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Chapter 3 ⃣ 9 ⃣



Lina’s POV




Shock was an understatement, I was even dumbstrucked.



What the heck just happened?



I look around the scattered room.


Candy doesn’t throw things; she is not that ill-tempered.



“Well…sorry about that. But I’ve injected her with a sedative!”, Prof. Lee said to us.



“W…what was that? What happened to her?!”, Aunt asked in daze.



“Is this a symptom of brain failure?”, ChanSoo also asked with shock.



Prof. Lee shook his head.


“She has recovered. It was just a temporary brain failure. But this…showed that she was agitating her anger for some reasons. Was she ever like this?”.



“No!”, I spoke sharply.


“She was never like this! Something is provoking her!”, I said with anger.



“This place will be cleaned up. Please let’s go outside!”, Prof. Lee said and we all left the room.



Something is definitely provoking her.



Bon and Lisa!



I walked slowly to Lisa.


She looked at me and scoffed.



Out of anger, I raised my hand up and hit her on the cheek with a loud PAH.



I heard everyone gasped.



Lisa placed her palm on her cheek, staring at me in disbelief and shock.



I also stare sternly into her eyes, waiting patiently for her reaction.



“How dare you?!”, She yelled at me; her face flushed with anger.



“You deserved it!”, I said calmly.





She was left speechless with rage.



I watch as she raised her hand up to slap me, but restraining herself to hit me.



I gave out a cold laughter.



“You wouldn’t dare want to touch me. If you do so, it’s a great opportunity for me because I’ll beat the living hell out of you. I don’t get angry easily, but when I do, I go wild like a psycho wolf. Don’t dare me! I just thought you deserved the slap. Whatever it was you discussed with Bon that made Candy like that, if I ever find out, I won’t let you off!”.



And with that, I pushed her out of my way and walked away.




I really need fresh air.







Author’s POV





Immediately after the incidence, Lisa left the hospital angrily.



Not long after, Lina’s mom (Lady InMok) arrived and Miss. KiRan also left.



Past five in the evening…



“Thank you all…so much. It’s getting late, you should all go home and rest!”, Candy’s mom (Lady Nanna) said to them, smiling.



“Jennie, it must have been tiring. Thanks for waiting. You can go home!”, Lina said to Jennie.



“It’s okay. I’ll leave when everyone is ready!”, Jennie replied with a smile.



“We might all stay the night here, you won’t still mind?”, J.G asked and Jennie look up at him with great surprise.



This was actually the first time J.G would speak to her ever since they met.



Jen was short of words and didn’t know how to respond to him.



“Jennie said she will leave when you guys are ready, so you won’t be able to stay the night here. You should all get going before it gets dark outside.



And you all need to get ready for school early tommorow, I don’t want you all to miss school again like today!”, Lady Nanna said.



“I’m not going anywhere!”, Lina said.



“Me too!”, ChanSoo voiced out.



“Okay Aunt. We will leave now!”, Jason spoke up and clasped his palms.



“Ah! You’re Jennie, right?”, Lady Nanna turned to Jennie and asked with a smile.



“Yes ma’am!”.



“But I’ve never seen you before”, lady Nanna said with her eyebrows furrowed.



“She is a transferred student”, Lina said.



“Really? That’s nice. Thank you so much for waiting my dear!”, Lady Nanna said and caressed Jennie’s hair — with a sincere smile.







Lina’s POV





Jason, Jennie, ChanSoo and J.G — all left the hospital after a while.


Candy was still asleep.



Aunt sat beside her on the bed, holding her hand.



My mom was also on the other side of the bed.



“She will get better Nanna!”, My mom whispered to Aunt who nodded bitterly.



Just then, Bon walked in and we a turned to look at him.



“Won’t you ask me what happened to her?”, Bon asked in a low tone after a short silence — staring at his mom.



I stood up slowly, looking at him curiously.



“She is lying there because she found out the truth!”, He said and pointed at Candy.



What truth?



I was becoming more anxious.



“She found out that you and Dad are divorced!”, He yelled angry and tears roll down his cheeks.



It was as if a bullet hit me.



Their parents are divorced?!






“She must really be hurt because I kept it a secret from her!”, He added and I turned to look at Aunt who was staring at Bon with daze.



“I don’t know how much she heard. I don’t know if she heard that dad will getting married to Lisa’s mom too!”, Bon said in tears, looking at me.



So, that was it?


That was his discussion with Lisa?


And Lisa knows everything?!



This is too much for me to believe.



If it’s difficult for me to believe, how difficult would it have been for Candy?! How hurt she must be feeling?



Oh poor Candy!







Jason’s POV





Immediately I arrived at home, I went to my father’s study room since he sent for me.



He was sitting on the couch, reading a newspaper.



“Father!”, I called out behind him.


“Sit!”, He ordered, not looking up from the newspaper.



I walked over and sat on the couch opposite him.



I noticed a medium brown envelope on the center-table.



“I was informed that Chairman Choi’s daughter had a little accident at school and was transferred to S.U.T.H from the school clinic.”, Father said and I nodded.



“Yes father!”.



“I will send Lady Heisha on my behalf to compensate them, tommorow!”.



“Okay father!”.



He paused and look up at me.



“Won’t you ask why I wanna compensate them?”, He asked.



“I wouldn’t dare question your decision, father!”.



He frowned and sighed heavily.



“You still have alot to learn!”, He mumbled.



“Jason, you have alot of thing to learn, but you’re not helping matter. You need to always ask so that you can learn! You’re the heir of the Tan Empire! You can’t control the empire with your ego! Never! It’ll cause nothing but destruction! You need to seek knowledge to gain knowledge!


And for the compensation, it’s part of business! Like this incident of Chairman Choi’s daughter, it’s doesn’t matter if it was a little accident or a



big one, what really matters is that it happened in the school. If her family decides to sue the school, it’ll tannish our reputation in some way. So, the best way to quickly solve it and avoid scandals is to compensate them.


That’s the soul of a business. Reputation! Ignore however the accident happened, focus on the fact that it happened in the place that your reputation lies. And talking about reputation…”, Father paused and grunted as he placed the newspaper down on the table.



So, he only want to compensate them because of his reputation? *Scoffs silently*



He took the brown envelope and threw it forward to me, landing on my feet.



“That is the main thing that can tarnish your reputation Jason Tan!”, He said with his voice raised loudly.



I picked up the envelope and opened it.



I brought out the content; they were photographs.


Wait; what?



Photographs of me picking Jennie up for school at her house; right from the school resumption day till today.



My eyes widened in shock as I stare at the pictures.


Slowly, I placed them on the table, waiting for my father to speak up.



This is no good!


Definitely no good!



“You thought I wouldn’t find out? Jason, I know your every movement, you’re my heir and you can’t act irrational!”, Father said with a hint of anger in his voice.



“I can not keep watching you getting closer to that commoner! The scholarship you gave her was enough for me to handle, I didn’t questioned you! I want you to stay away from her, or else…”, He said and paused, gazing deeply at me.



“…you will give me no other choice than to eliminate her!”.



I heard a loud bang on my head as he completed the sentence.


I look up at him with shattered heart, feeling bitter.



“You should know it’s no good if I handle it myself, so fix it yourself!”, He said and I swallowed hard with anger.



“Leave now!”, He spoke out again after a long silence.



Feeling devastated, I stood up, bowed my head to him and left the room.



I don’t want Jennie to get hurt.


Definitely not.


And my father, he doesn’t give empty threat.



How does he expects me to stay away from her?


I am now used to being around her.


She is amazing.


I can’t stay away from her all of a sudden.



No, I can’t!











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Inseparable Lovers


( Our High School Love Story )



By: Sulaiman .M. Zainab





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