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Chapter 4 ⃣ 3 ⃣



Author’s POV





Jason shifted his gaze to Lisa’s stained dress and gave out a cold chuckle.



“Your dress was ruined?”, He asked and sneered.



After a short silence, he speak out again.



“I will personally teach you the exact meaning of “MY DRESS IS RUINED” !…”, Jason said in a loud voice and smirked.



“…right here!…”, He added, staring sternly at Lisa.



Jason’s every words could be heard in the whole banquet field, loud and clear.



Lisa was perplexed.



“W…what…a…are you…”, She stammered and the remaining words got stucked in her throat.


Her throat became sore and she swallowed hard.



“Jas! It’s alright! Don’t create a fuss!”, Lady YooRa tugged his arm and pleaded.



Jason turned her and gave a smile.


Gently, he released from her grip.



“Kay!”, He called out and Kay rushed forward to him.



“Yes Young Master!”.



Jason moved closer to Kay and whispered something to him for many seconds.



Kay nodded, bowed his head and left immediately.



“Jason, what are doing?”, Lisa asked in a timid voice.



Jason turned to her and furrow his eyebrows.



“I’m not doing anything because I have not start yet!”, He replied coldly.



“Jason! Don’t you dare hurt my daughter!”, Lady Hara raised her voice out.



Jason look at her and scoffed.



“You were right here when your daughter slapped my mom and said dirty words to her. Now tell me why I shouldn’t hurt your daughter? If I hurt her back, won’t it be fair? And by the way, I’m not going to hurt her but instead, I just wanna teach her the morals you never taught her. Learn to respect elders; that’s the first priority in our culture. Am I not even helping you that way?”, He said calmly and smirked.



“You…”. Lady Hara was left speechless with anger.



“Ohh, or maybe you taught her but your daughter didn’t abide to the teachings!”, Jason exclaimed and added.





Old Master Tan shouted out few inches away behind him — with a faint of anger in his voice.



Jason turned to him and bowed his head a little.



Old Master Tan’s face was unexplainable — it was unpredictably calm.



“Please let me handle this father!”, Jason said to him.



Old Master Tan grunted, staring at him deeply.



Lady Heisha was also beside his father, wearing a frown look.



Jason raised up his head back and turned to Lisa.



With a straight face, he said to her in a command tone:


“Apologize to her, now! Not as my mother but as an elder you’ve wrong!”.



Lisa quickly moved forward to Lady YooRa.



“I’m really sorry ma’am! I didn’t mean to do that! Please forgive me! I’m sorry!”, She pleaded.



Lady YooRa was taken aback.



So, this lady would actually apologize?


Is she really that desperate to marry my son?



In the instance, Lady YooRa dislike Lisa.


She dislikes desperate ladies like her.



Of course, billions of ladies out there are desperate to marry Jason Tan.


And not because of true love but because of his wealth.



Do they think there is happiness in a wealthy marriage without love?



“Ulm, it’s okay! Let’s forget it!”.


Lady YooRa replied uncomfortably.



Just then, Kay led ten well-built security guards into the banquet field.



Everyone was stunned and anxious by what’s happening — the press were not left out.



Jason made a signal to Kay, who nodded immediately.



Kay also signalled to the guards and they all surrounded Jason, Lisa, Lady Hara, Jane and Lady YooRa.



A big table was placed down beside Jason by one of the guards.



“Jason, what are you doing?!”, Lady Hara yelled.



“Ah, lemme ask myself, what am I doing?”, He replied sarcastically.



Jason turned his head toward Kay and signalled to him again.



Kay left the field and came back almost immediately.


This time, he led in five maid holding large trays filled with varieties of food.



The guards surrounding them paved a way for the maids to pass through and they placed the trays on the large table.



The maids left the banquet field and the guards went back to their initial position.



“J…Jason!”, Lisa stuttered in fear.



On the trays were small dishes of food.



Jason’s gaze swept around the dishes and they fell on a medium bowl of soup.



He smirked and picked it up.



Still with a straight face, he moved closer to Lisa, staring at her.




Lisa froze on the spot.



What is he doing with a bowl of soup?


Is he gonna pour that on my dress?



She was too shock to move away from him.



Within the blink of an eye, Jason raised his hand up on her shoulder and turned the bowl upside down.



A gasp of shock escaped almost everyone’s mouth.



Earlier when he moved closer to her with the bowl of soup, everyone was thinking he was gonna pour it on her but they never believed he was actually gonna pour it on her.



Tears started streaming out of Lisa’s eyes.



She was greatly embarrassed.



The upper part of her white dress was now stained with soup.



Jason strode back to the table and said:


“You’re a lady, I can’t hit you for hurting my mom. But this…is the only way I can slap you back!”.



This was even more hurt than a slap on the face.


It was humiliating!



Lady Hara regained from her shock and exclaimed with rage:


“Jason Tan! You’ve not only slapped my daughter on the face, you’ve also slapped me on the face! You are Jason Tan doesn’t mean you own the



whole universe! I can make your life miserable and unbearable! I’ll let you know that I’ve not been mixing up with elite circles for no reason!”.



Jason gave out a cold laughter and shifted his gaze to her.



“Lady Hara, please watch your words! You might not be able to bear the weight of your words. By the way, the press are broadcasting live right now. I heard that reputation is most important to a socialite, right?”, He whispered to her, making it difficult for others to hear.



Lady Hara became sullenly silent.



In few seconds, foods were stained and lingering on Lisa’s dress.


It was a bad sight to see.



Her eyes had swollen but she was still sobbing — staring at Jason resentfully.



Few dishes were left on the table, others were wasted on Lisa’s white dress.



Feeling satisfied, Jason said to Lisa;


“Now, that is what I believe as “my dress was ruined” !”.



As he spoke, he pointed to her dress.







~In Bella’s bedroom…




“So, you’re not going to the banquet?”, Lina asked Bella for the nth time.




Bella was sitting on the sofa bed close to the french window — manicuring her fingernails.



Nodding, Bella replied:


“Yes! I’m not going there!”.


Then, pouted her lips.



Candy, who was checking out Bella’s book shelves, said to her:


“Well, we’ll stay here together sweetie. It’s not as if I wanted to come too!”.



“Are you both kidding me? What about me? Unn? Good Lord! Why am I surrounded by these people!”, Lina exclaimed with gritted teeth.



“You go ahead. Remember the amount of money you spent on your dress just to look stunning? The press are outside, go show off!”, Candy said jokingly and laughed.



“You little brat!”, Lina screamed out.



Suddenly, Bella’s personal maid — Lia — ran into the room, panting heavily.



“Young Miss! Young Miss! Young Miss! Terrible news!”, Lia exclaimed breathlessly.



“What is it? What happened?!”, Bella asked anxiously.



“Young Miss! O…outside…at the banquet field…there…it’s terrible!”, Lia stuttered.



“I don’t understand all you’re saying. What is it? What’s happening at the banquet?!”, Bella said loudly, getting pissed.




“Right now…at the banquet…Young Miss Lisa and Second Madam…T…they…they—”, Lia stuttered again.



“Ah! Are you now dumb? Why are you panicking? Why are you stammering? You’re even uttering rubbish!”, Bella said and scoffed.



“Calm down Lia! What happened? Explain calmly.”, Candy said gently.



“Okay…”, Lia paused and exhaled.



“Young Miss! Second Madam and her personal maid were heading out of the banquet, her maid was holding a tray of meal, but on their way…they accidentally bumped into Young Miss Lisa of the Min family and the tray Second Madam’s maid was holding fell on Miss Lisa’s dress. It stained her dress quite much. She got angry and started ranting at Second Madam and the maid. Instead, Second Madam took the blame and Miss Lisa…she…she slapped Second Madam!”, Lia explained cautiously.



Bella spranged on her feet immediately Lia completed the last sentence.



“W…what? Which Second Madam?!”, Bella exclaimed unbelievably.



“Our Second Madam of the Tan family! Lady YooRa!”.



Lina and Candy gaped.



“What the hell? Lisa slapped my mother?! That witch dared to slap my own mother?!!”, Bella yelled in rage.



“I knew that someday, I’ll personally kill that bit**!”, She added in a mumble.




“Young Miss! Young Master has interfered. He is personally punishing Miss Lisa by—”.



Before Lia could complete the sentence, Bella had fled out of her room with an adrenaline rush.



Startled by Bella’s action, Candy and Lina also rushed out of the room.







By the time they arrived at the banquet field, Jason was still messing Lisa’s dress.



Candy and Lina gawked at the scene.


It was…a shocker!



Bella’s anger slowly subsided and her face softened as she watch the astonishing scene with a satisfactory look.



*Seems that my brother is doing a great job on this matter! Hm, so amusing to watch! Let’s see how you’re still gonna put that your head up in the air after this, Min Lisa! You dared to slap my mother? I won’t let you off easily!* — She said in her mind, wearing a mischievous smile on her face.



“Now, that is what I believe as “my dress was ruined” !”.


Jason said, pointing at Lisa’s dress.



Out of rage, Lady Hara shouted at him:



“You…Jason Tan! You dared to humiliate me like this?! I’ll never marry my daughter to an animal like you!”.



Jason smirked.


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“And who told you I was gonna marry your daughter? You wanted to marry off your daughter to the Tan family because of our wealth. Btw, it was a business agreement. And I’m sure you won’t love to marry your daughter to an illegitimate son!”, He said loudly.



Old Master Tan’s face darkened.



Lady YooRa’s face lit up in confusion.



*What is he doing? His illegitimacy is a secret!* — she said in her mind.



Murmuring started among the guests:



What is he saying?



Who is the illegitimate son?



Is there another son in the Tan family?



Jason continued, expressionlessly:


“I, Jason Tan, the only son in the Tan family! The heir of the Tan Empire just in name; there is no possibility that I’ll be the heir in the future because I am an illegitimate son!”.



He dropped the bombshell and the whole field became a ruckus.




Every living soul in the whole field was stunned.


And even people watching them live on the Internet.


The viewing rate started increasing from thousands to millions, millions to billions.



Old Master Tan squeezed his face in frustration.


He was totally short of words.



“Jason! Are you insane? What are you talking about? Please stop it!”, Lady YooRa cried out.



Jason continued, looking at Lady Hara:


“This is the bitter truth, Lady Hara. There is zero possibility that I’ll become the true heir of the Tan Empire! You wanted your daughter to marry because you thought I was the legitimate heir. It’s left for you to make a decision, do you still want your daughter to marry me in the future? Do you still want this engagement to go on today?”.



Lady Hara’s face was unexplainable.



Lisa was totally dumbstrucked — her entire body was motionless.



“Jason! What’s wrong with you? Why are you spouting nonsense?!”, Bon yelled at Jason from behind.



They all thought he was crazy.



Lady YooRa tugged Jason’s arm.


“Jason! Take back your words! You can’t do this! You’ll surely lose everything! Please!”.



“I never had anything, so there’s nothing to lose!”, He replied calmly.


“What is he doing?!”, Bella whispered in fear.



“What is Jason talking about?!”, Lina asked with shock.



Candy was left speechless too.



After a long silence, Lady Hara spoke out with a hint of anger in her voice; “This engagement is officially cancelled and it’s not postponed because it’ll never happen again! Even if you are the real heir, I would still cancel it because you’ve humiliated me! I have my dignities too! I’ll never forget this, Jason Tan!”.



She grabbed Lisa’s hand, heading to leave.



The guards immediately paved a way for her to pass through.



She turned to Lady Heisha and said loudly and angrily:


“I will come back for our agreement on the marriage!”.



With that, she stormed away, dragging Lisa along with her.



The press rushed after them.



The security guards led Old Master Tan and Lady Heisha out of the banquet field hurriedly before the press could get to them.



Jason held his mother’s hand and also left with his guards.


Bon, J.G and ChanSoo all rushed after them.



No one needed to be told that the engagement banquet was over.








Jason’s POV





All the guests had left for their various destinations.



Everything that happened at the banquet field was now the hot topic on the Internet.



I’m not even feeling remorseful.



It was all a plan made by Heaven.


I didn’t planned it. It all happened mysteriously.



Indeed, when luck is on one’s side, it happens in a mysterious way.






My father walked hastily towards me and PAH — a hard slap landed on my cheek.



Un? Why am I not feeling any pain?


Instead, my heart was filled with joy!













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