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Chapter 29



JeoGi (J.G)’s POV





Sitting in my car, which was in few distance from the Tan Mansion, I watch the tight security surrounding the mansion entrance.



The school had closed for the day and I volunteered to visit Jason since the guys were scared to come because of Jason’s stepmother.






Bella didn’t attended school today as well.



“Drive closer”, I said my chauffeur who nodded and did as I’ve ordered.



Immediately my car halted opposite the mansion entrance, the security guards moved closer to my car in alert.



I got down from the car, before walking forward nervously.



“Elm… good evening!”, I stuttered but the guards were just staring at me fiercely.



One of them said in an hoarse voice; “Are you lost? Don’t mess around here, leave immediately!”.



I swallowed hard.



“I mean no harm! I’m Jason Tan’s friend, I came to visit him”, I said but they didn’t bulged.



Oh Lud!


I guess no excuses works for them.



“Oh, I have my I.D card”, I said as i pulled out my school I.D, raising it forward to a guard.



He took a glance at it, then said:


“Do you have an appointment with him?”.



“No! He was not in school today, so I came to check on him”, I replied.



“Young Master hasn’t leave this house since he came back last Friday night.


So you can leave now!”.



Last Friday night?


That was the prom night.



It got me even more worried.


Is Jason okay?



I nodded and hesitantly turned to enter my car.



“J.G?”, I heard someone called which made me stopped.



“Young Miss!”, I heard the guards chorused.







Author’s POV





J.G turned and a smile crept on his lips as he see Bella peeping through the gate hole.



“Let him in!”, She ordered the guards who bowed their heads, gesturing J.G to go in.



They opened the gate and he walked into the large premise.



Even the mansion premise was guarded with uncountable security guards.



Bella was standing close to the gate.



“Hey bro!”, She waved at him and he smiled.



“Hey Bel!”.



“How is Jason? Is he inside? Why didn’t you attend school today?”, He added these questions.



“So many questions to answer. I can’t even remember the first one you asked”, she replied before chuckling.



“Okay, how is Jason?”.



“I don’t know. Mom told me not to go to school today and I was excited.


Gosh, I’ve been watching movies on Netflix!”, Bella blabbered.



She continued:


“I don’t know whatever happened to Jas. He has been locked in his bedroom since Friday night, according to what the maids told me. And oh my! You need to see the guards surrounding his bedroom entrance, it was as if the were guarding a hardened criminal. No one told me whatever sin he committed, but I feel pity for him”.



Puzzled, J.G sighed.



“But this was all dad’s doing, I heard that Jason had an argument with him, so he punished him with confinement. So bad!”.



He listened quietly as she talked.



“So, I can’t see him?”, He asked.






“Oh but you can come in, let me prepare you some white tea. Jason told me it’s your favorite and you must be thirsty too!”, Bella said, heading into the mansion.






J.G followed her.



As they entered the grand sitting room, Lady Heisha also walked in.



Bella huffed underneath her breathe.



Lady Heisha shifted her gaze from her to J.G who was standing calmly.



“And you are?”, She asked him.



“Good evening ma’am. I’m Kang JeoGi, Jason’s friend”, he replied.



“You came to see Jason?”.



“Yes ma’am! But…”.



Lady Heisha cut in:


“Follow me!”.



With confusion, he stared at her.



“I said follow me!”, She said, walking away.



“Hun? But I wanna prepare him some tea!”, Bella yelled in annoyance.



Lady Heisha said without turning back; “Go prepare it and take it to Jason’s room!”.



With that, she walked out of sight with J.G trailing behind her.



Grumbling, Bella stamped her feet against the floor:


“As if I’m her servant! ‘go prepare it and bring it to Jason’s room?’ Humph!!”.


She mimicked her, then sneered before storming away.












Walking up the long stairs, I follow slowly behind her.



As we approach a corridor, there were many security guards standing in rows, they all bowed their heads as we walk pass them.



Lady Heisha stopped in front of a door and gave a signal to the guard, who immediately unlocked the door with a key before opening it.



She turned to me and said: “Come in”, before walking in.



Where the hell is she taking me to?



I sighed silently before I followed her in.



It was a large room arranged like a sitting room with two other doors that I think lead to another room.



One of the doors was open widely with bright light reflecting into the sitting room.



“Jason is inside!”, Lady Heisha said to me in a low tone, pointing at the open door.








She moved closer to me.


“You shouldn’t stay long because no visitor is allowed to see him, I’m just helping you”, she said and I nodded.



And with that, she walked out of the room.



I walked swiftly through the open door into a bedroom.



Jason was sitted on a stool, sketching on a drawing board, close to the balcony.








His hand froze on the spot before he turned to me, looking surprised.



“Bro!”, He exclaimed.


“How did you get in?”, He added as he placed his pencil down before standing up to face me.



“Lady Heisha’s help”, I replied, walking to the balcony.




“Lady Heisha? She helped you in?”, He asked, sounding flabagasted.






I leaned my arms on the balcony railing, looking down at the guards standing there.



“They’re even down there”, I said unbelievably.






“The guards of course. So Bella was right. Wait dude, did you murdered someone?”, I said teasingly.



He scoffed as he sat down on the cushion in the balcony.



“Please spare me that!”, He mumbled and I laughed, staring at him.



“You look haggard!”, I muttered and he sighed heavily.



“This is my fate, bro! I’m stuck in here like a prisoner on solitary confinement!”.



“So, what happened? Why were you confined?”, I asked curiously and he groaned.



“Well, lemme start with this, I’m getting engaged to Lisa!”, He blurted and I bursted into laughing.



He rolled his eyes and mumbled:


“It’s not funny!”.



“They finally hooked the Playboy with a random girl!”, I said, choking back my laughter.



“Don’t you get it? I’m getting engaged to MIN LISA! Lisa the devil! The Lisa we all know!”.



Wait, what?!!!












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Inseparable Lovers


( Our High School Love Story )



By: Sulaiman .M. Zainab





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