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Chapter 4 ⃣ 9 ⃣


Jennie’s POV





“G…good morning!”, I said nervously.



“Good morning dear!”, Jason’s mom replied while smiling.



“Kay called you ‘Miss. Jennie’ now, then you must be Kim Jennie.”, She said, still smiling at me.



I was too daze to reply.



Jason’s mother knew my name?


Ohh, she said Kay called me that.



“Yes Madam! She is Kim Jennie, Young Master’s friend!”, Kay replied.



“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Jennie. I am Lady YooRa, Jason’s mother!”.


She added immediately:


“So, Jennie, can you let us into your house?”.



I nodded sheepishly and paved way for them to come in.



I led them to the sitting room.



“Please sit down!”, I gestured.



“Thanks!”, Jason’s mom mumbled and sat down with the young lady beside her.




I remember this young lady as the lady who accidentally ruined Lisa’s dress.




“What can I offer you to drink ma’am?”, I asked Lady YooRa and she shook her head.



“I’m okay dear. Please sit down, I want to talk to you.”, She replied with a smile.



Oh my! Jason’s mom is very nice.



I remember Candy’s and Lina’s mothers too.



I was so nervous but I sat down on the couch adjacent to them.



Where is this Jason?


Does it takes him decades to take his bath?



I looked ahead up the stairs but the corridor was empty.



I sighed silently.



“Jennie, is Jason really here?”, Lady YooRa suddenly asked.





Should I say the truth?


What if Jason gets angry that I exposed him?


Should I lie?


That’s unfair. Why should I lie to this innocent woman?



Jason Tan!


What have you got me into?!



“Mom, I am here!”.


We heard Jason’s voice.



I instinctively look at the stairs and indeed it was Jason.



I sighed in relief.



“My son!”, Lady YooRa exclaimed happily and went to embrace Jason.



She pulled away from the hug and started caressing his cheeks.



“Good morning Mom!”, Jason said.



“Morning Jas! How are you doing?”.



“I’m fine mom!”.



“You brat!”, Lady YooRa chriped and hit his arm.



“Ow! Mom!”, He winced with a frown.



“You could have begged your father for forgiveness! You’re too stubborn! You didn’t even consider me and your sister!”, Lady YooRa scolded him.



“I’m sorry mom!”.


Jason added: “but how did you found out I was here?”.



Huh, that is right!



“Just forget it!”, She replied.



Jason furrowed his forehead as if trying to recall something, then he glanced at Kay.



“I know only one person who could have found out!”, Jason said.



Ohh, Yeah!





Just then, my mom walked into the sitting room.



She was surprised at whatever was going on.



I went to her side and whispered to her:


“That woman is Jason’s mother, Lady YooRa!”.



Mom let out a “ha!” In understanding.



She moved closer to Jason and Lady YooRa.



“Good morning Madam!”, Mom greeted Lady YooRa warmly.



“Good morning ma!”, Lady YooRa replied.



“Huh, mom, she is Mrs. Kim—”, Jason said but Lady YooRa cut in.



“Jennie’s mother?”, She asked and Jason nodded.



Lady YooRa turned to my mom — smiling.



“I am Jason’s mom. Thank you so much for taking care of him. Now I feel more relieved that he is in good hands. I hope he won’t be a burden to you.”, She said humbly.



“Of course not! I should be the one bothering if you are okay with him living here because of the environment!”, Mom replied.



“Aren’t the people living here human beings too? And by the way, he chose to live here himself.”, — said Lady YooRa and mom smiled.



I looked at Jason and our eyes met.


I smirked and look away.



“Huh, what should I offer you to drink?”, Mom suddenly asked Lady YooRa.



“Don’t stress too much, I am fine!”.



“Why won’t you drink anything? Are we enemies?”, Mom asked jokingly.



“No! No! No! Water is okay!”, Lady YooRa exclaimed and laughed.



“Alright! I’ll get you some water!”.


Mom turned to the young lady and asked: “And you, Miss?”.



“Water as well!”, The lady replied with a smile.



She asked Kay too:


“I’m okay ma’am!”.



Mom nodded and went to the kitchen.








After almost an hour, they all left.



I sat down on the couch and sighed.



“That was it!”, I exclaimed tiredly.



Jason also sat down, far beside me.



“Your mom is so jovial!”, I said to Jason, grinning happily.



“Hm!”, He mumbled to reply.



“Jason, who was that young lady?”, I recalled and asked curiously.



He switched the television on with the TV remote and replied:


“Jane. My mom’s personal maid”.



An “Oh” escaped my mouth.



“Jennie!”, Mom called out as she walk into the sitting room.



“We have an urgent meeting at work today, so I’ll leave soon. Please go prepare the tea for breakfast while I take my bath. I’ve prepared breakfast already.”, She said and I nodded.



“Where is Mia?”, She asked, heading up the stairs.



“I dunno!”, I mumbled.



“Buddy! Don’t forget the shopping!”, Jason suddenly whispered to me and I frowned.



I am now stucked with this guy!







Candy’s POV





“Candy! Candy! Wake up!”.



Who is disturbing my beautiful sleep?



“Candy!”, I heard again — more louder this time.



“What?!”, I shrieked, getting pissed already.



“Candy wake up!”.



Huh, that’s Lina’s voice.






“Wake up you stupid girl!”, She yelled and pulled off the duvet covering my body.



I groaned angrily and sat up, sleepily.



“What now?!”, I yelled back at her, rubbing my eyes.



“Guess what? ChanSoo is here!”, She squealed excitedly and I squeezed my face in a frown.



“I don’t get it.”, I said ignorantly and yawned.



“Wake up already!”, Lina shouted and nudged me.



I rolled my eyes.



“ChanSoo is right here in our house. Get up now and let’s go meet him!”, She said hastily.



“Chan is here? In our house? Right now?”, I asked, totally confused.






Lina nodded sheepishly.



“But why? It’s so early in the morning!”, I said lazily and yawned.



“Yeah, it’s early to you. Do you know what the time says now? It’s past ten already!”, Lina said calmly.



“Really? But I just woke up. Ugh! I slept late last night!”.


I added: “And I need to shower up before I can go meet him!”.



“That will waste lot of time, just hurry up and brush your teeth!”, She exclaimed impatiently.



“Without bathing?”, I asked and got down from the bed.



“You talk too much!”, She grumbled and dragged me into the bathroom.



“Hurry! Brush your stinking teeth!”, Lina shouted outside the bathroom.



I groaned and hurriedly brushed my teeth.



I wonder what this is all about?







Lina’s POV





I kept smiling happily.



I hope this works!



Candy, please don’t disappoint me!



ChanSoo is truly here, waiting for Candy.



Me, ChanSoo and Bon planned everything.


Actually, ChanSoo asked for our help for the plan.



Just wait and see what our plan is all about!



Not long, candy came out of the bathroom.



I sighed and grabbed her hand immediately.



“Let me go! I can walk on my own!”, she shrieked and I dragged her along with me to the grand sitting room.



Bon and ChanSoo were already waiting for us.



I pushed Candy forward to ChanSoo and winked at him.



Curiousity was obviously written on Candy’s face.



“Hey Candy!”, ChanSoo waved at her.


There was a hint of nervousness in his voice.



“H…hi!”, Candy replied.



I sat down beside Bon on the cushion, giggling and noiselessly clasping my palms together.



“Will you stop that?!”, Bon whispered to me and I glared at him.





I gritted my teeth.



I know he meant the giggle.



I snorted and turned to give ChanSoo an assuring look.



“Guys! What’s happening?”, Candy asked impatiently.



ChanSoo spoke up:


“Candy! Do you still remember about fourteen years ago when we first met? We were still little back then. I lost my way on my first day in Emperor Tan Kindergarten and you helped me. Do you know my first impression on you that day?”.




I couldn’t help but cooed.



So romantic!







Candy’s POV





His first impression on me?



What’s all this?



I’m confused and anxious.



What is ChanSoo trying to do?



Ask me out again?



“I don’t know!”, I replied him in a mumble.



He gave a sweet smile and continued:


“I know I was still little but my first impression was that; “That girl is pretty.


I’ll make her my wife when I grow up!” “.



We all bursted into laughter.






It’s hilarious!



Make me his wife?





“I was little, but I understood the meaning of “make her my wife” because I’d heard it from few grown up men. But yet, I didn’t knew the weight of that impression. Now I know it weight, but I still don’t regret having that first impression on you. It’s one of my most important goal in my life. Even after turning me down countless time, I still find myself loving you more. I never gave up and I’ll never give up. Now I also understand that my first impression on you was not only because you are pretty but also because you have a beautiful heart.”, ChanSoo said, looking at me.



I was gobsmacked.



I placed my hands on my chest with my mouth slightly open.



Oh my gosh!



Suddenly, he went down on a knee and brought out a single rose from behind.



“Candy, if loving you is a crime, I will love to become the most hardened criminal on earth. If loving you could kill, I will love to drown to death in the deepest bottom of the largest ocean on earth!”, he said and paused.



My cheek flushed pink, bashfully.



“Choi Candy, will you—”,


After he said the “you”, he snapped his fingers toward the wall far beside us.




I turned my head instinctively toward the wall when I heard a loud PAH immediately he snapped his fingers.



I gasped in surprise at the sight.





— was glowing boldly on the wall with sparkling colours. Not only that, the whole room lit up with diamond sparkles. “Will you be my girlfriend?”, ChanSoo finally asked.


I covered my mouth with my palm to avoid screaming out.



I turned my head to Bon and Lina, who were both smiling maliciously at me. These devils!


I won’t deny that I love ChanSoo.


I swear, I love him.



I was just obsessed to Jason.


I know that.



After keeping them waiting for few seconds, I snatched the rose from ChanSoo and burst into laughing.



“Okay! I’ll give it a try!”, I said with a grin.



ChanSoo gaped and stood up.


“Really?”, He asked unbelievably and I nodded.



He hugged and spun me around.



I let out a laughter.



“Yeeee!…”, We heard Lina squealed, jumping up and down.


It was so deafening.



“Awwn, I’m jealous!”, Lina whimpered playfully and I chuckled.



“Don’t worry, mine will be more romantic!”, Bon said proudly and winked at her.



Glaring at him, Lina replied sarcastically and sneered:


“Yeah! Indeed it’ll be more romantic! Humph!”.



“These two!”, I mumbled and shook my head.



“Thank you so much Candy. Let’s go on a date tonight, Hun?”, ChanSoo asked and I nodded happily.






Gosh, so this was their plan and Lina convinced me not to shower up. I’m even in my pajamas!



How embarrassing!





I knew I will kill you someday!


“Linaaaa!”, I suddenly screamed out, running forward to attack her.



I don’t know how it happened, all I know is that I am currently laying flat and kissing the floor.



Lina dodged my attack with the help of Bon and I became the victim.



This is more embarrassing!



I winced in pain and feign unconsciousness.







Author’s POV





Emperor Tan High School was so hectic all through the days the first semester examination were conducted.



The press all waited outside the school since the school security was so tight — for Jason’s arrival.



Unfortunately for them, Jason never showed up.



His illegitimacy still went viral like wide fire.


It was indeed the talk of the city.


Infact — it was the talk of the Asia continent.




But did Jason really didn’t conducted his semester exam?



Of course, he did.



He went to school through out the exam days in disguise.



Well, he wrote the exams with the help of ChanSoo’s sister, Miss. Han KiRan


— the principal — and Miss. KiRan took care of all his exam papers herself to avoid suspicion among the teachers.



No one knew his presence in the school except Jennie, his friends (Bon,


ChanSoo, J.G, Candy and Lina) and the principal.


And immediately after the exams, he would leave the school with Jennie.



Outsiders thought he never showed up in school to conduct his exams.



Though, Jason didn’t tell his friends that he was living in Jennie’s house.



The first semester examination passed by like a blur and they went on vacation.



Jason’s mom and his kid sister, Bella, visited him few times.


Instead, they often call and video chat themselves.



If they visit him frequently, Lady Heisha might get suspicious and the truth will leak out.


And if Lady Heisha finds out Jason’s location, Old Master Tan will definitely know about it.



So it’s preferable they keep distance.



Well, the vacation went smoothly.


Since it was the first semester vacation; it was not long.




Within the vacation, Jason and Jennie’s relationship got more closer, especially for the fact that they now live together.







How time flies…



The second semester was already knocking on the door.



What Happens Next?…














Not Edited…





Inseparable Lovers


( Our High School Love Story )



By: Sulaiman .M. Zainab



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