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Chapter 27



➕➕➕ Candy’s POV ➕➕➕





Right now, we are in the police station.



Wanna know why?;


No driving license!



Me and Lina sat on the chairs, facing a grumpy looking young male cop, who was busy with the computer on his desk.



The station looks like a large office with a small cell-room at a corner and a long metal bench adjacent to the cell where few people sat.



Everywhere was crowdy as the cops attends to different people.


The station is known to handle simple law violations.



The grumpy looking cop look up at us fiercely and asked for the fourth time; “What are your names?”.



Gosh, he is pissing me already.



Glaring at him, I replied again; I don’t think you need it!”.



He turned his gaze to me and frowned.


“Why not? I need to confirm your identities to ensure that you’re not criminals!”, He said, looking at me scornfully.


I snorted at him.


“Really? Criminals? How dare you call us criminals?!”, I yelled, getting everyone’s attention.



“Who knows if you stole the car since you’ve no driving license and you don’t want me to confirm your identities. I guess you must be in high school or college, but stealing car is not the best option if it’s because you are struggling to pay your school tution fees. You’re still young, you can work hard to earn a living!”, He said and scoffed.



Out of rage, I slammed my hand on his desk as I stood up, looking at him with disgust.


“Look here Mr. Grumpy! Do you know who you’re talking to?! How dare you accuse us of theft?! I swear, I’ll break your head if you keep talking shit! Do we even look like thieves?!!!”, I shouted in anger.



“Hey Young girl! Will you stop ranting, you’re in a police station not an open market!”, Another male cop yelled at me behind.



I opened my mouth and huffed loudly in disbelief.



Seriously, all these cops are insane and annoyingly frustrating!



“Candy, just ignore them and sit down!”, Lina whispered to me, dragging my hand to pull me back on my seat but I shoved her hand away and turned to the cop who spoke earlier.



“I thought Mr. Grumpy was the only senseless cop in here but another piggy-face also interfered!”, I said and the cop turned to me, looking shocked.




He walk slowly toward me, staring at me with disbelief.



His colleague rushed to him, pulling him back from moving closer to me.



Wait, did he wanted to hit me?


I guess no, haha!



“Did you heard her? She called me piggy-face! You little brat!”, He spat and i rolled my eyes.



“It would have been great if your colleague didn’t accused us of theft and it would have been better if you hadn’t interfered!”, I yelled at him.



“You’re causing a scene, just ignore them”, Lina stood up and whispered to me but I scoffed.



I turned back to Mr. Grumpy who was sending me dagger-gaze.



“I’ll make sure I sue for false accusation!”, I yelled at him.



“You will? But I’m already filling another offense against you! Threatening a cop, what do you think about it?”, He said with a mischievous smile.



I huffed and replied; “Go on Mr. Grumpy!”.



I raised my hand up across his face, dangling it. I added sternly; “Your job is already playing jingle bell!”.



He gave a brief laughter.



What’s funny?


He thinks I’m joking?!



“Is this how you handle the citizens of our country? Placing false accusations on the innocent ones”, I said and he smirked.





So ugly!



“You have no driving license, remember? Is that false accusation?”, He replied and smirked again.



“Yeah, no driving license but that doesn’t makes us criminals! And you accused us of theft!”, I whispered loudly.



He leaned back on his chair with his arms folded across his chest. “Violation of laws is known as crime and anyone who indulges in any crime is known as criminal!”, He said.



He continued as I opened my mouth to speak; “I’ve confirmed the car you drove, it belongs to Mrs. Choi Nanna, a noble woman you can’t afford to offend. Probably you tricked her to get the car. If I guess right, you both must be above or exactly eighteen, so I have the authority to lock you up in a cell until someone comes to bail you out”.



I sat down back on my seat and leaned on the chair, folded my arms across my chest, glaring at him.



I smirked and spoke up; “Now I realise how senseless you are! We tricked Mrs. Choi Nanna to get the car? Your IQ is really low! How…”



Before I completed my sentence, Lina interrupted.



“Mr. Grumpy, we can make a call, right?”, She asked and he turned his disdain gaze to her before nodding.



“Hm! Call anyone you want to call!”.



“Who do you wanna call?”, I asked her.






“Hun? Don’t call him. He is vexing me!”, I mumbled with a frown.



“That doesn’t matter right now. We need to get outta here, I’m getting sick!”, Lina replied as she placed her phone on her ear and I can hear the other line ringing.



After few seconds, he picked up and I could clearly hear his voice.






What’s up Lina?



Me and Lina are in Noksapyeong station. Come and bail us out quickly!



Un? Why?



Don’t ask why, just make it snappy!



Then, Lina hung up.



I look up at Mr. Grumpy and smirked.


“Wait and see!”.


I didn’t mean to sound rude, but I was extremely angry that he was


accusing us of theft.









It’s almost thirty minutes now and Bon is not here.


That brat!



I took a glimpse at Mr. Grumpy who was busy and I scoffed.



“Bon has arrived!”, Lina said and I look toward the station entrance.



He was breathtaking in his leather jacket and trousers.



“Bon!”, Lina stood up and shouted, waving her hand at him.



He looked up from the distance and smiled, approaching us.



This jerk!


He lied to us!



“What are you guys doing here?”, I heard Bon say, closer now.



Mr. Grumpy also look up at him.



“Stop asking questions and just bail us out!”, I snapped at him.



He raised his hands up and replied; “I don’t even know your offense!”.



“I drove without driving license!”, Lina chirped in.


“What?! You drove without license, Lina! Whose car?!”, He exclaimed.



“Oh dude! Stop making a fuss! You’re wasting time!”, I said impatiently before I stood up.



“I shouldn’t make a fuss? you guys drove without driving license!”.



“I didn’t drive. It’s was just a car, Lina drove and I accompanied her because she was helping me!”, I said and rolled my eyes.



“What difference? She drove, you accompanied, you’re both in trouble!”, He said.



“Bad idea calling this guy here!”, I muttered to myself.



“Whose car?”, Bon asked.



“Mom’s!”, I replied, looking away.



“Pray she doesn’t hear about this!”, He mumbled.






I turned to Mr. Grumpy whose face was scrunched and it made me wanna burst into laughter.



“You heard that? It’s my mom’s car! Mrs. Choi Nanna’s car!”, I said to him, enjoying the view of how his scrunched face turned to a glimpse of fear.



“B…but how?”, He stuttered and i leaned forward to him.




“Because we tricked Mrs. Choi Nanna and stole the car!”, I said mockingly.



“I’m Choi Candy! Lady Nanna’s only daughter”, I added and winked at him.



“Ohh, and don’t forget that your job is dangling!”, I added again before walking away from his table.







Bon bailed us out and we left the police station.



I’ll make sure I sue that Mr. Grumpy, I’m serious about this.



He accused us of theft, that’s a great offense!






And Bon;


His case is for another time!












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Inseparable Lovers


( Our High School Love Story )



By: Sulaiman M. Zainab





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