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Chapter 3 ⃣ 3 ⃣



Jennie’s POV





After Jason had left, I couldn’t sleep, so I brought out the grey box filled with the outfits he gave me for the prom night.



I need to return them back to him.


I can’t accept them — they’re too expensive.



*Let’s go outing. Wear anything casual and comfortable for walking.* ___ his words flashed through my mind.






Huh, Jason is really something.



Let’s hope my mom allows me.







It was almost 8’clock and I haven’t even tell my mom about going anywhere.



We were having our breakfast in silence.



Mia wouldn’t stop humming in satisfaction as she devour on her bacon and eggs.






“Mom?”, I called out and she look up at me.







Picking on my bacon, I requested hopefully:


“Mom, can I go outing with my friend?”.



She furrowed her eyebrows.



“Friend?”, She replied curiously, giving a look of disbelief.



Yeah, that’s because I am an antisocialist.


I prefer spending my weekend alone in my room — reading books.


She must be surprised because I wanna go out with a friend.





I mumbled, avoiding her gaze.



I heard her sighed.



“Okay, but don’t come back late!”.



“Yes mom!”,


I replied happily.



After few seconds, mom called out my name; “Jennie!”.



I look up at her staring at me.



“I know you very well and I won’t question your decision. But I want you to be careful out there, very careful, okay?”, She said, smiling.



I nodded my head.


“Okay mom. I will”.




She nodded too, then continues eating.




“And me? What should I do all day? Clean up the house?”, Mia asked with sarcasm.



I looked at her and scoffed.



“I’m going to visit your uncle later. You wanna come with me?”, Mom asked her.



Smiling, she exclaimed:





Mia turned to me and stucked her tongue between her lips before she said mockingly; “Durr… you’re not the only one going outing!”.





What is her problem?










I dressed up in a black tummy shorts with a black fitted blouse reaching my upper tummy, exposing my bare skin between the shorts and the blouse and a black sport jacket with red and white stripes over the blouse, leaving it unzipped.



I match them up with black sandals and mini backpack.



I was not putting on makeup, only a lip balm to avoid chapped lips — and I stretched my hair before I packed it into a loose bun.


Oh God!


I don’t even know where we’ll be going.



But I made sure everything I was putting on was comfortable for *walking*


— like Jason instructed. Can you imagine?!


My phone started ringing as I was stuffing my necessary things in the backpack.



I took the phone from my mattress and picked up the call.


It was Jason calling.



Hey! I’m waiting outside, are you ready?



Yeah, give me few minutes



He hung up after I replied.







“Mom, I’m going!”, I yelled out as I walked out of the house.



“Okay sweetheart. Be careful!”, I heard her said before I closed the front door.



“Here you are!”, Jason’s voice startled me.



I turned to see him approaching me.






Is this Jason?


I would have denied if I hadn’t heard his voice.



He looks entirely different — still beautiful though.



“Jason!”, I whispered, staring at him in disbelief.



He stopped few inches away from me, smiling wholeheartedly.



His silky golden hair was now sky blue and his ocean blue eyes was now grey.



What the hell is happening?!



He was wearing a stone-washed jeans with blue baggy shirt and black footwear — holding a black face cap.



Oh my gosh!


Even though he dressed like a commoner, he was still looking charming — not as charming as the original Jason.



“Ha!”, His exclaim snapped me back to reality.



He laughed, then said:


“I don’t want to be recognized by people, so I’m keeping a low profile. How do I look?”.



How does he look?



Beautifully handsome!




I wanted to blurt out but it will be awkward.



“Nice!”, I said softly with a smile.



His face softened in relief.



“I thought I was looking horrible. But anyway, let’s go!”, He said as he put on his face cap.



I was speechless.



What is he up to?



Suddenly to me, he grabbed my hand, walking us away.



His hands — warm hands.


I felt my cheeks turned pink.



Anxiously, I asked:


“Where are we going?”.



“Sinchon open market”, he replied and I stare up at his perfect face which I could only see the side — in disbelief.



Is he crazy?






Sinchon open market is located in a poor district.


The market stores are open vendors and they commonly sell street foods, varieties of quickie snacks.



So, I don’t get what we are going there to do!



Jason suddenly stopped as he released my hand.



He turned to me, smiling and gazing at me with his fake grey eyes.



“We’re walking to Sinchon. I want us to enjoy the morning fresh air. Leave everything to me, it’s all planned. Let’s walk around the city after visiting Sinchon. I hope you will enjoy it!”, He said, sounding excited.



Someone shoot me!



We are walking to Sinchon?! ___


I wanted to scream out.



If I’m right, it’s more than thirty minutes walk from here.



Is he kidding me?



I stared at him before looking away.



And to worsen it, we will be walked alone — me and Jason!



But he seems happy about it.



Well, it’s not bad but…



“Okay!”, I breathed out.



“It sounds fun. Walking around the city. Let’s get started!”, I said with determination.



Maybe it’s not a bad idea.




School has been hectic all through the week, walking around the city to get fresh air is perfect for relaxation.



Even though Seoul city is my home town, I have never got the chance to sightseeing.



“Let’s go!”, Jason said, strolling away.



“Hey wait for me!”, I shouted, skipping to catch up with him.



Walking beside him, I saw a smile crept on his face as he was looking ahead.



I chuckled, looking ahead too.



“Do you know the way?”, I asked.



“I’ve got a G.P.S”, he replied, waving his phone and I glanced at it.



“Oh!”, I muttered, pouting my lips.



The sky was blue since it’s still past nine in the morning.


The atmosphere was calm and cool — suitable for strolling.



Just then, my phone started ringing.


It was in my jacket pocket.



I brought it out to pick the call.





It was Lisa calling.



Still walking, I glanced at Jason before I picked up.






Jennie, are you at home?



No. Why?



She sighed in disappointment from the other line.



I wanted to visit you but it’s okay. We’ll meet in school tomorrow



She said and hung up.



I look at my phone with a frown.










Lisa’s POV





My face darkened in anger as I hung up.



I flung my phone away, watching as Jason and Jennie walk down the street happily.


My car trailing far behind them.





Of course I can’t be decieved with Jason’s appearance.



I’ve known him since childhood so I can recognize him in any disguise.



That bit**!


I hate her!!!


Such a vixen!!



She is getting Jason’s attention.


I can’t still believe he went to her slum!


That disgusting neighborhood!



Don’t even ask me why I am also here.



I swear, that bit** will pay!


I’ll make her life miserable!



Maybe I should start with her family!














Not edited…




Inseparable Lovers


( Our High School Love Story )



By: Sulaiman .M. Zainab





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