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Chapter 3 ⃣ 8



Author’s POV





Half an hour later, the ambulance arrived.



Lina and Jennie stood close to the ambulance.



“I’ll go back to class now. Take care of yourself!”, Jennie said to Lina.



“Please come along with us!”, Lina replied, forcing a smile.



Seeing her pleading and pitiful look, Jennie agreed.





“Thank you!”.



Candy was taken into the ambulance with a stretcher.



One of the doctors came out of the ambulance and announced:


“We are ready. We should get going immediately!”.



“Lina!”, Jason called out from behind and Lina turned to him.



“Do you want to stay with her or go with the car?”, Jason asked, referring the ‘her’ to Candy.



“I’ll go with the ambulance. Me and Jennie!”, She said and Jason glanced at Jennie, then smiled.



“Okay. ChanSoo also want to go with the ambulance. We will follow behind!”, Jason said and pointed to his silver-white limo.



“And Bon?”, Lina asked in a whisper.



“He is already in the car!”.


Jason pointed at the limo again.



Lina nodded, looking upset.


She glanced at the limo and turned to enter the ambulance waiting for them.



Jennie also followed her into the ambulance.


Immediately, ChanSoo also joined them.



Not wasting anymore time, the ambulance drove off.



When they arrived at Seoul University Teaching Hospital, Candy was rushed to the E.R.



ChanSoo, Lina and Jennie were in the waiting room when Jason, J.G, Bon and Lisa — arrived.



Lina stood up and glared at Lisa.



“Why is she here too?”, She asked angrily and Lisa rolled her eyes.



“Well, she came with her own car.”, J.G replied.



“And who says you’re welcomed here?”, Lina said to her, getting pissed.



“Lina, just ignore her!”, ChanSoo said from behind.



Lina shot Lisa a deadly gaze and turned to Bon who leaned on the wall quietly.



“Have you called Aunt?”, She asked him.



“Don’t call her!”, He replied in a low tone.



Lina glared at him, scoffed and walked away.







Lina’s POV






I took an elevator to the hospital first floor.



I found a quiet corner and I took out my phone to make a call.



I dialled Aunt’s number (Candy’s mom).



Can you just imagine?!


Why on earth should I not call her?!



I can’t stop wondering what Bon is hiding as a secret.


Why did Candy passed out when she heard their discussion?


I sw***, this is getting me more pissed!



I realized I was already in tears when I felt the water droplets on my hand.


I wiped them off with the back of my hand.



Aunt picked up the call after the fourth dial.



Lina darling!



Her voice came in.



Good morning Aunt!



Morning sweetheart. Is everything okay? Aren’t you supposed to be busy in school right now?



That is why I called. We are in the hospital. Me and Candy



What?! What are you both doing in an hospital? Did anything happened?



She panicked.



Ohh, this is what I’m afraid of.


How do I break it down for her?


But it’s now or never.



Ulm… actually… Candy… passed out



I stammered and the other line went silent.



Aunt? Are you there?



What do you mean by Candy passed out?



She asked in a low voice.



She passed out in school and was rushed to the hospital.



Oh my goodness! What happened to my baby? What happened to her?





She cried out.



Ma’am, I’m sorry. But we are in Seoul University Teaching Hospital



Where exactly?



Emergency room F8 on the fifth floor.



Okay, I’ll be there very soon!


Sobbing, she replied and hung up.





She is coming?


But I thought she was abroad for a business trip?



Yeah, she can take a flight back.



But she sounded very near.





I’m overthinking.



I decided to call my mom too.


She said she will be on her way here as well.



I pray Candy gets better very soon.



I went back to the waiting room and met the principal with the guys.



“Good morning ma’am!”, I greeted her politely.



“Lina, how are you?”, Miss. KiRan asked.



“I’m okay!”.



Jennie was sitting alone on a long bench, so I joined her on the seat.





Jennie called out beside me and I turned to look at her.




Smiling, she said;


“She will be fine!”.



The tears that filled my eyes roll down slowly.



I forced a smile and nodded at her.



Jennie moved closer to me and side-hug me, patting my shoulder.



Yeah, I really need this hug.


It is giving me more assurance.







About twenty minutes later, the E.R door opened and few nurses walk out, pushing a stretcher which Candy laid on.



I spranged on my feet and rushed to the stretcher.


The guys also followed me.



She was still pale and maybe unconscious — breathing through oxygen.



I stopped the nurses, staring at Candy.



“Is she okay?”, I asked in tears.



“I’m sorry Miss, but we have to move her to the ward”, one of the nurses said politely.



I sniffed and asked;


“Is she on admission?”.



“Yes Miss! A V.V.I.P ward has been arranged for her admission. It’s on the twelfth floor, room 5! Rest assured!”.


A voice replied from behind and we all turned back.



It was the Tan family doctor, Prof. Lee.



I turned back and watched as the nurses pushed the stretcher away until it was out of sight.

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“Ha! Young Master Tan!”, Prof. Lee exclaimed and bowed his head to Jason.



“Please excuse me!”, Jason said with a smile as he gestured him to raise his head.



“How is she, Professor Lee?”, Miss. KiRan spoke up.



“Well…the patient is responding to treatment. She had brain failure which is mostly as a result of great shock, but very soon, she will recover.”, Prof. Lee replied.



“But they said it was stroke, now it is brain failure?”, ChanSoo said with a snort.






Prof. Lee smiled and explained:


“Young Mister! Stroke and brain failure are the same. When the blood supply to the brain is suddenly interrupted causing brain misfunction; it can be called brain failure. Stroke is also as a result of Interruption of the blood supply to the brain!”.




“How long will she be on admission?”, I asked suddenly.



“It depends on her recovery!”.



“Is she now conscious?”, Jason asked.



“Yes Young Master!”.





So, Candy was conscious when she was pushed out of the E.R?


But why didn’t she opened her eyes to see us?





I heard Aunt’s trembling voice.






“Mom?”, Bon said.



“Oh please! What happened to my baby?”, Aunt asked in tears, approaching us.



I thought…she…


Maybe she arrived today?


But Candy would have told me, right?



Aunt grabbed my hand and turned to Professor Lee.



“This is Lady Nanna, the patient’s mother!”, I said to him and he nodded.



“Good day ma’am! I am Professor Lee, in charge of your daughter!”.



“How is my daughter? Where is she?”, Aunt asked anxiously.



“Can I talk to you in private, ma’am?”, Prof. Lee asked and she nodded.



I sighed and walked to Bon, who had no expression on his face.


I couldn’t figure out what he was thinking.



“You’ve been quiet!”, I said, standing close to him.



He glanced at me and scoffed.



“I won’t question you!”, I whispered and looked at Lisa, who was sitting with her legs crossed and arms folded — with an unexplainable expression.



“But I hate you right now!”, I whispered to him again.







Candy’s POV





I opened my eyes a while after I was transferred to the comfortable bed.



I look around the large and beautiful room.



“You’ve opened your eyes Young Miss!”, A young female nurse, standing beside the bed exclaimed with a smile.



There were three young female nurses in the room.



I sat up on the bed and removed the oxygen on my nose with my right hand — angrily and swiftly.


My left hand was bandaged with a needle connecting to a water pant injecting into my wrist for transfusion.



The nurses were totally taken aback at my unexpected reaction.



I reached out for the needle but someone grabbed my hand.



I turned to see one of the nurses, holding my hand down tightly.



Struggling to free from her strong grip, I raised my voice at her; “Let go off me!”.



“Quick! Go tell Professor Lee!”, She ordered another nurse who rushed out of the room immediately.



I raised my left hand to push her away but the pain I felt on my wrist made me yelped.






“Oh goodness! Please calm down! You can’t lift up that hand! It’s dangerous!”, The nurse holding me exclaimed with panic.



As if I care!



She released my hand, rushing to the other side of the bed, probably wanting to attend to my left hand.



I used the opportunity to quickly remove the needle, causing a sharp pain in my wrist.



“Ha!”, I winced in pain.



“Oh no!”, The two nurses gasped in shock and rushed to me.



They tried to held down my hand but failed and they later gave up.



“Let me go! Don’t you dare touch me!”, I screamed out with anger.



Tears started streaming out of my eyes — painfully and bitterly.



My parents are divorced?



My dad will get married to Lisa’s mother?


Lisa’s mother?!!!



Lisa even knows about my parents’ divorce?


Lisa of all people?!!!



Jason is also getting engaged to Lisa?



And to worsen it all, Bon, my twin brother, knows about everything!!!!





No!; I don’t believe it!


It was all hallucination, right?


No!; It was all a dream, right?


It can’t be true!



Screaming out in anger, I placed my hands on my ears with my eyes closed.



I’m going crazy!



Suddenly, I felt someone tapped me.



I stopped the scream slowly and opened my eyes, only to see everyone staring at me with confounded look, standing in the room.



By ‘everyone’, I mean — Lina, Jason, J.G, ChanSoo, Jennie, Bon, Lisa and even my mom?


The three nurses and the doctor who treated me were not left out.


It seemed like it was the doctor that tapped me because he was standing beside my bed.



Seeing all of them disgusts me.



I noticed a flower vase beside the bed and out of rage, I grabbed it and threw it at them.


It landed on the floor close to where they were all standing and it smashed into pieces with a loud sound.



Word can’t describe their current facial expressions.



“Get out! You all get out of here!”, I growled.



I got down from the bed and with anger, I pushed the water transfusion pole away which fell on the floor with a loud sound too.



“Get out! I don’t wanna see anyone! Get out now!”, I yelled.



I used my hand to sweep away everything on a small table and all the medical tools fell on the floor with click-clack sounds.



Unexpectedly, two nurses grabbed my arms and I felt something piercing into my right arm, causing great pain.



“Ah!”, I screamed out painfully and slowly, I feel my body losing consciousness.



My eyes became dizzy and my weak body fell into someone’s embrace.














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Inseparable Lovers


( Our High School Love Story )



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