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Chapter 3 ⃣ 5 ⃣



Jennie’s POV





We walked around the Sinchon open market and ate lots of quickie foods like – Tofu, rice cakes, finger pastries, chicken wings, rice balls…



It was so fun.



But I’m worried about Jason; he ate all those foods too even though he was not familiar with them.



After we left Sinchon, we went to central areas like – Seoul City Wall, Seoul Oldest Building, Yongsan and even Hangang river at Hapjeong.



Right now, we are in an amusement arcade, sitting on one of the metal benches under a big tree for relaxation.



It was already past three in the afternoon.



My legs are really aching.



Digging into my cup of ice cream and enjoying the cool breeze.



Suddenly I heard Jason yelped in pain.



I turned to him but he was looking okay.


He flashed me a smile before gulping from his bottle of water.



I turned back to look ahead of me, then asked:


“We are going home after here, right?”.



“Hm!”, He grumbled.



I turned to him again.


Why do I feel like something is wrong with him?



“Jason, are you okay?”, I asked and he squeezed his face.



I placed the cup of ice cream down before holding his hand, looking worried with slight panic.



“I’m having stomach upset. It’s terrible!”, He mumbled with discomfort.


Slowly, his face became pale.



“And you have been enduring it? Oh God! I warned you but you wouldn’t listen!”.


I almost yelled but it came out sternly.



“Stop scolding me, it hurts!”, He groaned.



Oh my goodness!


I’m doomed!


What if anything happens to him?


I’ll be held responsible!


He is Jason Tan for heaven’s sake! If anything happens to him, I’ll be in great doom, not only me but my family as well.



“Okay…lemme get you medicine”, I said with trembling voice.



“No, I hate medicine!”, He replied with a frown and I glared at him.



Can you just imagine?


Oh, so, I should leave him in this condition so that my family and I can be thrown into the dungeon?



He must be kidding me!



“Does that matter right now? I’ll get you some medicine. Lay down on the bench, maybe the pain will even subside!”, I said as i stood up with my ice cream, then helped him to lay down on the bench comfortably.



I noticed he was enduring the pain.


His face was completely pale.


Oh! What do I do?!



“Jason, I’ll be back!”, I whispered to him before walking away hastily.







Not long, I bought him a medicine from a nearby pharmacy and he took it.



I sat on another bench, watching over him as he slept off.



An hour later, Jason woke up.



I noticed he was awake when he was sitting himself up on the bench.



I spranged on my feet and rushed to him.



“How are you feeling?”, I asked worriedly.



He look up at me and a wide smile crept on his face.



“I’m much better!”, He replied and I sighed in great relief.



His face was back to his normal tone.


Obviously he is now fine.



I heard him chuckled and I turned to glare at him.



“What’s funny?!”.



“Nevermind. And thanks for your help!”, He said, smiling.



I scoffed.


“You almost killed me!”, I mumbled, then sighed in relief again.



“Hun? Sixteen minutes to five?!”, He exclaimed in shock, checking his wristwatch.



“You slept for an hour”, I said and he look at me in disbelief.









“Oh Jennie, I’m really sorry for stressing you but I didn’t regret eating those foods with you!”, He said, staring at me.



I pursed my lip, looking away.



Why is he staring at me?


I feel like the ground should just swallow me up.


This is awkward!



I broke the long awkward silence:


“Let’s get going!”.







We left the amusement arcade, heading to the nearby subway.



Still in silence — but not anymore awkward — we stroll down the pedestrian road leading to the subway.



The evening atmosphere was calm as the sun slowly set in.


Oh, I forgot! I wanted to ask him who Lady Heisha is?


Maybe his mother?


I’ve been curious since the guys talked about her last Monday.



“Jason?”, I called out and glanced at him.



I could see the smile on his face from my view.


What’s with the smile?


But I must say he looks calm and happy.





“Who…is Lady Heisha?”, I asked cautiously, looking at him as we kept walking.



The expression on his face slowly faded away and he suddenly halted.



Oh Jennie!


Did I say something wrong?


You should have just shut your mouth and let the curiousity keep eating you! — You blabbermouthed!



Feeling guilty, I turned to him.



His was expressionless.



He shrugged, then smiled and replied calmly; “Lady Heisha is my stepmother”.







Jason has a stepmother?!


I decided not to bring up the topic again.


It seems to kinda affect him somehow.


“Oh!”, I muttered.



“Let’s go!”, I said and we started walking again.



“How did you know her? Did you met her?”, He asked curiously.



“No, I just heard about her, nothing more!”.



I heard him sighed heavily as if an huge burden was released from his







“If you ever come across her, run away!”, Jason said simply and I glanced at him with confusion.



Run away?


But why?



“I don’t even recognize her!”, I mumbled.



After a while of walking…



“I’ll board a bus back home when we get to the subway and you?”, I asked.



“We are going together!”, He replied and I look up at him in surprise.



He took a glimpse at me, then smirked.



“I’ve never board any public transport. So, we are going back together and I’ll call Kay to pick me up. And by the way, I should be responsible for taking you back home since I took you out!”.






“Who is Kay?”, I found myself asking.



Jennie, you can’t just shut your mouth!



Jason flashed me a smile again.


“My personal bodyguard”, he said.










Jason’s POV





I must say this is one of the most fascinating outing I’ve ever had.


Even better than sightseeing around the world.



Well, maybe it’s because Jennie was here with me.



I had great fun.



I just find myself drawn to her.


She has been an amazing friend.



I just like her personality.


And I feel different around her.

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Whatever this feeling is, I don’t wanna let it go.



I’m happy I didn’t regret going out with her.


I knew I wouldn’t.







Author’s POV





Later, they arrived at Jennie’s home.



Not long after their arrival, Kay also arrived to pick Jason up.



After bidding each other goodbyes, Jason left feeling overwhelmed.



It was indeed a fascinating outing that can never be forgotten by the duo.







The next day…


Monday morning~



Early Monday morning, Jason went to pick Jennie up for school and as usual, she dropped by the school gate — still trying to avoid ruckus by people.


The commotion on the last prom party was enough for her.


Some students said she was secretly dating Jason while some said she was nothing but a slut and golddigger.


Well, it all happened because Jason was not in school.


But the ruckus already died down before the end of last week.



And as expected, the school was in uproar for Jason’s arrival.


It’s been a week since he last showed up in school, so everyone was curious at the same time anxious to see the beautiful Jason Tan again.



His cars drove into the school compound but it halted in front of the control building.



The control building is where all the school surveillance cameras are monitored.



Of course everyone was disappointed since they already assembled at the entrance of Grade 12 building awaiting his arrival.


But some students rushed to the control building to take closer look at him and even take his pictures but they couldn’t get closer because the control building was guarded by the school security men.



Jason got down from the car and walked into the control building immediately.



In the building, the school security guards were surprised to see him.



They all bowed their head as he walk pass them.



Kay, his bodyguard, opened the door to the control room and Jason walked in while he guarded the door.



The place was exactly like a very large office with many cubicles — each cubicle containing large monitor and other electronics.


Each cubicle also has a security staff sitting and controlling the monitor. In front of the room was a projector displaying the outside surroundings of the school.



The head of security staffs rushed to Jason and he bowed his head to pay him respect, obviously surprised by his visit with slight panic.


What could have been wrong, for Jason Tan to have come here this early morning?



“Good morning Young Master Tan!”.



“Good morning Mr. Nam!”, Jason replied with a smile.



“What…may I help you with?”, Mr. Nam asked cautiously.



“I want to see the surveillance system for grade 12!”, He replied, looking around the room.



The slight panic on Mr. Nam’s face faded into relief.


“Yes sire. Please follow me!”, He gestured politely.









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Inseparable Lovers


( Our High School Love Story )



By: Sulaiman .M. Zainab





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