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Chapter 4 ⃣ 7 ⃣



Bon’s POV





“Bon, please!”.



I scoffed and went to the other side of the car, then hopped into the car.



“Mister, please wait outside!”, Lisa said to the cab driver and the man got down from the car.



“What now?”, I asked impatiently.





I heard her said and I turned my head to look at her.



I noticed she was stretching her hand out, so I shifted my gaze to her hand.



She was holding a flashdrive.



“A flashdrive for what?”, I asked confusedly.



She threw the device at me and I was fast to caught it.



“Inside that flashdrive is the video of me and you. The video I fabricated and threatened you with, in return to keep my secret unexposed.”, Lisa said and I stare at the flashdrive in my hand.



The fake raping?



My face twitched and I got more confused.



I look up at her and asked suspiciously; “Why are you giving me now?”.



She ignored my question and said;


“I have destroyed the other sources of this fabricated video. Rest assured.


This is the last copy I have with me. I want you to destroy it yourself!”.



“Why should I believe you?”, I asked.



“I don’t need you to believe me!”.



“If you actually said the truth, aren’t you afraid I might expose your secret since you have nothing else to threaten me with?”, I asked, staring closely at her to make sure I don’t miss any change of expression on her face. But instead, she kept a straight face.



“I beg you, don’t expose my secret!”, She said and I was taken aback.



Lisa begged me?



What has gotten into her?



I smirked and replied:


“I never wanted to get involved with you! You dragged me into your mess and I haven’t had a peaceful night rest for quite a long time!”.



She kept mute and I continued:


“I was really happy that your engagement to Jason didn’t worked out. You don’t deserve Jason at all. You deserve to be living with wild animals in the forest! Lisa, don’t you have any conscience?”.



She turned to look at me — looking expressionless.



Wasn’t she moved by my words?



Oh geez, this girl is a real devil!



“Don’t judge me! You know nothing!”, She spoke coldly.



Glaring at her, I replied:


“At least I know something!”.



“Lisa, karma is a bitch! They will come back for you! They will hunt for you day and night because their spirit is restless!”, I whispered to her sternly and she didn’t budged.



Suddenly I got frustrated.



Gritting my teeth angrily, I ruffle my hair to let out my anger.



“The longer I stay here with you, the more my heart aches. I can’t stop pitying myself. I keep asking myself how I got to know your bloody secret! I feel like a devil myself! All because of you, you and you!”, I growled at her.



“Then let it go!”, She voiced out and I turned my head to look at her again.



She was staring outside through the car window.



“That’s why I came to you. Let it go! Forget everything about me. Forget my secret! Forget you ever met me! That is also why I gave you the flashdrive. I want you to destroy it. I want you to destroy our connection!”, She said in a breathe.



I stare at her unbelievably.



“I’m going to America today. You are the only one am telling this!”, She added and I furrowed my eyebrows.



“School semester exam starts next week…”, I said.



“I’m going to stay in America for few months before I come back. After I come back, I’ll sort everything out. Everything I started, I will end them! But my coming won’t be good!”.



I gave out a cold laughter.



“What was I expecting? That you will come back for good? Haha! A leopard can never change it spot!”, I said in a mumble.



“Lisa, always remember this, your ending won’t be good as well!”, I added, then got down from the car.



I didn’t turn back to look at the car but after some seconds I heard it drove away.



I tightened my grip on the flashdrive and my face squeezed with bitterness.



Why is that young girl so evil?







Author’s POV





~In The Tan Mansion…


~Lady YooRa’s bedroom…



Lady YooRa was sitting and looking at the dressing table ahead of her.



Expensive perfumes, body lotions, hair creams, body deodorants, body incense…were neatly arranged on the dressing table.



Her eyes kept gazing around these luxuries — but those eyes were filled with bitterness, regret, restlessness…



Jane, her personal maid, walked into the room.



“My Lady! Dinner will be ready soon. I instructed the chefs to make your favorite meals. You will love them!”, Jane said happily, trying to brighten the mood.


Lady YooRa gave no response and Jane’s face saddened.



Jane brightened up again and exclaimed excitedly:


“Ah! I heard Lady Heisha’s servants talking about a recently opened teahouse. They said it’s the latest and well-known in the city. My Lady, it’s been pretty long since you went outing, why don’t we try going to the teahouse tommorow?”.



Stealing glances at Lady YooRa, she wait patiently for her response.


It was all useless, Lady YooRa still kept mute.



“Oh my! I totally forgot! Young Master’s bodyguard requested to see you My Lady!”, Jane recalled and said.



Lady YooRa turned to her immediately, looking anxious.



“Kay has arrived? What are you waiting for? Hurry up and let him in!”, She said softly.



“Yes My Lady!”.


Jane quickly rushed away.



Lady YooRa stood up and started pacing around the room.



Not long, Jane led Kay in.



“Second Madam!”.


Kay greeted and bowed his head a little.



“Tell me! Where is my son? Did you found out his destination?”, Lady YooRa asked with anxiousness.


“Yes Madam! Young Master went directly to Hongdae district!”.



“Hongdae district? Where is that? Did he lodged into an hotel?”, Lady YooRa asked breathlessly.



“Young Master went to Miss Kim Jennie’s house. I waited for some hours to be sure but he didn’t left the house after he went in!”, Kay replied.



Lady YooRa’s face twitched.



“Who is Miss Kim Jennie?”, She asked curiously.



“Miss Jennie is the young commoner Young Master gave scholarship into E.T.H.S!”.



Lady YooRa was totally confused.


She remembered that Jason told her about the commoner’s scholarship.



“Why that commoner’s house? What is his relationship with her?”, She asked with curiousity.



“Young Master and Miss Jennie are friends. Young Master dotes on her so much!”.



Dotes on her so much?



“Just friends?”, She asked.



“That’s all I know Madam!”.



Lady YooRa sighed heavily.



“Take me to the girls house. Jane get me my coat and shoes. And you should also get yours. Immediately!”, She directed the first sentence to Kay and the last two sentences to Jane.



Jane and Kay glanced at each other.


Instead, Jane spoke up, cautiously:


“My Lady, it’s getting late. This is past 8 in the evening. Maybe we should go early tommorow!”.



“That’s right Madam! We should go tommorow!”, Kay also added.



Lady YooRa slowly sat down on the couch, still looking anxious.



After a long silence, she said sadly:


“Okay. Let’s go early tommorow morning!”.



“Kay, will Jason be safe at that commoner’s house?”, She asked.



“No worries Madam. Miss Jennie is a good person. By the way, I’ll go back there to monitor Young Master for more safety!”, Kay replied.



“Okay. Thank you Kay! You can leave!”, Lady YooRa said with a smile.



Kay bowed again before he left the room.



“See now My Lady! Young Master is safe!”, Jane said, showing off her white dentition as she smiles.



Lady YooRa nodded slightly.














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Inseparable Lovers


( Our High School Love Story )



By: Sulaiman .M. Zainab




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