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Return Of The Devils Son.


Chapter 56


Things were going well for Lucian. The people of Decresh liked and appreciated the changes he had made, he had learned a lot about being a demon from Roshan and being a witch from his mother. His brother and those who wronged him were rotten in the dungeon and he would visit them sometimes to add salt to their wounds. His enemies still feared him and kept their distance. Maybe the rumors that were not rumors at all were good for him.


Most of all he was happy because his beautiful wife was pregnant and she was shining more than ever.


Was she demanding?


Oh yes!


Did he hate it?


Oh no!


He loved it and he gave in to all her demands. It’s not like he could resist her when she was all over him with those lushes curves and seductive eyes. Oh, how he loved this delicate version of her where she reacted to the slightest brush of his fingers. She melted in his arms with only a kiss. She was too distracting for his own good. He knew he had to focus on other things as well.


He forced himself to get out of bed again while Hazel slept peacefully. He changed in his personal room as to not wake her and then left to do his Royal duties. Today he was going to meet leaders from a few powerful covens. He wasn’t sure exactly what to tell them yet. He was just mostly curious to see what they thought of him.



When he arrived at the throne hall he was surprised to find Nyx there. She was sitting next to one of the large windows and looking outside.




She turned around when she heard his footsteps then smiled. “Good morning.”


“Good morning.” He greeted back. “What brings you here?” He walked closer to where she sat.


“I wanted to speak to you.” She said and then motioned for him to sit next to her.


Lucian wondered why she seemed so serious but he went and sat beside her.


“You are meeting with the witched soon?” She began.


Lucian nodded.


“The witches will probably not accept you. I would advise you to focus on the demons. Demons usually follow those they fear. If someone is strong enough to lead them they will follow. They are not like witches. Witches think it’s their duty to protect the weak and innocent but they don’t realize that humans can be as evil as some demons. Now, that hazel is pregnant they will become even angrier.”




“Demons are not supposed to reproduce except with their own kind. But the demons race is mostly male, so for those males who were without a mate, they sought human females to reproduce with. Witches were not happy with that since they thought that these demons manipulated the females to expand their race. But the fact is that these male demons found their mate in those female humans.”


“They will not hurt Hazel!” Lucian said clenching his fists.




“They won’t dare to do that in your own home. Witches are not reckless. They don’t know the extent of your power since you are a half breed and they don’t know



your allies, if the demons are backing you up, so they wouldn’t dare to attack.” She put her hand on top of his as if assuring him.


“Is that why you couldn’t be with me? Because…”


Because she, a witch gave birth to the devil’s child. Her family must have hated and abandoned her.


“Yes. My mother…she put a curse on me so that I wouldn’t be able to see you again.” Her voice cracked as she spoke. It was as if she was reliving the pain again. She fought back her tears. “But don’t worry. That won’t happen to your child. There are many demons that are mating with humans. The witches can not fight them all. My case was different since I was a witch. I was never supposed to be with a demon.” She chuckled darkly. “Especially not the devil himself.”


Lucian could finally understand why his mother couldn’t be with him. But that didn’t take his anger away. Now instead he felt angry at those who separated them and caused his mother so much pain.


“So what do you suggest I do?” Lucian asked.


“I suggest you summon the demons instead. Show them that you are not scared. Show them your authority and that they shall fear you. Because you, my son, you are the devil’s son. And now that you learned about being a demon and a witch you just need to trust your inner power. You need to believe that you are strong. If you have the demons by your side you won’t need the witches.”


“I thought the witched were very strong,” Lucian said confused.


“They are. Together they are strong and that’s why witches have covens. One witch would have a hard time fighting a powerful demon alone. Therefore they can not sneak on you. If the witches plan to attack you, then you will know and if you have the demons by your side you only need to summon them.”


Lucian nodded thoughtfully. He had thought about it many times. The witches would never accept him because even if he was half-witch, his mother had sided with the demons, therefore, they would think that he would have no genuine



intention of siding with them. Lucian hadn’t actually thought of choosing sides but he learned that demons and witches would never accept each other. They had been enemies since the beginning of times, therefore, he would have to either chose a side or not choose at all.


There was a chance that the demons would accept him but not the witches. Evil should never be accepted according to them and they would rather die here on earth then go to hell later.




But Lucian had decided that if the witches were not going to side with him then he would make them fear him so much that they would tremble and the mention of his name. He would show them what it truly meant to be a witch with demon blood running through his veins.


“Your Majesty. The guests have arrived. ” A guard informed.


“I’ll stay here with you.” His mother said.


“And me too.” Roshan suddenly spoke from behind him.


Roshan noticed that Lucian’s aura suddenly changed as he made his way to the throne and sat down. He seemed more confident in himself but also frightening. That’s how he had wanted him to be all along. It would be interesting to see how he would handle the witches.


With a wave of his hand, Lucian signaled for the guard to let them in.


After a short moment, several men and women entered the throne hall. They walked along the red carpet that led to the throne and when they were close enough to see him their mouth fell open. Some of them blinked a few times as if to make sure what they were looking at was real.


Well, the man was too good-looking to be true, Roshan had to admit.


One of the older males who seemed to be in his late forties went out of his haze and greeted him.



“Your Majesty. I have heard great things about you.” He spoke.


Roshan could hear a hint of fear in his voice. Now that Lucian looked as though he could kill someone with a look anyone would be petrified.


“I am sure. I have worked hard for the people in this kingdom to feel safe.” Lucian said calmly yet there was a storm under that calm voice and the witches could sense it.


“I can see that. Still, we came to tell you that we have no intention of making peace with you or the demons. We will keep protecting our people and humans.” The man said trying his best to not seem the least scared. But Roshan was good at reading body langue.


“The way you protected my mother?” Lucian asked motionig toward Nyx.


Nyx froze and Roshan turned to Lucian surprised. It was the first time he addressed Nyx as his mother.


The man turned his gaze to Nyx and gave her a disgusted look. “Your mother chose to abandon her people. There was no reason for us to protect her.” He almost spat.


“And I? I didn’t choose anything. I was born this way.” The way he said it should have sounded sad but it didn’t. It was more like a reminder that they had also abandoned someone who was one of their own people. Himself.


The man was taken aback by the question. It was something he hadn’t expected.


“You said you protect your people and the humans. I am your people even if it is only half of me. As for the human, I have done more for them than you have. Am I wrong?” Lucian still spoke with that same tone. Calm yet authoritative. He spoke like a true King. A true leader.



The man seemed to be at loss of words but he still straightened himself after a moment. “Yes, you didn’t choose anything. But the demons didn’t choose to be demons either but they are. Unfortunately, we don’t support evil.”


“Are you telling me that no witch is evil? And that no humans are evil either? Then I must say that you are either blind or lack judgment.” Lucian sounded rather mocking.


They all tensed, clearly offended by his statement.


“Unfortunately for you, you have no intention of making peace but I hope that you have no intention of fighting either.”


“We fight evil. That’s what we do.” Another man spoke behind him.


“Then I shall show you what real evil looks like,” Lucian had never looked as evil as when he said those words.


It was like he made them a promise but also gave them a warning. To not even think of coming near him.


Lucian stood up from his seat and Roshan could see how some of them flinched. He walked down the stairs to where they stood beneath him. They stood their ground but the fear was clear on some faces. Only those who came from very powerful covens were able to hide their feelings.


Lucian walked up until he stood very close to them before he spoke.


“I sincerely advise you to not provoke me. If any of you even try to hurt the people I care for, I’ll come for yours. I’ll make sure you know the feeling of being utterly alone in this world.”


Roshan wanted to clap. He felt proud for some odd reason. One thing witches cared for was their own people, especially their families. Threatening their families would make them think twice.



“So…” The harsh lines suddenly disappeared from his face and a smile appeared. “It was nice meeting. I’ll arrange for you to reach back home safely.” He said confusing them.


Lucian knew what he was doing. He was showing them that he was a peaceful and respectful man who was not looking for a fight. But if someone wanted to be on his bad side then he was going to show them just that. His bad side.






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