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Chapter 4 ⃣ 2



Author’s POV











Bad omen?




Lady YooRa gasped, staring at the young lady in disbelief.




Lisa’s words echoed in the whole banquet field and it left everyone speechless.



Panicking with fear, Jane rushed forward.



“Young Lady! You’ve said too much! We can settle this calmly but you’ve said too much! I’m just a lowly maid! I am nothing compared to an elite like you and I can even lose my life for speaking back at you. But the truth must be told, it was an accident! We bumped into each other and it was both our faults! Even though it was my fault, My Lady still took the blame on my behalf! After you’d slapped her, you still dare to say dirty words to her?!”, Jane yelled back in tears and Lisa was left speechless in rage.



It was both their faults?!


Is she trying to put the blame of both of them?



Lisa’s mother, Lady Hara, pulled Lisa back and whispered into her ear;



“Lisa! Everyone is watching! Even the press are all here! Stop acting irrational! We can settle this quietly! Today is your engagement! Don’t mess it up!”.



Lisa got even more angry.



She started ranting, pointing at Jane:


“You are trying to put the blame on me?! You are even nothing but a lowly servant! You dared to mess my engagement dress?! Hun?!”.



Engagement dress?!



*Is she…Jason’s fiancee-to-be? My son’s fiancee-to-be?!* — Lady YooRa said in her mind, obviously shocked.



Jason’s facial expression changed immediately.



His face has flushed purple in rage.


Heat was emanating from it due to anger.


His fists were clenched tightly.



J.G jolted back to reality too.


He look at Jason by his side and saw his obvious anger.



In fact, Jason’s expression was unexplainable.


He looks like an hungry wolf ready to tear it prey into pieces.



J.G started to panic.



*If I don’t stop him, he might strangle Lisa to death!* ___J.G said in his mind.



As Jason took two steps forward, J.G grabbed his arm swiftly.



“Jas! Calm down! Don’t hit her, she is a lady!”, J.G quickly said.



Angrily — Jason shoved off his hand, without turning to look at him.



Jason moved closer to the field entrance hastily and stopped few feet away from them.



Alot of people saw him approaching but Lisa and others involving in the commotion hasn’t notice his presence.



“Lisa! Please stop this! We will lose face if you continue like this! Everyone is watching!”, Lady Hara whispered loudly to Lisa.



“Let everyone watch! Watch as long as you can! A lowly maid ruined my engagement dress! And she—”.



Lisa was about to complete her sentence when she was rudely interrupted by a cold deep masculine voice.






*What mother?* — was the first question that ran into many people’s mind.



Everyone turned their attention to Jason, who was looking angry.



Lisa’s body stiffened.



Jason strode forward and stopped few inches from Lady YooRa.



He stare at his mother’s face; the slap left few marks on her cheek and it had swollen.



Seeing his mother hurt made his heart shattered and the hatred he has for Lisa deepened.



Jason suppressed his anger and said to Lady YooRa calmly:


“Mom, are you feeling hurt?”.



*Mom?!* — the word mentally banged Lisa’s head.




Lisa was bewildered.



A gasp of shock escaped her mouth and she used her palm to cover the mouth — her eyes were widely opened as she kept shifting her gaze between Jason and the woman.



*This is the female version of Jason! This woman! She is Jason’s mother?!!!!* ___Lisa exclaimed in her mind.



The strike resemblance between them was enough to explain it.


In their minds, it is; If she is not Jason’s mother, then she is his sister.



“I’m fine Jas!”, Lady YooRa replied with a smile.



Jason turned to Lisa angrily.



It was so obvious that he was suppressing his anger.



Lisa started panicking; she couldn’t even look up at his cold face.



Cold sweat were already forming on her forehead.



*If this woman is Jason’s mother, then I… I’M DEAD!*



“J…J…Jason!”, Lisa stuttered.


She was even short of words.



What will she say to defend herself?


Definitely nothing!



“You dared to slap my mother?!”, Jason growled at her and she was shivering in fear.




People started murmuring among themselves:



That woman is Jason Tan’s mother?!



So his mother is alive?



But Lady Heisha is the only Madam of the Tan household.



Wow! She is beautiful and young!





Jason shifted his gaze to Lisa’s stained dress and gave out a cold chuckle.



“Your dress was ruined?”, He asked and sneered.



After a short silence, he speak out again.



“I will personally teach you the exact meaning of “MY DRESS IS RUINED” !…”, Jason said in a loud voice and smirked.



“…right here!…”, He added, staring sternly at Lisa.



Jason’s every words could be heard in the whole banquet field, loud and clear.



Lisa was perplexed.



“W…what…a…are you…”, She stammered and the remaining words got stucked in her throat.














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