorically in daze and I smirked.



“Sexy of course!”, I said pridefully and brushed my hair backward with my fingers, then winked at her.



Jennie blinked her eyes rapidly and looked away.


“Such a flirt!”, She grumbled and I chuckled.



I love teasing her.



I lean on the wall beside her study table, staring at her as she focus on a book.



Her every movement always give me a strange sensation.



I swear, I love that sensation!



Something kept drawing me closer to her.


Seeing her every day gives me unexplainable joy.



I don’t know what that feeling is, but I love it and I don’t wanna let it go.



Since the first time I met her, my entire life changed…for good.



I stopped being a player.


I couldn’t even remember other girls, I kept thinking about her.



I stopped clubbing just because I wanna see her.


I wanna always be with her to protect her.



She isn’t clingy like some other girls; I love that most about her.


Simple and calm.



I would have say it was all pretence, just to gain my trust.


But I deeply trust her and know it’s her personality; sincere innocence.



Jennie, why do I feel all these for you?



“Won’t you leave now?”, She suddenly asked and I jolted out of my thought.



“Hun?”, I blurted out.



She placed down the book and look up at me.



“You’ve been standing there for long.”.



“Ohh…I…will leave…now”, I stammered and she smiled with a nod.



Did she caught me staring at her?



“Ulm, buddy! Let’s go shopping tommorow for school materials! That’s a final decision!”, I said hastily and ran out of her room.



I let out a chuckle.



I know she will argue about the shopping.



I chuckled again and turned to leave for my room.



But unfortunately for me, I turned only to meet Mia standing akimbo and staring sternly at me.



Oh no!



I glanced back at Jennie’s bedroom door.


There is no way I can deny that I didn’t came out of that door just now.



I quickly rushed closer to Mia and covered her mouth with my palm before she could open her mouth to talk.



I placed my other hand on my mouth, “Shh…”, to give a “shut your mouth” sound.



With her mouth still covered, I dragged her to my room and closed the door.



“Mia please don’t shout!”, I whispered to her and she nodded before I move my hand away from her mouth.



She exhaled and said in a command tone:


“Now explain, Mr. Charming!”.



I am in deep trouble.



I swallowed hard.


“Well…I went to Jennie’s room because I had to tell her something.”.



“Like?”, She questioned.



“About school. I told her that I will go to school on Monday.”, I said.


That’s not a lie, anyway.



“Okay?”, She questioned again.



“That was all!”.



She raised her eyebrows and I gave her a pleading look.









“Seems like you are not ready to say the truth. I’ll go tell Mom!”.



I pulled her back and squatted in front of her.



“Mia please! How about three cupcakes and a big bowl of strawberry ice cream?”, I asked hurriedly and her face lit up.



I know she love strawberry ice cream.


This is not the first time I would bribe her.



“For real?”.



“Have I ever lied to you?”.



“No. But—”.


I raised my three fingers up and interrupted her:


“I promise!”.



She snapped her fingers and nodded sheepishly.






“You won’t tell Mom after that, right?”.



“Sure, Mr. Charming!”.


She exclaimed happily and patted my cheeks, then left my room.



I sat on the floor with my face squeezed.



I always thought Bella will be the end of me but now I’ve realize that Mia will surely be the end of me!







Lisa’s POV





When we arrived at the destination, I got down from the car with my hand bag and inhaled the fresh air, staring up at the giant building ahead of me.



Yeah, I love this apartment building.


The apartments are exclusive.




GOLDEN CLOVER was boldly customized on the building.



There is indeed nothing like ones home (country)!



I got tired of America, that’s why I came back after few weeks.


I thought I would stay up to some months.



“Huh, are you Miss. Min?”.


A masculine voice asked and I turned instinctively to the man few feet opposite me.



“Who are you?”, I asked coldly.



The man was quite young, probably in his mid thirties.


He was kinda tall and was wearing a harsh suit.



I don’t remember knowing him from anywhere.



He laughed and said:


“Haha, I am Mr. Jin, Manager of Golden Clover—”.



I interrupted him.



“Oh it’s you!”.



“Yeah, I’m Miss. Min.”, I added and he smiled.



“I thought as much. You look more beautiful in real life than your picture.”, He said politely and I rolled my eyes.



“And thanks for trusting us. I’m here to show you your apartment, I’ve been waiting for your arrival!”.


“Whatever!”, I turned to the cabdriver, “Get my luggages!”.



He quickly brought out the two traveling bags from the car boot.



Mr. Jin ordered two men to carry them and he led me into the building.



The first floor was more like a company entrance.


It was widely spacious with few metal benches arranged at each end side and attractive bucket flowers for beautification.



Mr. Jin kept blabbering about the apartments.


Durr…I didn’t pay any attention to him.



I saw a guy and a young girl arguing by a corner.



We walked pass them and I grabbed few of their conversations.



“F**king abort the bastard baby! I am not ready to be a father at seventeen!”, The guy yelled at the girl.



“I won’t abort my child! So you didn’t remember you were seventeen when you f**ked me without protection!”, The girl fired back.



“Shut it! I’m not denying you’re carrying my baby, but am not ready to be a father! If you won’t abort that bastard, then look for it father elsewhere!”, The guy snarled.



My face stiffened as I listened to their convers.


That awful memory…



“Miss. Min!”.


The manager interrupted my thought.



I became furious and snapped at him:


“Just give my apartment door card and remote! It’s room 43 on the twenty second floor, right?”.



“Y…yes…Miss!”, He stuttered and handed the card and remote to me.



I walk away to the elevator and the two men carrying my luggages trail behind me.



My mind flashed back to the earlier conversation between those people and my throat tightened sorely.



We walked out of the elevator and I immediately saw room 43 on the left; room 44 was directly opposite.



I moved closer and slide the card to open the door.



The automatic entrance light turned on as we stepped inside the apartment.


The men dropped my luggages and left, then I locked the door.



I let out a heavy breathe as I lean on the door, staring into the dark room.



*F**king abort the bastard child!* — the words echoed in my mind and I trembled in fear.



“Not again!”.



“Not again!”.



“Not again!”.



I whispered severally to myself with my eyes closed.



*Lisa, don’t you have conscience?*, *Lisa, Karma is a bit**!* — Bon’s words to me before I left for America, also echoed back.



I shook my head and opened my eyes.





Minutes later, I regained my normal self and went around to check out the apartment.



It was one bedroom, a toilet and bathroom and a sitting room joined with a kitchen.



It was all well furnished and spacious.


There was a french window in the sitting room and a study area at a corner.



Well, it worth the money I paid.



I ordered for a takeaway during dinner since I haven’t buy any grocery.



Later, I went to bed after arranging every necessary things to my taste.







I walk down a dark path in my night robe; suddenly I heard a baby’s cry.



It was so loud and close.



I stopped on the spot and realized that the baby was right beside me, covered with blood.



It grabbed my night gown edge with it blood-stained tiny hands and cried out:















Fear gripped me and I fell on the ground, struggling to release my gown from the baby’s tight grip.



“Let go off! I am not your mother!”, I screamed fearfully, struggling with the gown.






“I said I am not your mother! Let go off!”, I yelled and started crying.






“Please let me go! I am not your mom! I beg you!”, I weeped, shivering with fear.



Suddenly, the baby released my gown and passed out.




I gasped with my eyes widely open, panting heavily.



“Ahhhhhhhhhhh…”, I covered my ears and screamed out.







“Ahhhh…”, I screamed and sat up on the bed immediately.



I was sweating at the same time quivering.



I quickly turned the bedside lamp on, sweeping my eyes around the room fearfully.



It was a dream!


A bad dream!



*Lisa, karma is a bitch! They will come back for you! They will hunt for you day and night because their spirit is restless!* — I remember Bon said.



Have they started to hunt me?



Why all of a sudden?



It’s been three years!



Why now?



Who was that baby?



*F**king abort that bastard baby!* — it echoed into my ears and I covered them but it didn’t stopped.



*F**king abort that bastard baby!*



“Leave me! Go! Go away!”, I whimpered, still covering my ears with my eyes tightly closed.






I suddenly heard a masculine voice whispered.



I let out a gasp and opened my eyes, gazing around.



Crying and shivering with fear, I shook my head and said in a low tone:


“Don’t hunt me! Leave me! Go away from me!”.





I heard the whisper again right beside me and I turned to look at my side, but there was no one.



Is this hallucination?





I heard the baby’s tiny voice on the other side and I jumped off the bed with a scream.



But there was no one else in the room — just me.



“Leave me and go! Go away from me! Please!”, I cried out bitterly and fell on my knees, then slumped on the cold floor.



I buried my head around my arms and curled my body, sobbing silently.











Not Edited…





Inseparable Lovers


( Our High School Love Story )



By: Sulaiman .M. Zainab




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