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Chapter 4 ⃣ 4 ⃣



Jason’s POV





All the guests had left for their various destinations.



Everything that happened at the banquet field was now the hot topic on the Internet.



I’m not even feeling remorseful.



It was all a plan made by Heaven.


I didn’t planned it. It all happened mysteriously.



Indeed, when luck is on one’s side, it happens in a mysterious way.





I know my action will lead me to another trouble.


My father is in intense rage.



Right now he is in his study room and he has refuse to see anyone.



“Jason! You shouldn’t have done that! Why?!”, My mom lamented, pacing around the grand sitting room.



I removed my tuxedo before leaning my head on the wall, close to the fireplace — calmly.



I don’t regret everything I did but I am getting to worry about my mom and sister.



“It’s everywhere!”, Lady Heisha mumbled with anger, watching the news on her laptop.



I scoffed, staring into space.



She stood up, turned to me and shouted;


“Huh, Jason! You have gone too far! This is our reputation we are talking about! You are legitimate or illegitimate, you are still a Tan! Even if you don’t want this engagement, we could have settled it sensibly! Do you think Lady Hara will just sit down and watch the drama unfold after you have created such fuss?!”.



Bella who has been quiet, spranged on her feet and yelled at her;


“Hey look here! Don’t blame my brother for this! Those Min family deserved it! You’re not even bothered about my mom that was slapped publicly, all you care for is reputation? You are unbelievable! Hun!”




“You spoilt brat! Watch your silly mouth!”, Lady Heisha snapped back at her.



“You should also watch your words to my brother!”, Bella fired back.



Lady Heisha scoffed loudly.


“You really lack manner!”.



Bella sneered and rolled her eyes before sitting back on the couch.



My mom rushed to sit beside Bella with her face squeezed.


“Bella! Stop it! You should watch your mouth too!”.



“Whatever!”, She mumbled.



Just then, the elevator opened and my father strode into the sitting room.



We all turned to look at him.



His face was unpredictably calm.



He walked hastily towards me and PAH — a hard slap landed on my cheek.



Un? Why am I not feeling any pain?


Instead, my heart was filled with joy!



He pulled my collar up, staring into my eyes deeply.







Author’s POV





Old Master Tan pulled Jason’s collar up, staring deeply into his eyes.



Lady Heisha and Lady YooRa rushed forward to them with fear.



“Please let him go! Don’t hurt him!”, Lady YooRa pleaded to Old Master Tan.



“You’ve proven that you’re a bastard!”, He yelled at Jason, tightening his grip on his collar.



“Chairman! Please don’t hurt him!”, Lady Heisha also pleaded, trying to pull him away from Jason.



“He mudded our name!”, Old Master Tan said angrily and released his grip.



Jason moved few inches backward and Lady YooRa held his arm.



“You… I’m even short of words!”, Old Master Tan said with rage, pointing his index finger at Jason.



Lady Heisha tugged onto his arm too.



He pulled away from her and ran his fingers through his hair in frustration.



After a some seconds silence, he turned back to Jason.



“I want you out of this house! There is no possibility that you will become the legitimate heir? Then you will never be my heir! You are not my heir anymore! Get out of this house!”, Old Master Tan shouted, pointing his finger at him.



They all gasped in shock except Jason.



He exhaled and picked up his tuxedo, turning to leave.



Lady YooRa pulled him back.



“What are you going Jason? Beg your father for forgiveness right now!”, She pleaded in tears.



Jason stopped on his track.



“Don’t even bother to beg me! I’ve made the final decision! I want him out of this house and never come back!”, Old Master Tan yelled.



“Chairman! Don’t make a wrong decision! Jason is your heir, you can’t send him away! He is your blood!”, Lady Heisha said to him.



“Please Chairman! He is our son! Please don’t do this to him!”, Lady YooRa begged.



“Father, don’t send my brother away! He has done nothing wrong!”, Bella said angrily.



“He has done nothing wrong? Can you hear—”, Old Master Tan was left speechless with rage.




“No one should plead for me!”, Jason voiced out and silence befell.



He turned back to them.



“Stop pleading mom! It’s not as if I will die if I step out of this house. I will be okay, stop worrying about me!”, He said calmly as Lady YooRa sob silently.



Jason placed his hands on her shoulder, giving her an assuring look.



“I’ll keep in touch with you…”, He whispered to her.



“And Bella!”, He added and turned to look at Bella — smiling at her.



Jason turned to his father too and bowed his head a little in respect to him.



Old Master Tan grunted and look away.



Hastily — Jason walked and headed out of the mansion, holding only his tuxedo.



They all stare at his retreating form.



Lady YooRa ran out and stopped at the porch. Looking at Jason as he was heading to the gate, she shouted out in tears; “Someone stop him! Don’t let him go!”.



Many guards rushed toward Jason and blocked his way.



“Who dares to stop me among you all?”, He said to them with a harsh voice.



They all moved out of his way immediately.




The gate automatically opened and Jason walked out of the compound not taking a last glance at the building behind him.



Lady YooRa stomped her feet with her eyebrows furrow.



“Mom!”, Bella called out and tugged onto her arm.



“Let him go!”, She added bitterly.



“How can I let him go?”, Lady YooRa whimpered.



“Ha! Right! Kay! Get me Kay!”, Lady YooRa gasped and said with haste.







~The Min Villa…



Lisa’s POV





My brain was still totally blank after we arrived at home.



Mom was dragging me along with her as she walk into the sitting room.



What the hell happened?!



Realization hit me and I regained my sense in a jiffy — I shoved off mom’s hand that held mine, staring into space and sobbing silently.



How could Jason humiliate me like that?!


Had i knew that woman was her mother, I would have controlled my temper.



But now it’s ruined!


My engagement!



Mom switched on the television — watching the news and pacing around the room.



The scene at the banquet field is currently the hot topic on every broadcasting channels.



I gawked and turned to mom.



“This was all your fault! It’s you! You’ve ruin my life! Why would you cancel the engagement?!”, I yelled angrily at her.



“You are crazy! How was this my fault? You started it! And you don’t expect me to still allow the engagement to go on after we were humiliated, it would show that we are shameless!”, She shouted back and I scoffed.



“Haha, really? How is that my busy? It was a lifetime opportunity for me but you have ruined it! You always ruin my life! Always you! You my mother!”.



She was left speechless, staring at me in daze.



I slumped on the floor, crying heavily.



It’s always her!


My own mother!



No!; Never!


Jason will be mine!


I won’t give up on him!


I really love Jason!


I can’t just give up like this!


Even after he humiliated me, I won’t take it to mind!



Out of rage, I stood back on my feet and move closer to my mom, slowly.



“It’s you. Can you even imagine in what way you ruined my life? I’ll always despise you! I will never forget it!”, I whispered to her in tears.



I will never forget what she did in the past and I will never forgive her!






I interrupted her.



“Don’t try to act nice!”.



With that, I walk up the stairs, heading to my room.



She stretched her hand out to grab my arm but I dodged it.



I entered my bedroom, absent-mindedly.



I met few maids cleaning up my room for the night.



Angrily, I walk toward one of them and swiftly, I raised my hand up and landed a hard slap on her cheek.


They all started shivering in fear and went down on their knees.



“You all get out of here! Get out!”, I screamed out and they all left hurriedly with fear.



I look down at my dress and I felt pity for myself.



This was all my mom’s fault!



I went into the bathroom and freshened up, then changed into a sweatshirt and leggings.



I feel more better now.



Not taking longer, I stuffed few clothes into my small blue travelling bag and left my room.



I was walking down the stairs when I heard mom speaking on a phone call.



You bastard! How could you release the video and let it go viral! Couldn’t you stop your workers! How dare you broadcast it on your channel? Can you take the responsibility?!



I couldn’t hear the receiver’s reply but mom paused for few seconds before she shouted out again:



I don’t care how you will do it, I want the videos to die down! Or else, you will pay for it!



Then I heard nothing more — I guess she hung up the call.



“Those Tan family humiliated my dignity! I won’t let them off! I know they are more powerful but I will fight against them with everything I have! I swear, I won’t let them off!”, She soliloquied.



I snorted.



Fight against them?


That’s if you’re ready to lose everything you have.


Even if you fight them with everything you have, you can never win them.



I walked pass her, heading to the front door.



“Lisa! Where are you going?”,


Mom asked behind me with a hint of shock.

















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