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Chapter 5 ⃣ 0 ⃣



Lisa’s POV





After the cab driver loaded my luggages into the boot, I entered the car and brought out my phone from my handbag.



I just arrived from American and I am heading home.



Actually, not my mom’s home.


Definitely not that witch’s house.



I’ve rented an apartment through online apartment payment.



And I won’t let anyone know that I’m back in the country.


I’m not ready to resume school as well.



Now that am back, things will change, alot.



I’m back for Jason.


I’m not ready to lose on many side.



I’ve lost everything but I still have hope for Jason and I’m ready to do anything to win him.



If anyone gets on my way, I’ll get rid of them. It’s nothing to me.



And if I can’t win Jason, I will rather destroy everything.


No one must gain if I lose.


The cabdriver entered the car and started driving away.



I dialled Rosê’s mobile number and she picked up after few seconds.



Park Rosê speaking, how may I help you?



She spoke up.



Actually, I got a new international phone number and destroyed the old ones.


I don’t want anyone to contact me that was why I destroyed it.



Rosê is my friend and she is also a student of E.T.H.S.


But she is an Art student, so we are not classmates.



(TN; Go back to Chapter Twelve of this book — if you don’t remember Rosê)



Rosê, it’s Lisa



Hun? Lisa? Oh my God! Lisa, where have you been? This is an international number, are you abroad?



Forget that. Rosê, I need your help.






School resumes in two days, right?






When school resumes, I want you to watch Jason’s movement in the school, very closely.



What? Wait, which Jason?



Jason Tan!



I yelled, getting pissed already.



Why can’t she just get it straight?!



Hun? You want me to watch Jason Tan’s movement? In his own school?


And I won’t get caught? Impossible! Who would dare try that?



She exclaimed fearfully and I gritted my teeth to suppress my anger.



Before I could open my mouth to talk, she continued:


Why do you want me to watch his movement? You didn’t even wrote your last semester exams? Jason too. Won’t you come back to school? You wanna leave E.T.H.S? But you have been—



I bite my lip as I clenched my hand around the phone.


I interrupted her:



That’s enough!



The other line went silent.



I breathed in and out, then said calmly:


Listen to me. Don’t tell anyone that I called you. Infact, delete this number immediately I hang up the call! I want you to watch Jason’s



movement in the school. Report back to me every day after school hours. Also, Kim Jennie, that commoner, watch her closely as well!



Just earlier, you told me to delete this number and now you want me to report Jason and Jennie’s movements to you. How do I report back to you if I delete this number? And by the way, there is no possibility that Jason will resume back to school, he didn’t write his last semester exams as well. Rosê said and I rolled my eyes.



Don’t delete this number but make sure you don’t save it with my name!



Okay okay okay! Gosh, your mom thinks I know wherever you are. It really sickens me! Ugh!



I’ll hang up now



No! No! Wait! Don’t—



I hung up the call and turned to the phone power off.



My lips curled into a smirk.



Let’s see how it goes!










Not Edited…





Inseparable Lovers


( Our High School Love Story )



By: Sulaiman .M. Zainab






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