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Chapter 3 ⃣ 7 ⃣



Author’s POV





“Candy! Candy, wake up! Please!”, Bon cried out, patting Candy’s cheeks as he knelt beside her unconscious body.



He looked up at Lisa and screamed at her; “What are doing just standing there?!”.



“I’ll take her to the school clinic. Go tell others”, he added in a low tone.




Lisa panicked, pacing to and fro. She understood the ‘others’ he was referring to but her brain was totally blank due to shock.



After few seconds, she rushed away.



Bon carried Candy up in a bridal style before walking away.



Lisa rushed into the cafeteria just in time recess was over.


Everyone had started trooping out, but Jason and co were still inside.



She ran forward to them and they all look up at her in surprise — including Lina and Jennie.



“Haha, what makes goddess Lisa look so miserable?”, Lina said jokingly with sarcasm.



“Candy passed out!”, Lisa said breathlessly and they all spranged up on their feet.



“What are you talking about? What Candy?”, Lina shouted.



“Are you deaf? I said Candy passed out! You’re asking me what Candy.


Anyway, Bon took her to the school clinic!”, Lisa snapped.



Lina hissed at her before storming out of the cafeteria.



ChanSoo, J.G and Jason all glared at Lisa and they walked away hastily.



Jennie moved closer to Lisa.



“What happened to her?”, She asked calmly.




Lisa turned and shot her a deadly glare, then hissed and she stormed out of the cafeteria too.



Jennie was dumbfounded.



There were few students left in the cafeteria, so she rushed out too.



Lina, Jason, J.G, ChanSoo, Lisa and Jennie — all arrived at the school clinic almost the same time.



They met Bon at the waiting room, pacing around with reddened face,


clearly due to tears.


He was absent-minded.



Lina rushed to him in tears.



“What happened to her? Bon, talk to me, what happened?!”, She yelled at him, shaking his arm but he gave no response.



A middle-aged female nurse walked out of the ward.



They all turned their attention to her — exempting Bon.



The nurse approached Bon since she recognize him as the one who brought the patient.



“Ma, please how is she?”, Lina asked worriedly.



“Young Mister, are you related to the patient you brought in?”, The nurse asked Bon.


“He is her twin brother!”, Lina chirped in.



“Okay, I will like to see him privately!”.



“Ma, just tell us what ever you want to say. We are all close friends!”, Lina replied anxiously with fear.



“Yes, we are all friends, just talk to us!”, Jason spoke out and the nurse turned to him.



“Young Master Tan!”, She exclaimed in surprise, then sighed.



“Well, we need to transfer the patient to the hospital. It’s out of control, we can’t handle it!”.



“B… but why? She was totally healthy! H…how is it out of control? Why is it out of control? She only fainted!”, Lina stuttered, crying bitterly.



The nurse shook her head and replied:


“It’s far beyond your own thinking. She is suffering from stroke!”.



The word ‘stroke’ got them dumbstrucked.



*Stroke.* — it rang in their heads as if banjo strings were pulled.



“S…s… stroke?”, Lina whispered out, totally breathless and she staggered but Jennie held her from behind.


She couldn’t even sob out, the tears just kept streaming freely out of her eyes.



Bon’s face was undescribable — almost all expressions of bitterness was written on it.



And others, were just too shock to even utter a word — even Lisa.



“Stroke? She is just eighteen years old!”, ChanSoo cried out.



“Young teenagers also suffer from stroke. It often happen as a result of the loss of brain function arising when the blood supply to the brain is suddenly interrupted due to some certain circumstances like shock.”, The nurse explained.



“Blood. Brain. Shock. Stroke! What are you talking about?!”, Lina yelled.



“I advise you to call your parents immediately for the transfer! I will also let the principal know about it.”, The nurse said to Bon and walked away.



“It was all my fault! It was all my fault!”, Bon lament repeatedly, hitting his fist against the wall with his head leaned on the wall.



Lina heard this and she look up at him.


“How was it your fault? Were you with her when she passed out? Do you know why she passed out? Hun?”, She asked calmly but he gave no reply.



Lina turned to Lisa, glaring at her resentfully.


The sight of her even made her blood boiled up in anger.



“How did you also knew she passed out?”, Lina asked her suspiciously.



“You were there with her, right? Absolutely! So, what did you do to her?!”, She added in an unpredictable calm voice.



Looking at Lisa’s unremorseful face, her rage fled up.



“You bastard! Tell me what you did to her before I skin you alive!”, She growled and tried to attack Lisa but Jennie held her back again — tightly.



Trying to calm herself, she shoved Jennie’s hands away forcefully and strongly.



After giving Lisa a deep deadly gaze, she walked away to the ward which the nurse came out earlier.



J.G slowly moved to Bon, he placed his hand on Bon’s shoulder and whispered to him:


“Dude, be strong! Your sister needs you. Be strong for her! The transfer should be done ASAP. Her life is on the line. Brave up and call your dad!”.



Bon shook his head bitterly and replied in a whisper;


“I can’t call my dad. We are alone — all alone! They left us. Both of them — mom — dad — they left us!”.



“They f***ing left us!”, He screamed out and fell on his knees, crying heavily.



Silence befell as everyone was speechless.



“I’ll check on Candy and Lina!”, ChanSoo said and he left.



“J.G! I’ll call our family doctor!”, Jason said and J.G nodded.



Jason turned and moved few feet away before he called the family doctor.



Few minutes later, he walked back to them.



“He will send an ambulance over very soon!”, Jason said to J.G.









Lina’s POV





I sat on the stool beside Candy’s bed in the portable ward.



She was breathing through oxygen.


I don’t even know if she is conscious.


Her skin were pale. She laid there looking lifeless, still in her school uniform.


Is this Candy?


What happened to her?


She was perfectly healthy.



Holding her stiff hand, I sob silently, staring at her face.



After many minutes, I heard the door opened slowly.



I look up to see ChanSoo walking in.



“How is she?”, He asked in a whisper, standing on the other side of the bed.



“I don’t know.”, I whispered back and sighed tiredly.



Someone opened the door again.




Jennie popped her head in and said:


“The principal is here!”.



I glanced at ChanSoo as I stood up.



“Let’s go!”.



We both walked out of the ward and saw the principal, Miss. KiRan, approaching.



“I want to see you all in my office!”, She said and we all nodded.



After that, she went into Candy’s ward.


Not long, she came out, walking away to the clinic entrance.



I pulled Bon with me and we all followed.







Author’s POV





The principal sat down and all of them stood opposite her desk.



“I want Bon and Lisa forward!”, She said sternly and the two reluctantly moved closer to her desk.



Miss. KiRan turned her computer to them.


On the computer screen was the surveillance system record of when Candy caught Bon and Lisa talking before she passed out.



They all watched the scene and were left dumbstrucked.



Lina clenched her fists, trying to suppress her anger.



The principal spoke out:


“Bon! Lisa! What did you both discussed that made Candy passed out? She is now suffering from stroke. We all saw the scene, just now, right? This is very serious and it can’t be overlooked. If it leaks out, you will both be held responsible!”.



After a long silence, Bon broke it.



“It’s a family issue not the school’s!”, He replied coldly with an hoarse voice.



“But it happened in the school!”, Miss. KiRan said loudly.



“That’s for my parents to decide on who should be held responsible. Me? Lisa? Or even the school?”, Bon replied again before storming out of the office.



Jason broke the short silence.


“I’ve called my family doctor. Candy will be transferred soon. Don’t worry about this video, I won’t let it leak out, even my father won’t know.”.



The principal look up at him and she nodded with a sigh.



“You all leave now!”, She said and they left her office.



Bon was standing in the administrative hallway when others walked out.



Lina moved swiftly to him and hit his arm really hard.




“You…”, The other words got stucked in her throat as she stare at him unbelievably.



“W…what…was that? You and Lisa? Lisa? Lisa of all people?! Are you hiding something? What’s is it you’re keeping?!”, She yelled out the last sentence.



Talking about Lisa; yes Lisa!



Lina turned back, her gaze resting on Lisa — resentfully, angrily, disgustingly… gazing at her.



Her rage was obvious that if she was left with Lisa, there is no doubt that she will tear her apart.



Thinking that she might attack Lisa any moment, J.G quickly moved to hold her back.



As if his action even brought her back to life, she yelled out at Lisa from the distance between them:


“I knew you would know something, cunning bi***! Just pray I don’t lay my hand on you, I will f***ing kill you! I’ll make you and your entire generation miserable! Wait and see how I’ll deal with you if Candy doesn’t get better very soon! Just wait and see! I won’t let you off!”.



She turned to Bon and said to him in a low voice:


“Even you! I won’t let you off!”.













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Inseparable Lovers


( Our High School Love Story )



By: Sulaiman .M. Zainab





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