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Chapter 24



Jason’s POV





“You don’t know Min Lisa? Your stepmother said that she is your classmate!”.









That witch?!



“What?!”, I exclaimed.



“You should tell your mother about it. Min Lisa is the girl you will marry!”.



“Father! Please don’t do this to me! I can’t marry that girl! She is a devil! If only you know her. She is rude, arrogant, cunning…”.



“Enough!”, My dad interrupted me and I stare at him.



“You don’t need to bad-mouth her if you don’t like her!”, He said.






If only this man know!



“Father! I’m not bad-mouthing her. If only you know her!”, I said bitterly and he groaned.



“If I marry her, it’ll benefit you, right? It’ll benefit the empire you’ve grown, right? Then what about me? Don’t I deserve to be happy? I have always accepted everything you want me to do, just this once, let me choose any lady I want to marry! I don’t like Lisa!”, I said with annoyance.



“Jason, you must marry Lisa if you still want to be my heir!”, He shouted.



“I didn’t ask to be your heir, you made me your heir because I am the only son you have! I didn’t ask for all these! I don’t want to be your heir if I have to marry Lisa!”.



“You…”, With a peevish look, he pointed his finger at me speechlessly.



“I won’t get engaged to Lisa. After my studies, I’ll choose whomever I want to marry”, I said in a low tone.



“You bastard! You’re the only son I’ve! My only heir! How dare you look down on me because of a woman?!”.



“Father, I dare not look down on you, and I wouldn’t dare because of a lady. I won’t choose any lady I want to marry now but when I’m ready, I want father to accept any lady I choose!”, I said.



I continued; “But father, it’s my life! You have never treated me like your son, you are only acting as if you care about me because I’m your heir! If you had another son, a legitimate son to be precise, I’m sure you won’t care about my life!”.




“You!…Get out! Get out of my house! I don’t want to see you again!”, He growled.



“Please don’t!”, I heard my mom’s voice as she rushed in.





Why is she here?



“Mom!”, I called.



“Please don’t send him away! It’s my fault! Punish me instead, don’t send my son away from this house! I beg you!”, Mom pleaded in tear, holding dad.



He shoved her hands off and she staggered backward but I moved forward to hold her immediately.



“Look at your son! Is this how you’ve raised him?!”, Dad yelled at her.



“Please, just don’t send him away! I’ve not raised him well, I’ll take the blame but don’t blame him!”, Mom cried and my heart aches in pain.



I couldn’t even dare utter a letter because my any slight action can put my mom in trouble too.



I don’t care if he send me away from this house but not my mom.



Just then, Lady Heisha rushed in too.



“Yeobo! (Honey!) Please, you can’t send him away. Don’t mind his childish talk, he only said everything because he was shocked! I will make him reflect on his action but please, don’t send him away!”, She pleaded.



Why is she pleading on my behalf?


Shouldn’t she be happy?


I thought she really hates my mom, isn’t this her best opportunity to send us out of this house?



“Jason, what are you waiting for? Go down on your knees and beg your father for forgiveness!”, Lady Heisha shouted at me and I scoffed in my mind.



As if she cares!



“Jason, kneel and beg your father!”, Mom whispered to me and my heart softened.



I went on my knees slowly.



“Quick! Beg him!”, Lady Heisha shouted again and I kept mute.



I’ve been waiting for this day.


I wanna leave this house and go far away.


I don’t want to be the heir, instead I want to work hard and live a good life. After I become rich, I’ll come back to take my mother and sister away from this suffocating house to a better place.


I’ll marry a good lady and live with her, my mom and my sister happily. That’s my biggest dream!



“See! Look at him! He doesn’t even look remorseful! I don’t want to see him in my house again! I don’t want you as my heir again! I’ll find someone else better than you ingrate!”, He yelled.



“Ah! Please don’t say that! He’ll reflect on his action! Please calm down!”, Lady Heisha pleaded.



She turned to me and said; “Leave now! Go to your room!”.



I didn’t even bulged until my mom pulled me up and dragged me out of the room.



I breathed out, then leaned against the wall.



“How could you?! Even if you don’t accept the engagement, you shouldn’t have caused any trouble!”, My mom whispered in tears.



I moved closer to her and wiped the tears with my thumbs.


I placed my palms on her shoulder.



“Mom, you shouldn’t bother about this. Why are you even here?”, I asked.



“Kay told me you went to see your father, that was why I rushed here. I knew something would happen again! Why do you always have trouble with your father? Jason, he is your father!”.



“Says the woman who that same so called my father doesn’t care about!”, I said with a scoff.



“Jason!”, She whispered.




“Mom, please go and sleep. It’s getting late!”.



“Not when my son is in trouble with his father!”.



Suddenly, my dad stormed out of his study room.



He glared at me before walking away.



Lady Heisha also walked out.



“He took back his words. Jason, your father wants you to stay in your bedroom for a week to reflect on your action. All your phones and laptops are seized! Your meals will be brought to your room by the maids!”, She said and I huffed.





I won’t be able to contact Jennie?





“You don’t expect me to stay in my room for a week and to even worsen it, without my phones and laptops!”, I said.



“That’s the only way I could help. He intended to send you out of this house without anything you’ve bought with his money. Would you prefer that?”, She asked.



“I prefer to be sent out of this house than locked in my room for a whole week!”, I mumbled.



“Thank you Lady Heisha! He will stay in his room for a week!”, Mom interrupted and I look at her.



She gave me a pleading look.




“You don’t have to thank me. Consider this as a pay back for saving my life twenty years ago!”, Lady Heisha replied and walked away.



I furrow my forehead and look at my mom again, who was smiling briefly.



For saving her life twenty years ago?



“What did she mean?”, I asked curiously.



“Forget about it Jason! You should go to your room now!”, Mom said and I nodded.



She need to rest now, I can’t keep persisting her for now.


But I’ll ask her again.



“Mom, I can’t!”, I whined and she ruffled my hair.



“Please Jas!”.







~The next day…~





Lisa’s POV





Miss, I’ve gotten her home address



Send it to me right now!



I said and hung up.



I stare at nothing and smirked maliciously.







Jennie’s POV





I told Mia about the prom night as I washed the breakfast dishes.



The little devil wouldn’t stop whining that I should gist her about everything.



“Is mom going to work today?”, I asked Mia and she shook her head.



“No! She doesn’t want me to tell you this, but I can’t keep my mouth shut. We are going on a picnic today!”, Mia whispered loudly and I squealed happily.









I frowned; “Mia, she told you to keep it a secret!”.



“Yeah! But she wouldn’t tell me if it’s really a secret. Definitely she wants me to tell you!”.



Such a leaking-mouthed fella!



My mom is a messanger in a small company.


We are middle-class family because before my dad’s death, he was a book editor.


And before his death, he built a portable three bedrooms flat which we still live in.



We are doing okay but compared to people of high-class, we are just an ordinary commoner.



If I can still remember, the last picnic we went was four years ago and today we’re going on another, I feel so overwhelmed.






The door bell rang.



“Let me go check!”, I said to Mia before walking to the front door.



I opened it and my eyes widened in shock.







What is she doing here?












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Inseparable Lovers


( Our High School Love Story )



By: Sulaiman M. Zainab




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