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Chapter 13



Jennie’s POV





The next morning…



Knock! Knock! Knock!



I rolled on my small mattress to and fro, as I dream about someone knocking on my bedroom door.










The sound came louder this time, making me sprang on my feet off the bed.



I breathe heavily, groaning.



*So, it was not a dream!



“Jen!”, Mia yelled outside.





Not to start this morning.



I scratched my neck and sat down on the mattress, dozing off.



“Jen! Open the door!”, Mia’s voice jolted me awoke.



I stood up reluctantly, walking toward the door as I yelled back; “What is it?!”.



“Just open up!”.



I sighed and opened the door, popping my head outside, still dozing.



“Hey! Are you sleep walking or what?!”, Mia asked and poked my head, which made me opened my eyes.



“What?!”, I shouted in annoyance.

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“It’s getting late already! And remember you’re now a student of E.T.H.S.


You can be expelled if…”.



She kept blabbering but I cut in; “are you here to blabber or you came for something else?”.



She scoffed and poked my head again; “You pighead! Someone is waiting for you outside!”.





Is she my mom?



“Who is waiting for me outside?”.



“Jen! The person must be f***ing rich! And the ice cube handsome guy gave me this letter to give you”, she stretched a small white envelope to me.



I opened the door widely and collected the envelope from her, looking at it curiously.



Mia walked in and continued blabbering; “The guy is so cute and he was dressed in black! Black suit! Black leather shoe! Black sunglasses! Even his hair is black! Oh gosh! But he didn’t even smiled!”…



I totally ignored her and opened the envelope and read it silently;



Good morning little princess! I’m waiting for you outside your house. Get dressed for school and let’s go. Buddy!



I was shocked.



It’s Jason!



Wait, he is outside right now?



I looked up at Mia who was still talking.





I didn’t bothered to listen.



“Mia, leave. I need to get dressed for school”.



She looked at me with a frown, then at the letter I was holding.




“What’s that? Who sent it?”, She asked, raising her eyebrows.



This little brat!



Talking won’t do.



I grabbed her arm and pushed her out of the room.



Shock was written on her face as I slammed the door and locked it.



“Hey! Pighead! Are you gonna ignore me? Who sent that letter? Your new rich boyfriend? Better open this door! Am gonna break it down! How can you push me out?! You!…”



She kept yelling and I smiled, staring at the letter.



Jason is really outside?



I need to be fast!


I can’t keep him waiting for long!



I dropped the envelope on my mattress and rushed into the bathroom to freshen up.







Few minutes later, I was ready.



I walked into the kitchen and met mom preparing breakfast; “Mom!”.



She turned immediately she heard my voice, smiling.






I moved closer and hugged her; “Good morning mom!”.



“Morning dear!”, She replied as we disengaged from the hug.



“I need to go now”.



“What about your breakfast?”.



“Don’t worry mom, I’ll get something to eat at school”, I said and she nodded.



“And I still have some money left”, I said and she smiled.



“Okay dear. Take care of yourself!”.



I pecked her cheek as I said; “Okay mom. I love you!”.



“Love you too sweetheart!”.



I was expecting to be questioned by mom about the person who sent the letter.



Or perhaps, she doesn’t know about it?



Or maybe she didn’t ask because I was getting late for school already?



Different questions were running in my mind as I turned to meet Mia standing akimbo, dressed in her school uniform and staring at me sternly.



Oh Gracious Lud!


I’m not ready for this this morning!



I decided to act up.



Smiling at her, I caressed her hair; “Mia, you look beautiful”.



She shoved my hand away and I glared at her.



In the blink of an eye, I ran out of the house, breathing heavily.






“You pighead! Come back here!”, I heard her yell from inside.



I sighed, walking toward the Black Porsche, which was parked on the opposite side of the road.





Another luxurious car?



What am I even thinking?


He is Jason Tan for God’s sake!



People wouldn’t stop staring at me.



Yeah, I’m now in E.T.H.S and a black porsche is here waiting for me.



A huge looking guy dressed in black suit was standing by the car.



When I got closer, he bowed a little and opened the back seat door.



“Young master is waiting inside”, he said huskily.


I popped my head into the car to meet Jason, smiling at me.



Oh my gosh!


Is this guy really human?


Maybe he is the god of beauty.



He looks like he was just freshly born.


God has really done wonder in his physique.



But he is really here?


Isn’t he disgusted by this area?



Compared to where he lives, my area is a dirty, crowdy and lowly environment.



But he still came.



Not wasting more time, I entered the car and the guy closed the door.



“Buddy!”, Jason exclaimed, waving at me.



I sat down beside him, smiling nervously; “Good morning!”.



“How was your night?”, He asked but it seems awkward.



“It was fine”, I replied, playing with my fingers and I heard him chuckled.



“Let’s go!”, He ordered and the car drove away.



“Aren’t you happy to see me?”, He broke the long silence and I look up at him.


“Jason, you don’t have to do this”, I replied.



Feigning innocence, he asked; “do what?”.



“You don’t have to come and pick me up at home”, I blurted out and his s£xy lips curved into a smirk.



“Really? But you are my new buddy. I won’t mind coming to pick you up everyday”, he said and I slightly gasped.



“Please don’t do that!”.



“Why? Let’s see then!”, He replied, picking up two magazines.



He stretched one of the magazines to me; “here!”.



I looked at him confusedly.



“Take it! Just read to keep yourself busy. It’s still a long way to school!”, He said, smiling and I collected it.



On the front page were female celebrities and female fashion stuffs.





I don’t have time for all these craziness.



Yeah, I see it as craziness.



He thinks I’m like other girls, then he is absolutely wrong.



But I don’t want to look awkward, I gladly collected it and said a ‘thanks!”.


He flashed me a smile and started reading the other one with him.



Slowly, I open the magazine, it was all about female celebrities; trending fashion, gossips, celebrity updates blah blah blah…



All these fashion stuffs has never interested me because why should I care?


It’s not like I can afford them, so why should I stress myself?



Buying tiny bracelet for million dollars!



Is life war?







I insisted to drop by the school gate.



I don’t want to get attention from the rich fellas.



Imagine whatever will happen if they see me getting down from the car with Jason Tan.



Definitely, I can’t imagine it myself.



Walking through the hallway, everyone was staring at me and murmuring among themselves.



What’s happening?


It’s not like I have poo on me and I can’t remember doing anything bad.



Btw, this is my second day in school.




Oh God!


The stares are gonna make me freak out.



What’s really happening?



I got to my locker and I must say the sight in front of me is gonna make me pass out any second from now.



As in, what the heck?!














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Inseparable Lovers


( Our High School Love Story )



By: Sulaiman M. Zainab





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