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Chapter 3 ⃣ 6 ⃣



Author’s POV





Mr. Nam, the head of security staffs, led Jason to one of the cubicles.



“This is the surveillance system for Grade 12. What is it that you want to view?”, Mr. Nam asked Jason politely.



“Show me the record of the second day of resumption.”, Jason replied.



“What time sire?”.



“Early morning before the school opened. There was an incident at the locker room. Locker 68 was tampered with, I want to know the culprit.”, Jason said.



Mr. Nam gasped and replied:


“That Tuesday, the principal also informed me about the incident and we tried to check the surveillance system record, but strangely, the record for



the night before the incident was deleted. We noticed that the locker was alright but then it showed after the locker was ruined, the moment the destruction was made has been deleted! I must say it was erased by the culprit and to do such thing, the culprit must be within the security staffs working in here”.



Jason’s face darkened.



*I underestimated the real culprit!* ___ he said in his mind.



“So, you mean the culprit must be among all the staffs in here?”, Jason asked coldly, looking around the large control room.



“Yes! Our security is tight, no outsider can dare to do such thing. We work here 24/7. I’m still investigating my colleagues. Please forgive me for my poor supervision on my colleagues. I promise you this will never happen again!”, Mr. Nam apologized sincerely.



He added:


“Please lemme show you the record for that day!”.



He hurriedly operated on the monitor with Jason watching him.



Like he had said, the record for the moment the destruction was made to the locker was indeed erased.



“Okay, I’ll leave now! But make sure you fish out the spy within your squads!”, Jason said before walking away.



“Yes sire!”.



*I swear, the real culprit won’t get away with this!* ___ Jason thought with determination.



With gloomy face, Jason headed to his classroom.



Btw, his hair was still sky blue but unlike yesterday, it was neatly styled.


And his eyes was now back to it natural colour — ocean blue.



On his way, the students wouldn’t stop taking his pictures and the murmuring also went on non-stop.



Oh my God! He changed his hair colour!



Sky blue is so cute on him!



Awwn, isn’t he dreamy?!



I wonder why he didn’t showed up in school all through last week.



Gosh, everything about his outfit is dope!



Some girls even grouped themselves, talking about him.



“Seriously, I won’t mind to have a nightstand with him!”.



“Haha, nightstand? Keep dreaming!”.



“Don’t you know he only dates college girls? Have you ever seen him with high school girls like us?”.



“Date? Jason doesn’t date! He is a player. I can’t wait to get to college, I won’t mind getting f***ed by him!”.




“Hahaha, dream on! Even if you get to college, do you think he will ever sight a fry fish like you?”.



“You are insane! Who is a fry fish?!”.



Then, they started arguing.







During recess hour…



Jason, Bon, ChanSoo and J.G — sat on their usual table in the school cafeteria — chatting, eating and laughing.



Candy, Lina and Jennie on the other hand, also sat on another table — eating in silence.



It was Lina who dragged Jennie along with her even though Candy objected to the idea.



Candy was still acting coldly to Jennie.



Just then, Lisa walked to their table.



“Hey Jennie!”, She said with a wave.



“Lisa, hi!”, Jennie replied.



“Hey Candy! Hey Lina!”, Lisa flashed a smile at the other two as she sat herself down on an empty chair.


Candy and Lina shot her a dagger look.



“Awwn, hi Lisa!”, Lina replied mockingly and she scoffed.



“Well, I wanted to keep this a secret for now, but you guys are my little chickens, so I’ll tell you!”, Lisa said, smiling.



Immediately she completed her sentence, Candy placed down her silver chopsticks with loud bang, startling them.



She said to Lisa:


“Little chickens? I don’t remember been so intimate with you to the extent of sharing secrets!”.



Lisa shrugged.



“Killjoy! Just listen to me!”, She said and paused, then continued:


“I. Am. Getting. Engaged!”.



Lina burst into laughing.


“You? Getting engaged? You’re becoming a Madam! Hahaha! Really suits you!”.



“Aren’t you curious about the household I am becoming the madam of?”.



“Capital letter NO!”, Lina sneered.



“You’re so annoying!”, Lisa scoffed at her.



“Yeah, we were never friends!”, Lina replied.




“Whatever! Jennie, what do you think?”.


Lisa turned to Jennie who was eating silently.



She look up at Lisa and replied with a smile:





“Awwn, thanks sweetheart!”.


Lisa stood up.


“I really wish I can tell you guys who my fiance-to-be is!”.


She said before walking to Jason’s table.



Candy look up at Jennie, glaring at her.


“This was all your fault! If you want to befriend Lisa, it’s better you don’t drag me into the mud along with yourself!”, She snarled.



“Candy! How was this her fault?!”, Lina snapped back and she scoffed.



They resumed their eating — silently.



As Lisa was approaching Jason’s table, their smiley faces faded into a frown when they saw her.



“Hey guys!”, She waved at them as she sat down.



“What is it now, Lisa?”, J.G asked with his eyebrows furrowed.



“Don’t tell me you don’t know!”, She said and they all stare at her with curiousity.



Lisa turned to Jason and exclaimed:


“Ah! Jason, didn’t you tell your friends?”.




Jason’s face darkened with his hands clenched tightly under the table.




“That I’ll be getting engaged to you!”, She added in a whisper and their eyes widened in shock exempting J.G and Jason.



Bon and ChanSoo shifted their gazes to Jason with a questioning look.



“Well, I’m Jason’s fiancee-to-be! It has not been announced yet, but very soon, it’ll go viral!”, Lisa told them proudly.



“So, get used to it if I start sitting with you guys!”, She added with a smirk.



“Ohh, I need to do somethings! Jason will tell you in details. I’ll leave now!”, Lisa said with a mischievous smile, stood up and walked away, heading out of the cafeteria.



“Tell me it’s a lie!”, ChanSoo exclaimed, still in shock.



“Guys! It’s true!”, J.G replied and they turned to him with surprised look.



“You also knew about it?”, Bon asked in disbelief.



“Jason told me the other day I went to his house.”.



“And you didn’t told us?”.



After a short silence, ChanSoo spoke:


“So, in one sentence, jason will be engaged to Lisa! Hahaha, ridiculous!”.



“I need to use the restroom!”, Bon said and he headed out of the cafeteria.



Candy on the other hand, noticed how Bon kept glancing at the cafeteria door with anxiousness after Lisa left.



*Why is he acting strangely?* ___she thought.



Immediately she saw him leaving, she stood up too.



“Lina, I forget something in my locker. I’ll go get it!”, She said.



“Okay. Don’t stay long, recess will soon be over!”, Lina replied without looking up from her phone.





Candy walked out of the cafeteria hastily, trailing behind Bon.



Unknown to him that someone was trailing him, Bon searched everywhere for Lisa and after a while, he found her at the hallway.



He rushed to her and dragged her swiftly to a corner.



“Let go off me!”, Lisa shrieked, struggling to free her wrist from his strong grip.



Sharply, he released her.



“What now?! I didn’t go against our deal, right?! So, why are you after me again?!”, She yelled at him.



“Just shut it! You wouldn’t want to dare go against the deal! What are you up to again? You’re getting engaged to Jason? What are you and your mother planning again?!”, Bon whispered loudly.



“What do you mean by what we are planning?! Haven’t you heard about contract marriage?! I’m going to marry Jason through contract marriage!



And what do you mean by I wouldn’t dare go against the deal?! How do you think your sister will feel if I tell her about your parent’s divorce? Haha, and also that your dad is planning to marry my mother!”, She said and gave a cold laughter.



“You bi***! Let’s see who the loser will be! Your secret won’t only be exposed, I’ll also hand over the proof to the prosecution!”.



Lisa’s face because bleak due to anger.



“I thought I was really good in blackmailing but it seems like you’re an expert in it. Of course the deal is still on!


And your plan to get your parents back together is taking too long, fix it quickly because I can’t stand to be a step-sister to SOME TWINS!”, She said, emphasising the ‘some twins’.



Bon shot her dagger gaze.



“You…”, Someone voiced behind them.



They were startled in shock and quickly turned, only to see Candy standing there with pale look, her body trembling in shock.



Bon stiffened in great fear, staring at her.


Different things running through his mind.



Unexpectedly, Candy’s eyes became blurry and she slumped on the floor unconsciously.



“Candy!”, Bon screamed out, rushing to her.




Lisa stood there speechlessly.














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Inseparable Lovers


( Our High School Love Story )



By: Sulaiman .M. Zainab





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