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Chapter 3 ⃣ 2



Jennie’s POV





Grinning, he pulled me into an embrace, resting his chin on my shoulder, then wrapped his arms around my waist.



I froze to his sudden action.



“I’ve missed you!”, He whispered and I blinked my eyes rapidly in surprise.



The air around us became tight and his cool fragrance filled my nostrils.



I just realized that I’ve really missed his lovely fragrance.



In a short time, I recovered from my shocked state; he was still hugging me.





He missed me?



Slowly, I wrapped my arms around his back, patting it gently.



Feeling a tinglish sensation to our current position, a wide smile form on my face.



Whatever this feeling is, I don’t wanna let it go.



We stood in this position, listening to each other’s heartbeat as if they were communicating — the world around us not existing — only us.



After what seemed like like forever, he slowly pulled away.



Awkwardness flew freely in the room and he scratched his nape, looking away nervously.



And me, this was the most awkward moment ever.


Imagine being in my position.


Yeah, you would be happy to hug the Asia’s sweetheart…but after realization hit you, you would feel like you’ve crossed your boundary.



I picked up the lamp and moved to my mattress to place the lamp beside it.



That was when I noticed the table clock: it was past five in the morning.



Oh my! Today is Sunday!



Wait!; It’s past five in the morning, so what the heck is Jason doing here this early?




I turned to see him walked around my room, checking everything out with a glimpse of adoration.



What the…



I heard him gave a soft chuckle.



“W…what?”, I said breathlessly.



“Your room is portable and…cute”, he replied and I stare at him.



What’s so special about my small room compared to his own? I’m sure his bathroom is two times the size of my room.



“But Jason, it’s not right to sneak into my bedroom. My bedroom for goodness sake! What if I was…”, I said in a scold tone but paused, hesitating to complete the sentence.


You should know what I wanna say.



“I knew you were asleep”, he replied with a smile.






“How would you know?”.



“I knew because I checked!”.






“You check before you sneaked in? My bedroom is my privacy, what if I was doing something?!”.


I wanted to scream but my voice betrayed me.



Jason turned to look at me and a smirk curved on his pink lips.



Wait a second!;


I haven’t even devour on his s£xy look.



The hoodie — he has removed the hood from his head, revealing his silky brown hair styled in a mess, giving him a s£xy bad boy look.



“What if you were doing something?”.


His voice jolted me back to reality.





Doing something?


What the…


This guy is a pervert!


Such a dirty-minded fellow!


Yeah, he is a player — I forgot.



I frown at him and he gave a brief laughter.



“Jen?”, Mia’s voice came in from other end of my bedroom door.



My hearbeat stopped and I turned to the door direction.


Thank goodness it was locked.



“Jen?”, She repeated.



I glared at Jason, signalling him to keep his mouth shut.




“What?!”, I raised my voice abit so that she could hear.




“What happened? I heard a sound from your room, is everything okay?”, She asked, sounding sleepy.



Probably the sound woke her; thanks to Jason.



“Everything is fine. It was the window, I felt hot so I opened them”, I replied nervously.



“But is someone there with you? I heard another voice earlier”, she continued.



Oh Heavenly Lud!


How long has she been standing there?



“Y…yeah, I called my friend on the phone, you might have heard her voice. My phone was on loud speaker!”, I replied trying hard not to stutter, glaring at Jason who was holding back his laughter.



This pervert!


It was all his fault!



“Okay!”, Mia said.



“Mia, go back to sleep, it’s still early!”.



“Hm!”, She replied in a loud whisper and I heard her footsteps faded away.



I sighed heavily in relief.



I look at Jason to see him laughing silently.


“What’s funny?”.


I was annoyed.





Choking back his laughter, he sat on my study chair, checking the books on my table.



I look outside, the sky was getting brighter every second.



“Jason, why are you here?”, I asked as I sat on my mattress.



He turned to look at me for few seconds before he gave a reply:


“Let’s go outing. Wear anything casual and comfortable for walking. I’ll pick you up by nine in the morning!”.





Is he kidding me?!



He stood up and smiled at me.





And with that, he moved to the window through which he came in and I watched him in awe as he climbed out of my room.



Thank goodness the window was just five feet from ground.



I’m short of words!






✨✨ Candy’s POV ✨✨





The continuous ringing of my phone made me sat up on my bed with rage.



Who the hell is disturbing my beautiful sleep?


For goodness sake, it’s weekend!!



Forming in anger, I took my phone from the nightstand, then picked up the annoying call without looking at whoever the caller was — sleepily.



Upon picking up, a deafening scream came in from the other line, making my sleepy eyes jerk to reality.



You went on a date with ChanSoo!!!!



Who else would it be if not Lina?



Seriously, she had to be the intruder to my precious sleep?



Lina!!!! Are you kidding me?! You f***ing woke me up this early! It’s weekend for nature sake!



I screamed with annoyance.



Hahaha, shut up you little brat! Don’t try to avoid…



I cut her off with a yell.



Since you got the wrong details from that gossipmonger that fed you, maybe I should feed you with the real one



Speaking word by word, I continued:


I. Didn’t. Went. On. A. Date. With. ChanSoo!





I hung up.



And that gossipmonger!



I spranged on my feet, grabbed a pillow and with an adrenaline rush, I *flew* to Bon’s room.



I flung his bedroom door opened.



He was on a call and I heard his words before he paused due to my sudden action.



Awwn, baby…


He had said before pausing, turning to my direction with mixed expression.



“So much for a morning!”, I grumbled.



He was actually flirting on the phone.





Out of rage, I raised the pillow in my hand up and threw it to his direction with great force of anger.



In a slow motion, the pillow flew in the air like it has got wings and with him shocked to my unexpected action, his eyes widened, staring at the pillow as it charge toward him.




The pillow hit his face and he stiffened in shock, probably trying to digest whatever just happened.



A gasp escaped my mouth before I covered the mouth with my palm — eyes widened as well.



Who knew the pillow would hit with such force.


Well, because I threw it with anger.



Staring at him with shock, I saw blood oozing out of his nose.


He was still stiffened.



“Oh oh!”, I muttered.



Candy, you’re dead meat!







“Ouch!”, Bon winced in pain as I placed the ice pack on his nose again.



He laid on the bed with a pillow supporting his neck and me sitted beside him.



“I’m sorry!”, I mumbled for the hundredth time.





Who knew that wretched pillow would cause this accident.



“Ah! Candy! You will later be the end of me!”, He whispered and I pouted guiltily.


“This was all your fault!”, I chirped.



“And here she goes again bullying me after she had almost killed me!”, He mumbled and I intentionally pressed the ice pack on his nose to shut him up.






“Serves you right!”.










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Inseparable Lovers


( Our High School Love Story )



By: Sulaiman .M. Zainab





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