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❌❌❌Chapter 3 ⃣ 4 ⃣ ❌❌❌



Jennie’s POV





Walking with Jason was really fun.


We bought and ate a lot of things like — cookies, biscuit cakes, candies, cupcakes…


In short, we bought almost everything we find on our way.



Hey! I forgot to tell you. One would think I was Jason’s kid sister because he was much taller than me.


Oh, he is not that tall but I’m the short one.



I secretly moved closer to him to confirm how short I was. Can you believe that my height didn’t reach his shoulder?






After a long walk of more than half an hour, we arrived at Sinchon.



As we walk into the busy Sinchon market, I was licking my cherry sweet, making playful sounds just to annoy Jason who wouldn’t stop whining.




“Eww… that is annoying!”, Jason whined playfully as he walked away from me.



Laughing, I rushed to him, tugging onto his arm.


“It’s cute!”, I pouted, moving my face closer to him as he squeeze his face playfully.



“Ugh! I’m stucked with this little princess!”, He exclaimed with a fake tiresome voice.



“Blah!”, I made a mockery face, tugging onto his arm even tighter.



He slumped his head back in surrender and we stopped walking again.



“Let’s go off me.. it’s over! Our relationship is over”, Jason said, faking an angry face.



Shaking my head childishly, I held him tightly:


“Oh no baby! I won’t let you go. Any where you go I follow!”, I said in a childish tone.



“Someone save me!”, He exclaimed, grinning and I chuckled.



“We die together baby!”, I whined, pouting my lips at him.



He looked away, laughing.



I use the sweet I was holding to hit his cheek.



“Stop avoiding me hubby!”, I whimpered playfully and he smirked.


“Ah! I give up on you wifey!”, He sighed heavily and I giggled.



Don’t mind us, we’ve been doing that for almost thirty minutes.


It was all part of the fun we were having as we walk.



People wouldn’t stop staring at us as we kept acting like teenage couples.



It was really fun.



I don’t know where I got all the nerves to make such flirting play with Jason.


But he is indeed a sweetheart.



Durr…I should just live a life this once.



Suddenly, Jason snatched my sweet before starting to lick it.



What the…?!



My eyes widened in shock.



T…the sweet I was licking?


Jason is licking it?



My saliva…





He closed his eyes, shaking his head with satisfaction with the sweet in his mouth.



Biting my lips, I started walking away slowly.



“Hey wifey! Don’t leave me!”, He shouted —getting a lot of people’s attention in the market — and he flung his arm around my shoulder, pulling me closer to himself as we walk.






I look up at his side view, only to see him grinning.



He removed the sweet from his mouth and stretched out his hand toward me.



I gave him a puzzled look when he glanced at me.



“Take your sweet, it’s too sour!”, He said with a frown and I scoffed silently.



He must be kidding me!


After he licked the sweet or what?!





“I don’t want it again!”, I whispered shyly and he laughed.



He stopped walking and since it was unexpected, I was still moving and with his arm around my shoulder, he pulled me back which made my back hit his hard chest.



With his arm still around me, he leaned forward to whisper into my ears. “Why? Oh, because I’ve licked it? Don’t you know that the sweet will taste even better with my saliva, wifey?”.


As he spoke, his warm breathe fanned my skin with tinglish sensation.



Huh, this guy is unbelievable!


Wouldn’t he stop using ‘wifey’?



Haha, if you give this guy a hint of sunlight, he’d insist on shining brightly.


Yield him an inch and he’d ask for a mile.



“You’re such a pervert!”, I mumbled, trying to push him off but he was strongly holding me.



“Haha! That’s why we’re buddies!”.


He said and I felt him grinning.



Suddenly, I feel his hand messing with my hair bun.



“Hey! What are you doing?!”.



He gave no response, still holding me and doing whatever on my hair.



“Removing your hair ribbon!”, He finally replied and he removed the ribbon I used to pack my hair.



“Un? Why? Stop?!”.



My yell changed nothing, he has already accomplished his mission — making my hair flow down my shoulder freely.



“Yes, I like it like this!”.


He chuckled.



Frowning, I muttered;


“It’s my hair, who cares what you like?!”.



“I care!”, He whispered and I felt butterflies in my stomach.


Jennie, stop over thinking!



“Give me back my ribbon!”, I yelled and he laughed.



“Look, that’s rice cake, let’s have some!”.


He pointed to a rice cake vendor, pulling me with him as he rushed over to the vendor.



Jason is so cute.



I chuckled to myself.



We got to the rice cake vendor, a middle-aged woman was the owner.



Smiling at us, she said:


“Young Mister! Young Miss! Try some of our rice cakes, you will love it!”.



Staring at the mouth-watering rice cakes, I picked one and took a bite.



It’s so sweet and crunchy.



Jason also picked one, checking it thoroughly with a squeezed face.



I nudged him with my elbow and whispered to him:


“Jason, if you can’t eat it, don’t force yourself!”.



He shrugged and took a bite.



Oh this guy!


I hope he doesn’t get stomach upset.








Lisa’s POV





I walked into the house angrily and I met my mom in the grand sitting room, working on some files.



I sat down adjacent to her but she didn’t even look up at me.



“When is my engagement to Jason?”, I asked, trying to calm my nerves.



She glanced at me and it took her few seconds before she replied. “It’s not decided. Lisa, this is a contract engagement, you need to be patient!”.



“I don’t care! I just want it very soon. Even if possible, I want our marriage before graduation!”, I said loudly with anger.



Mom look up at me and she scoffed, then said sternly:


“You know, I keep asking myself if you even worth this engagement — you don’t worth all my sweat. But anyway, I’m doing it for myself. You better work on your manners!”.



“Hun! Suit yourself!”, I sneered before storming away, heading to my room.



Everyone is annoying!




I hate everyone!











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Inseparable Lovers


( Our High School Love Story )



By: Sulaiman .M. Zainab





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