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Chapter 3 ⃣ 1 ⃣




Author’s POV





Walked into the fancy restaurant, a young waitress ushered Candy and ChanSoo to the table he had reserved.



It was on the third floor of the restaurant and their table was close to the french window.



They both sat down before picking up the menu.



“I’ll go with pasta and green pepper stew!”, Candy said to the waitress, flipping the menu pages.



“Noted! And you, Young Mister?”, The waitress turned to ChanSoo.



He look at Candy and said:


“Just pasta and stew? It’s the cheapest. Order more meals, bills on me, remember?”.



“Don’t spend too much, you’re just an highschool boy! You might get into debt if I order more!”, She replied with a smirk.



“Seriously? Highschool boy? I’m a guy! And don’t worry about the bills, I’m spending my father’s money!”.



Candy snorted playfully, then leaned back on her chair.



“Pasta and green pepper stew too!”, He said to the waitress.



“Candy, do you eat seafoods?”, He asked and she scoffed.


“I’m telling you, don’t spend too much. It’s just lunch!”.



He turned to the waitress and said:


“A bowl of crab soup!”.



“Huh, and also, steak sauce with a bottle of grape wine”, he added.



“Non-alcoholic!”, Candy said and the waitress nodded with a smile.



“Is that all?”, She asked and ChanSoo signalled her to leave.



“Okay. Please wait for few minutes, your orders will be here!”, The waitress said before leaving.



“I can see you’re so eager to lavish all your father’s money”, Candy mumbled and he chuckled.



“Why would you prefer a non-alcoholic wine?”, ChanSoo asked.



“It’s a secret but I’ll tell you. I’ve never tasted alcohol. I planned to have my first soju with my parent when I clocked eighteen years but they were busy that time, so I vowed not to ever take alcohol before I share one with them”, she said in a low tone.



ChanSoo nodded.



“Rest assured, your secret is safe with me”.



The waitress came back to serve their ordered meals.



After she poured the wine into their cups, she asked, smiling:


“Are you guys couple?”.



Candy who was sipping her wine, choked.



ChanSoo smiled at the waitress and replied:





Candy’s eyes widened, almost popping out of their sockets.



“Awwn, you are the most youngest couple we’ve had in our restaurant ever since we opened. So, we are giving you 10% discount on your meals. Congratulations!”, The waitress said, smiling.



“Wow! Thank you!”, ChanSoo replied before she walked away.



He look up at Candy who was still in shock, then he gave a nervous chuckle.



“You brat! How could you’ve said that?!”, She snapped.



“At least we got 10% discount!”, He replied before sipping his wine.



Candy glared at him and he look outside to avoid her gaze.







Jennie’s POV





“Seriously, you are not doing anything! Do I have to clean everything?!”.


Mia’s yell jolted me back to reality.





I couldn’t stop thinking about Jason.


Is he alright?



Sincerely, all the weekdays without him was boring.



I’ve missed him.



Hey!; Don’t get me wrong — I mean I’ve missed him, nothing more to it.



How has he been doing?





I can’t just stop myself from worrying.



If you can’t keep someone away from your mind, as in if you can’t stop thinking about someone, what does that mean?



I don’t know.



Mia is smarter than her age, I should ask her.



“Mia!”, I called out her name.



“What?!”, She chirped, mopping the floor.



“If you can’t stop thinking about someone, what does it mean?”, I asked and it sounded foolish to me after I blurted it out.




Mia stopped, then turned to me with her forehead furrow.



Why can’t I shut my mouth?


I just realized that it was a bad idea asking Madam Mia!



“Who are you thinking about?”, She asked with a serious tone.



Wait!; I’m confused.


Is she my mother?



“Nevermind!”, I mumbled, wiping the dinner table.



I heard her snort.



“If you can’t stop thinking someone, it means two things”, she said and I look up at her.



She continued:


“One, you like the person’s personality so much that you can’t stop thinking about him or her. Two, you’ve fallen in love with the person!”.



Like? Love?



“But! It also depends on whatever you are thinking about the person. Good or bad. Sometimes you may have bad feeling about someone, that you can’t stop thinking about it”.



Surely, I don’t have any bad feeling about Jason, even slightest.



“And if it’s good feeling, it also depends. Let’s take a guy as an instance. If you keep thinking about him, especially the way he talks, the way he walks, his s£xy lips, his captivating eyes…huh, you’re in love with him!”, She said dreamily, hugging the mopping stick she was holding.



“Mia!”, I shouted.






She sneered.


“I’m giving you a reasonable explanation!”.



“Reasonable indeed!”, I scoffed before heading to my room.



“Ya! Come back! You’re not done with the cleaning!”, She yelled.



I entered my room and closed the door behind me.



“If you keep thinking about him, especially the way he talks, the way he walks, his s£xy lips, his captivating eyes…huh, you’re in love with him!” ___ I remembered Mia’s words.



If you can’t stop thinking about him?



Wait; does that mean I’m in love with Jason?



Haha, funny!


Am I crazy?


Why would I fall in love with Jason?



*Way to hurt yourself, Jen!* ___my inner mind said mockingly.



Mia is insane!


Why did I even asked her?


Now she has mislead my innocent mind with her blather.


But am I really in love with him?



Haha, Jennie, you’re totally crazy!







Jason’s POV





It’s already a week now.



With my dad’s order, the security guards left my bedroom surrounding this saturday morning.



I finally feel free again after a week that seemed like forever.



My mom personally prepared nourishing meals for me, complaining that I have lose weight.



But there is someone I’m dying to see again.







➕➕ Jennie’s POV ➕➕




I heard the clashing sound of a window opening forcefully.



First, I thought it was a dream but it became louder that I had to quietly sit up on my mattress.



The sound was coming from the window behind my mattress.



Sweat started forming on my forehead with fear.



Who could it be?


pervert? A rapist? Thief?



The sky was still dark, leaving no light in my room.



Slowly and quietly, I grabbed the lamp beside my mattress, ready to smash it on whoever it was.






The person finally succeeded in sliding the window open.



*Oh my! Jennie, you’re dead!*



I started hearing movement of someone crawling in through the window.



‘Yes! Stand up and hit whoever it is now!’ ___ my inner mind spoke.



I walked to the window swiftly and indeed there was someone, crawling in.



I couldn’t see the person’s face since it was dark.




He got stucked in between the window and i used the opportunity to smash the lamp on him.



“Ugh!”, He let out a painful groan and finally fell down into my room.



I moved back with fear due to the sudden fall, panicking and the lamp dropped from my shaking hands.



*Oh God! What do I do?*



Still shivering with fear, I picked up the lamp, moved forward to the person before hitting him with it continuously.



“You pervert. Who are you?. You asshole.”, I shouted.



He was wincing in pain.



“Uh! Stop! Please stop!”, He yelled in pain and I froze.



That voice!


That familiar voice!



He stood up on his feet, groaning and my eyes widened in shock.



The dim light outside shone on his face through the open window.



“Jason.”, The word slip out of my mouth in a whisper.



I switched the lamp on, still staring at his face as my room became brighter.



He was wearing a black hoodie with black trousers.



Now I just realize how much I’ve missed seeing his beautiful face.



A wide smile crept on his face as he look at me.



“Oh my!”, I exclaimed, then placed the lamp on the floor before rushing to him.



I stood closer to him, touching his body pitifully.


“Are you hurt? Are you feeling any pain?”, I asked with guilt but instead he was grinning at me.



I paused my hand before glaring at him.



“What were you thinking?! Hun? Why would you sneak into my room?! Why would you? This is my bedroom for goodness sake!”, I whispered loudly.



Grinning, he pulled me into an embrace, resting his chin on my shoulder, then wrapped his arms around my waist.



I froze to his sudden action.



“I’ve missed you!”, He whispered and I blinked my eyes rapidly in surprise.



The air around us became tight and his cool fragrance filled my nostrils.












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Inseparable Lovers


( Our High School Love Story )



By: Sulaiman .M. Zainab





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