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Chapter 4 ⃣ 1 ⃣



Author’s POV





Lina walk into Candy’s bedroom.



She was sitting on her bed, operating the laptop.



Candy glanced at Lina as she sat on the bed.



“You’ve also learn not to knock!”, Candy mumbled.



“Who knocks on her girlfriend’s bedroom door?”, Lina said with her eyes rolled and Candy scoffed.



“Are you really not going to Jason’s engagement banquet?”, Lina asked cautiously, staring at her.



Candy paused on her laptop and look up at Lina with a frown.



“Are we talking about this again?”, She asked, getting pissed.


Lina looked away and pouted.



“I was just…whatever!”.


She shrugged it off.



Candy snorted and started operating on her laptop again.



“Do you still…care about Jason?”, Lina leaned forward to her and asked cautiously again.



Candy look up, glaring at her.



“Okay okay! Forget it!”.


Lina leaned back, waving her hands off.



“I’ve prepared my dress. Gosh, the designer was great. He did a good job on the dress; after all, I spent fortune on it. You know, I need to look perfect because the reporters will be there. Huh, I can’t wait!”, Lina said dreamily.







The next day — Saturday…








~In the Choi Mansion…



Lina and Bon were ready to leave for the engagement banquet which will hold up by five’o’clock in the evening.


It was already few minutes to four when they finished dressing up.



They both walk into the grand sitting room, ready to leave .



“Wait for me!”.


Candy yelled, rushing down the stairs with her hand on the railing.



The duo turned back to look at her — both looking surprised.



She was elegantly dressed for the party.



“I wonder why someone is dressed up”, Bon said jokingly.



“Probably thinking the groom will become her own fiance!”, Lina also said mockingly, referring the “groom” to Jason.



Glaring — Candy moved closer to where the two were standing.



“Are you ready or not?”, She asked coldly.



“Well, you stopped us.”, Lina replied and rolled her eyes.



“Let’s go then!”, Candy said, walking away and heading to the giant front door.



Lina walk hurriedly to catch up with her.



“You said you were not going to—”.




Candy cut in sharply.


“Shut up!”.



Lina pouted her lips to keep her mouth shut.



They walked out of the mansion and Bon followed behind them.







Jason’s POV





I dressed up in a royal blue tuxedo.



Looking at my reflection in the full length mirror, I put on my silver wristwatch slowly.



“You are so odd Jas!”, J.G said jokingly behind me.



“Who wears royal blue tuxedo on his engagement?”, ChanSoo also said jokingly and they all laughed.



“I won’t get engaged!”, I voiced out and I’m sure they all froze because of the silence that befall.



Yeah, I suddenly don’t feel like doing this engagement.



I don’t care whatever will happen.




Though I don’t have any plan yet but I hope luck will be on my side today.


I really hope so!



“Are you crazy dude?”, Bon whispered to him.



“I’m not!”, I replied calmly and smirked.



Sometimes when luck is on one’s side, it happens mysteriously.



That is fate!







Author’s POV





In the Tan Mansion…



Luxurious cars kept roaming into the compound; Elite male and female, young and old — walking into the mansion — attractively dressed for the banquet.



The urshers were busy leading the guests to the backyard where the banquet is holding up.



The large backyard was beautifully decorated like a field wedding.


Chairs and tables were neatly arranged.


The sun had set in and the evening weather was cool since it is autumn.




The servants were also serving wine to the arriving guests.




Guests standing in pairs, groups — exchanging pleasantries, drinking, chattering and laughing.



Old Master Tan and Lady Heisha both walk into the party field.


Reporters and cameramen rushed to them, throwing questions at them and clicking their cameras respectively.


Many security guards were around them, guiding the duo from the reporters.



They went around to exchange pleasantries with the important guests.







Jason’s mother, Lady YooRa, entered Jason’s bedroom.



She was simply dressed in a yellow evening gown.



“Mom!”, Jason called out, gave her a hug and pecked her cheek.



“Jas! Are you ready?”, She asked as they pull away from the hug.



“Yes mom!”.



“Good evening Aunt!”, Bon, J.G and ChanSoo chorused.



Jason’s mon look up at them and smile.



“Good evening boys!”, she replied with a sincere smile.



“Jas, you’ve not eaten. Lemme get you something before the party commence!”, She added, looking at Jason.



“Mom, I’m okay!”, Jason whined.



She frowned.


“Don’t tell me that! I’ll be back!”.



She caressed his cheek and walked out.



There was no maid in the kitchen.


Lady YooRa walked out of the kitchen and met a gardener walking away.



“Excuse me!”, Jason’s mom said loudly and the gardener turned to her.



“Ha, good day second madam!”, The gardener greeted with a bow.



“Please rise. Where are the maids?”, Jason’s mom asked.



“Ma’am, they’re at the banquet busy working!”.



“Okay, thanks!”.



“But ma’am, do you need anything?”.



“Yeah, I just need a maid to prepare a small meal for the Young Master.”.



“I’ll go get a maid, ma’am!”.



“Don’t worry, I’ll go myself!”.



“Okay ma’am!”.



“You can take your leave!”.



“Yes ma’am!”.



The gardener walked away and she headed to the backyard.



Jason’s mom walk into the banquet field and some of the guests started murmuring — stealing a glance at her.



Who is she?



I’ve never seen her before.



She looks like an elite but I don’t know her.



Probably an influential person who keeps a low profile.



She looks beautiful and young!



Jason’s mother ignored the murmur and not long, she saw her own personal maid.



“Second Madam!”, The maid exclaimed and bowed to her.



“Jane, I need your help. Can you help me to prepare a small meal for the Young Master?”, Lady YooRa requested.



“I wouldn’t dare say “no”, My Lady!”, Jane replied.



“But My Lady, there are varieties of foods prepared for the banquet. I can get as many as you want for Young Master!”, She added.




“Oh my! That totally skipped my mind. Please do so immediately and let’s go to his room together!”.



Jane served some foods on a large tray and left the banquet with Lady YooRa.



Just when they were heading to the backyard entrance, Lisa and her mother arrived.



Lisa was wearing a white slim- fitted cold-shoulder gown with a slit. The gown was glittering with tiny diamonds.


Her hair was packed in a loose braid and decorated with diamond hair clipper.



As they were entering the banquet field, Jane and Lady YooRa were also heading out — in the same direction.



After the door was opened, Lisa bumped into Jane.



In a slow motion, the large tray filled with food on Jane’s hands flew up the sky.



The two staggered helplessly and Lisa fell on the floor.


Jane was able to regain her stamina.



The tray up in the sky flew back downward and it landed on Lisa. The tray was landed upside down on her white dress and almost all the food were now lingering on her dress.



Lady YooRa and Lisa’s mother gasped in shock, staring at the scene in daze.



It was so unexpected and none of them could calculate the next step to take.


It was just too unexpected.



Fear gripped Jane; her face went pale and she started panicking.



Lisa’s eyes widened with her eyeballs almost popping out of their sockets and staring at her dress.



Her white dress!



Her engagement dress is ruined!



Even before the engagement?!!!!!



She spent almost all her fortune on the dress just to look the best!


But it’s ruined!!!



This little scene attracted the guests in the banquet.


The cameramen turned their cameras to the scene and the reporters started broadcasting live.



Lisa’s face flushed in great rage and she stood up hurriedly.


Her fists clenching tightly on her dress in anger, to the extent that the fists became pale.


Anger clouded her deeply.



Lady YooRa rushed forward to Lisa and said hastily:


“Oh my God! I’m very sorry Young Lady! It was an accident! My maid didn’t mean to ruin your dress! I can get you a new one immediately! Please I apologise!”.



Even though Lady YooRa doesn’t know Lisa as her son’s fiancee-to-be, she was still polite to her.



Lisa look up at Lady YooRa with a deadly gaze filled with resentment.



Furiously — she raised her hand up and gave Lady YooRa a hard slap on the cheek.



Jane jolted back to reality when she heard the loud hit on an human flesh.


Her mouth was left widely open after she realized who was being hit.



All the guests watch in stun — not exempting Old Master Gu and Lady Heisha.



Everywhere went silent and only the cameras could be hear clicking.



Meanwhile, after Jason waited for her mother for too long, he became impatient and decided to go to the banquet.



Bon, J.G and ChanSoo also followed him.



They all froze when they saw the little scene from a quite far distance.



Jason went dumb.



He had no expression on his face due to the shock.


He was just staring at the scene dumbly.



His own biological mother was slapped?!!!…by his fiancee-to-be?!!!!












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