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Chapter 26


Candy’s POV





“Lina! Let’s be fast!”, I shouted as I rushed to dressing room.



I opened the wardrobe and picked out two summer hats and sunglasses.



I ran back to my room and Lina walked in.



“Candy! You can drive right? He is still in the parking lot!”, She said, raising a car remote up and I went speechless.



Oh no!


I can’t drive!



I should have listened to mom when she always nag about how I often miss driving class tutorial.


Even the few times I attended, I had never concentrated on it.



“No!”, I replied in a whisper.



“Oh my! Candy! I can drive but I don’t have licence!”, She whimpered.



“Forget it! Just drive! We won’t take long!”, I said and she snorted.






“The road…”



I interrupted her.


“Don’t worry! Let’s go!”.



With the hats and sunglasses in my hands, I dragged her away.







Bon’s car drove out of the compound as we stepped out of the house.



“Lina! Let’s run, he is going!”, I shouted and we ran to the parking lot.



Lina pointed the car remote at a white Lexus and it beeped.


We entered it and she pressed the start button before driving off.



When we got to the main road, we saw Bon’s car few distance from us and Lina sped up toward it.



“I can’t believe I’m doing this!”, She mumbled and I chuckled.



“Partner in crime!”, I teased and she scoffed taking a glimpse at the things in my hands.



“What’s that for?”, She asked.



“Disguise! Wherever he is going, we will follow him in disguise!”, I replied, looking at where the car was heading.



Thank goodness, we’re still on his tail.



“What if he is really going to visit his friends?”, Lina asked.



“Then we turn back!”.



“What if we meet the cops at the checking point and they ask for my driving license?!”.






“Seriously Candy? Whatever?”.



“Lina, we’re on this mission together, we agreed on it”, I said, staring outside.



“Mission? Trailing our brother because we think he is going somewhere suspicious, is that a mission? Silly mission! Where did we even got that delusion from?”, She said, grumbling.



“Lina! You’re slowing down, he is far ahead!”, I shouted not taking my eyes off Bon’s car which I’m even having difficulty in keeping it on track. There are few cars blocking my view.



“I’m not slowing down! Candy! Don’t get us in trouble! Don’t make me panic!”, Lina yelled, obviously trying to concentrate on the road.



I sighed.


Gosh, we’re in this already!







After what seemed like forever, Bon’s car parked on a quiet street.



With our car few distance away from his, we watch as he got down from the car, straightened his jacket before starting to walk away.



“Lina! He is going!”, I gave her one of the hats and sunglasses, putting on mine too hastily.



We both got down from the car, trailing slowly after him.



I adjusted my sunglasses, looking around the street as we follow him.



It’s a quiet and well-developed environment.


Quite familiar.



My eyes caught a sign board attached on a street pole.



“Namdang Street”, I read out.



Namdang Street?


It’s sounds really familiar but why can’t I recollect?!



“Hun?”, Lina tapped me and I turned to see her pointing at a direction, then I shifted my gaze to the direction.



“Un? That is grandpa’s Villa!”, I said in stun, watching as Bon entered the white Villa.



“Old Master Seo?”, Lina asked and I nodded.



“Hm! Old Master Seo, my mom’s dad”, I replied, still in confusion.



“Then, why did he lied to us?”.



“He is hiding something”, I said.



Yeah, why did he lied?


Why is he here in Grandpa’s Villa?



“What should we do?”, Lina asked and I sighed.



“Let’s go home!”, I said in a whisper, heading back to the car.







Bon’s POV





“Young Master!”, The guards bowed as I entered the Villa.


Smiling, I waved at them.



I saw my mom sitted on one of the wooden-basket chairs with a laptop on her laps in the mini carpet grasses yard close to the tower fountain in front of the Villa.



I knew mom was here.



She didn’t noticed my presence until I started walking toward her.



She look up at me and a shock expression appeared on her face.



“Mom!”, I said, smiling at her.



She placed her laptop on the table before she stood up, looking surprised.








“Mom, sit down!”, I said as I also sat down on another basket chair which was adjacent to hers.



“How did you know?”, She asked and I smirked.



“Please just sit!”.



“Hm, okay!”, Her hands rubbed her purple gown before as she sit down.



“How did you know I was here, Bon?”, She asked again, still looking puzzled.



“I guess I shouldn’t be surprised anymore”, she mumbled as her earlier expression calmly faded.



I smiled, then said; “I heard you and Dad discussing it”.



She stretched her hands out and grabbed my hands, squeezing them tenderly.



“I’m sorry!”, She whispered and I swallowed hard.



I might look okay but deep down, I’m really hurt.



“And your sister?”.



I shook my head and replied; “She doesn’t know”.



Nodding her head, she smiled and muttered; “thank you!”.



“Mom, you should resolve things with Dad before Candy gets to find out!”.



“We’re divorced. I just need some time to settle down before I can tell her”.



“It won’t take long for her to find out the truth. Can’t you just make things up with Dad, please?”.



“Bon, your dad cheat…”.



I interrupted her.



“Please mom, I don’t want to hear about it!”.



She pursed her lips and sighed.



“Your phone numbers are not available again, Candy has been trying to call.


At least call to let her know you’re fine”.



“Okay I will. But Bon, I need your help”, she said and I pouted my lips.



She continued; “I’ll give you a spare key to my study room. I kept Candy’s phones and other things on the desk, you should give them to her”.



“I’m sorry mom, I won’t. Call and tell her to get them herself. I’ll give her the key”.



Mom nodded and stood up before walking away into the Villa.



“Bonny cutie!”, Someone squealed and I turned to see Ji Soo approaching me.



She rushed to sit beside me and pecked my cheek.



I giggled, brushing her hair backward with my palm and said; “Hey babe! You never told me you’ve arrived”.



Hugging my arm, she leaned her head on my shoulder.



“I’m sorry, I arrived two days ago”, she replied.



“Ohh, I see. Why did you even came back, troublemaker?”, I snorted playfully.



“Shut up! I’m your elder sister! I am a year and two weeks older than you!”.



“Show off!”, I grumbled.



She hit my shoulder and that hurt a little that I had to groan.



“I came for my vacation. Guess what?”, She added and I squeezed my face.



“What should I guess after you hit me!”.



Clinging on to my shoulder tighter, she whined; “just guess!”.



I placed my index finger on my chin, trying to guess.



My face lit up and I smirked; “You got expelled from your art school?”.



She released my shoulder with a slight force and I grinned widely.



“You still find fun in teasing me, don’t you?!”, She spat and I look at her frowning face, grinning.



“You are such a jerk! Wish Candy was here instead!”, She mumbled the last sentence.



“Since you’re too dumb to guess, let me tell you. I got nominated in the Summit Model Audition at Paris!”, She squealed and I scoffed.



“You’re such a killjoy!”, She groaned and stood up.



I leaned back on the chair, looking up at her and chuckling.



“Are you angry cous.?”, I asked and she glanced at me with a scowlful look before storming away.



I burst into laughing.



Ji Soo is my cousin, mom’s elder brother’s daughter.


Like she said earlier, she is a year and two weeks older than me.



She studies at Canada and being a model has been her greatest career dream.



Well, Ji Soo is really beautiful and I must say she is perfect as a model.


If she is not my sister, I would have dated her.










After some hours, I left the Villa and headed back home.



I made sure I teased Ji Soo several times.


Haha, don’t blame me, I just love making her annoyed.







Candy’s POV





Right now, we are in the police station.



Wanna know why?;


No driving license!














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Inseparable Lovers


( Our High School Love Story )



By: Sulaiman M. Zainab



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