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Chapter 4 ⃣ 5 ⃣



Lisa’s POV





Lisa! Where are you going?”,


Mom asked behind me with a hint of shock.






I turned back to her.



“Was that a question?”, I replied feigning ignorance.



Her eyebrows twitched.


“Lisa, what’s wrong with you?”.



I scoffed.



“You are my problem! You are my problem because if I stay a minute longer in this house, I might pass out!”, I snapped.



“Lisa!”, She called out softly.



“Hun! You will fight against the Tan family with everything you have? Why stress yourself when we all know you will loose? Even if you don’t use



everything you have, sooner or later, you will loose everything. Including me!”, I said to her in a low tone, then sneered.



I glared at her before walking away with my bag.






But wait; where exactly am I going?



Durr… wherever!







Jennie’s POV





“Jennie! The movie will start in few minutes!”.


I heard Mia’s voice from the sitting room.


Her voice jolted me back to reality.



“Okay. I’ll be down in few seconds!”, I raised my voice to reply her.



I’ve been thinking about Jason.


I saw the incidence at his engagement banquet.



Is he alright right now?



Tsk! Why should I even care?


He doesn’t want us to be friends again, so why should I care?!



But i still care!



I inhaled, then exhaled.


“Poor Jennie. Your life is so pathetic!”, I said to myself with my forehead furrowed.



Oh Lud forgive me! Sincerely, I felt happy that the engagement didn’t worked out.



I don’t mean to sound selfish though.


I don’t even know what’s wrong with me?


Why can’t I stop thinking about Jason?



Jason, what are you doing to me?!



Jennie! You’re insane!



I ruffled my hair with my fingers.





Mia’s voice jolted me back to reality again.



“Jason, get out of my head!”, I said, tapping my index finger on my temple.



With an exhale, I picked up my phone and walked out of my bedroom.



I walk into the sitting room and look at the television.



“It’s even yet to start!”, I snarled at Mia, who was sitting on the couch and looking at the TV.


“I told ya it’s in a few minutes, not it’s has started!”, She replied rudely.



I leaned forward to her and poked her forehead.



“Ouch!”, She shrieked.



“Don’t be rude to me!”.



“You big bully!”, She snapped, rubbing her forehead and I laughed.



Immediately I sat down, the front door bell dinged.






Why should it be after I’ve settled down on the seat?!



“Mia, go check the door!”, I said to Mia.



“I’m busy!”, She replied, digging into a bowl of chocolate balls.



“You rude brat!”, I grumbled, glaring at her.



With a frown, I stood up and went to open the front door.



I angrily flung the door open and I was taking aback by the person my gaze landed on.


My heart almost jumped out through my mouth.



W…what…the heck is he doing here?





The name escaped my widely open mouth.



“Hey Jen!”, He waved at me and said with a smile.



He was looking smoking hot! — still in his engagement dress.



“W…why are you here?”, I blurted out in daze.



“Can you please step out? I wanna talk to you.”, He requested, staring at me.



“Okay!”, I replied reluctantly after a short silence.



Why am I suddenly feeling upset?



Why is Jason even here?



I walked out of the house and stopped after I stepped down from the porch.



He was standing few inches opposite me.



I avoided his deep gaze by looking away.



“You said you want us to keep distance, so why are you here?”, I asked coldly.



“Jen, are you mad at me?”, He asked innocently.



I rolled my eyes and replied:


“No, why?”.



“I’m really sorry Jennie, please forgive me. I know I hurted you by telling to keep distance, but it’s because of some circumstances. I didn’t wanted it too but I had no choice. You’re still my buddy. Can you please forgive me?”, He said with a pleading look.



Circumstances indeed!



I look up at him and my heart softened.



He actually apologized.


Why can’t I hate you Jason?



“Okay. I’ve forgiven you!”.



His face lit up after I spoke.


“Really? You really forgave me?”, He said happily.



“Okay, I won’t forgive you!”, I said, feigning annoyance.



He laughed, then winked at me:


“Haha, my adorable buddy!”.



What a flirt!



“I say I won’t forgive you!”, I repeated, frowning.



“Durr… You can’t stay angry at me for long. I will make it up to you…in a special way!”, He grinned and said, then whispered the last four words into my ear.



“You pervert!”, I chirped as my face flushed pink.


In a special way?


What special way?



“Tsk! You are too dirty minded!”, He whispered.



Dirty minded?





I was left speechless and he smirked.



After a short silence, I calm my nerves; “Puff!”, I snorted at him and I heard him chuckled.



Silence befell for few seconds before I broke it; “Jason, are you okay?”, I asked softly, looking at him.



He stare at me with a confounded look.



I’ve been dying to ask that question since I saw the news about his engagement.



“I…I am fine. Why?”, He replied with confusion.



“I saw the news about your engagement. Was it hard for you?…I mean what you did—”



Jason interrupted me.


“Forget it! I came here for something else.”.



I furrowed my forehead and asked:


“What is it?”.


“Buddy, I need your help!”, He said pitifully.



My help?



“Okay. I hope it’s something I am capable of!”.



He placed his hand on my shoulder and leaned closer to me and whispered loudly:


“Jen…I want to rent a room for shelter!”.



Rent a room for shelter?


He? Jason?



“Hahaha! Jason, you are funny!”.



Maybe he is kidding.



“I’m serious Jen!”, He said with seriousness, staring at me.



Wait!; He is really serious.



“Jason, you don’t mean it? Why come to me?”, I asked, perplexed, “Wait…why do you even need a room for shelter?”.



He sighed and said:


“I just need it for sometime.”.



Seriously, I’m short of words.



“You have your rich friends, they can help you to get luxurious apartment…”, I said and paused when a thought ran into my mind. Frowning, I whispered to him:



“Don’t tell me you requested this from me because you want it in this neighborhood?”.



He nodded childishly and my mouth open in disbelief.



“Jason, are you crazy?!”.


I yelled in a whisper.



He scoffed.


“I am in my right sense! In fact, it’s your house that I want!”.



I heard a loud bang in my head.



My house?


In one sentence, he wants to rent a room in my house?



“Haha, now I understand! You need psychological checkup! M…my house?”, I exclaimed unbelievably.


“If you rent my house, where should my family live?”, I added.



“Jennie, I just want to rent a room. Remember you told me your apartment is a three bedroom flat. Your mom and kid sis uses a room and a room for you too. Can I please rent the third room?”.



Is Jason insane?



“Yea, I told you that. But the third room is a guest room. And by the way, my house is a family flat.”.



“Please let me talk to your mom!”, He pleaded and grabbed my hands, squeezing them tenderly.


I stare at him in disbelief.



“Please buddy!”, He persisted.



“Wait! Jason, did you ran away from home?”, I asked, looking at him with suspicion.


The thought just ran into my mind.



If that’s not the case, then why does he wants to rent a room?



Jason released my hands and ran his fingers through his golden brown hair.



My eyes widened.


It was obviously written on his face — his hesitance to reply my question.



I gasped in shock.


“Jason! You ran away from your home?! I’m right, right?”.



He squeezed his face and grumbled.


“Yeah, I did! So what?”.



I placed my palm on my mouth to avoid screaming out at him.



“You are Jason Tan! Do you think I will be safe if your family finds out that you are here…in my house? In this shabby neighborhood!”.



He blinked his eyelashes — pouting his s£xy lips — cutely.



“Jason! You are going back home now!”, I said sternly and he was taken aback.




I folded my arms, looking at him sternly.














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