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Chapter 4 ⃣ 0 ⃣



Lina’s POV





~next day…



Candy finally woke up early this morning and she hasn’t allowed anyone into her ward.



Aunt went back home to prepare some food for her but she refused to eat them.


Instead, she ordered for some take away.


Seriously, she is getting me really worried.



We all slept in the hospital last night and I must say it was really tiring.


I’ve never experienced this.



The Truth About Their Parents’ Divorce And Everything Is Still Making Me


Feel Bitter.


I Can’t Just Believe It.



It Was Already Past Six In The Morning.



Aunt And My Mom Went To Get Some Fresh Air Outside.


And Bon?


I Don’t Even Wanna Know Wherever He Was.






I Suddenly Heard ChanSoo’s Voice And I Turned To See Him Approaching.


He Was Holding A Medium Package Bag.



I Was Really Surprised To See Him.


What Is He Doing Here This Early?



He Smiled And Said:


“Good morning Lina. Sorry I came Late, How is Candy?”.





Came Late?


This Early?



Hm, This Guy Is A Sweetheart.


Perfect For My Poor Candy.



I smiled back and Waved.



“Hey Chan! Of course You’re Not Late. I Wanted To Even Ask Why You’re Here This Early. And Candy Is…I Don’t Even Know How To Put It. I Can’t Tell If She Is Fine Or Not.”.



“She Is Still Shutting Everyone Down?”.



“Yup! That Girl Is A Brat!”, I Said Jokingly But Deep Down My Heart; Sadly.



“When Did She Woke Up?”.



“Few Hours Ago. I’ve Been Standing Here For Long, Hoping She Will Open The Door.”.



ChanSoo Sighed.



“Well, I Brought Her Breakfast, My Mom’s Special Treat!”, He Said And Raised The Bag Up.





Wait! Realization Just Hit Me That I Haven’t Eat Anything Since Last




Thank Goodness Jennie Bought A Sandwich For Me Nearby The Hospital


Yesterday — And I Ate It With Soda.


I Didn’t Even Wanted To Ate It Because I Was Worried Sick About Candy.


Oh Jennie! Heaven Bless You!



“Earth To Lina!”.


I Heard ChanSoo Snapped His Fingers Across My Face And I Jolted Back To Reality And Blinked My Eyes Rapidly.



Don’t Tell Me I Was Drooling At The Package?




Even The Word Was Tantalizing!








“Awwn Chan Baby! How Thoughtful Of You! You Brought Breakfast For Us?!”, I Cooed and Caressed His Cheek.



He Frowned At Me Weirdly.



Now That’s It Lina, You’re Acting Like A Weirdo.



I Smiled At Him Nervously.



“Which Us? I Brought Breakfast For Only Candy Not Any “Us” .”, He Said, Emphasising The ‘Us’.



Is He Kidding Me?!



Forget About My Hunger, His Mother’s Cookings Are Dope!


The Woman Is A Thailand Chef.



I Remember When We Were Little, We All Love Going To The Han Villa


Because of His Mother’s Special Cuisine — Even Jason.




Miss. KiRan Was In Senior High School Back Then.



I Sneered At ChanSoo Playfully.



“Don’t Worry, Let’s See If Candy’s Gonna Accept It. You Will Later Beg Me To Eat Them! Humph!”.


I Scoffed And He Laughed.



“Lina Acting Like This. How Hungry She Must Be Feeling! This Package Is Actually Stuffed With Lobster Soup, Sushi, Rice Balls, Smoked Salmon Salad, Grilled Pieces Of Chicken…”.


He listed as if he was talking to no one in particular.



My mouth is watering.


Gosh, grilled chicken?



I cut him off in annoyance.



“You jerk! You’re Doing It On Purpose, Right? Hun?!”.



He burst into laughing and I leaned on the wall with my hands folded.



Annoying brat!


He and Candy are perfect for each other.


They’re really good in annoying me.





“Hey you two!”.



We heard someone whispered loudly.



Wait!; That voice!



I turned my head quickly to direction the voice came from.




It’s Candy!



She was popping her head out of her ward through the door, looking around the corridor.



Me and ChanSoo glanced at each other with surprised look.



“Me?!”, We both chorused with an exclaim.



Candy scoffed and signalled us to come in.



This is not a dream, right?


If it is, no one better not wake me up! Or else…his or her family should go and price a perfect wheelchair.



We rushed into the ward and Candy shut the door and locked it.



Before she could speak up, I pulled her into my embrace.


I’ve missed my baby.



“I’ve missed you!”, I Cooed.



“You…are…choking…me!”, She said breathlessly and I pulled her away gently.



She gave a small smile.



Awwn, my baby is back.





ChanSoo cleared his throat to get our attention and we turned to him.



“I’m glad you’re okay. And I brought you breakfast. My mom’s special!”, ChanSoo said, smiling.



Oh my gosh, I’m anticipating the food.



“Oh my God! Aunt’s special? This is Heaven! Sw***s, I’m famished!”, Candy exclaimed excitedly and snatched the package bag from him and he chuckled.



Seeing Candy like this, I feel even better.


I know she is still hurt but trying to keep it off her mind.



My Poor Candy!



She sat on the bed and started unpacking the bag onto the table.



“I thought you ordered for some take away!”, I said mockingly, sitting on a stool beside the bed.



“That was trash!”, She mumbled.



“And where is it?”, I asked, looking around the room but no trace of any take away.



“Poor things are lying in the trash bin right now.”.





I laughed.



Candy finished unpacking and started devouring it.



The aroma filled the room.


Hm, still that lovely smell that brings back memories!



“Hm! Aunt is still my favorite!”, Candy mumbled, chewing the food and shaking her head like a lizard.



“Are you really eating them alone?”, I asked with a frown, staring at her.



“I bought them for Candy. Her alone!”, ChanSoo chirped in and I turned to glare at him.



Witch and Wizard!









Author’s POV





Candy was discharged after two weeks.


She insisted on staying for two weeks just to avoid her mom and Bon.



And a week before, it has gone viral that Jason and Lisa are gonna get engaged.


It was the talk of the cities.



Jason has also been trying to avoid Jennie, not because he wanted to but because he had no choice.


He was powerless and his father was capable of doing anything.



He had talked to Jennie about keeping a distance away from each other, not telling her the reason though.




It was the most difficult thing for the two but Jason was left with no choice, that was the only way he could protect her…for now.



It was also as if the more they keep their distance the more their feeling


was getting deeper for each other.


Well, none of them showed it.



Jennie thought that was their fate.


What was she thinking?


Of course their worlds are different.


After all land and sky can never meet up.


Jennie was determined to graduate in flying colours and be able to find a good job to change her family’s life.



Lisa was getting less annoying.


She was doing all in her power to prepare for the engagement and make it the best ever.



Lisa thought she had no reason to make Jennie’s life miserable again, after all Jennie and Jason can never be together. It was certain for her.




Lisa’s engagement to Jason will hold up in a month and few weeks time.



Candy and ChanSoo?


Haha, they’re both in goo-oood terms.


Lemme share a secret with you; they’ve had their first kiss together! (Just anticipate that! )



Well, Candy’s parents are divorced and 40% of their father’s properties were given to their mother.


Their father already left the mansion to them and they still live in it.



Candy’s relationship with her twin brother, Bon, was not like before.


Candy even became quieter and more calm.


Their family’s situation really left her devastated.


It was difficult for her — really difficult.







It was already three months.


The end of semester exam will come up in few weeks time.



Everything was still the same as it was.


And Jason’s engagement was this weekend — Saturday.


















This Chapter Is Dedicated To All My Lovely Fans!✨✨✨



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Inseparable Lovers


( Our High School Love Story )



By: Sulaiman .M. Zainab





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