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❌❌❌ Chapter 28 ❌❌❌



Candy’s POV





The drive home was silent and boring.



Right now, I’m really angry at Bon.



Why would he lied to us?


What’s there if he told us he wanted to visit our granny’s villa?!


It’s not as if we would hold him back!



Bon’s car halted in the parking lot.



Yeah, we left mom’s car at the police station and we came back with Bon’s car.



Bon will go back to the station to bring the car, though.



I got down and slammed the car door shut.



“Candy!”, Lina shouted behind.



Walking hastily into the house, I stopped in the grand sitting room and turned to see Lina and Bon walking in too.


“You liar!”, I shouted angrily, pointing my finger at Bon.



He twitched his eyebrows at me with an unreasonable expression.



“What is it?”, He asked innocently and I scoffed.



“You went to grandpa’s Villa, didn’t you?”, I asked, then silence befell.



Lina sighed as she sat on an orange sofa at the end corner of the room.



After what seemed like forever, Bon replied.



“Yes, I went to grandpa’s Villa. But how did you know?”.



“Wait wait wait! Don’t tell me you guys followed me?”, He asked, shifting his gaze between the me and Lina.



Slouching, I replied in a low tone: “yeah, we did!”.



“Look! It would have been good if you hadn’t lied to us. We were just curious because we knew you were lying!”, I whispered loudly.



“Seriously?! Seriously girls?!”, He exclaimed, running his fingers through his hair and pacing around the entrance.



As he stopped his pace, he dropped a key on the glass table beside me with a loud bang which startled me and I glanced at the key.



“What’s that for?”.



“You guys were curious, right?”, He said, staring at us.



He continued; “I went to grandpa’s villa to collect this key! Mom called and told me to collect it because that’s the spare key to her study room! And you know why? It’s because she wants you to retrieve all your stuffs she seized that are in her study room! I lied because i wanted it to be a surprise!”.



Looking at him in daze, I pursed my lips in defeat.



“Mom’s number has not been available”, Lina said.



That’s right.



“Yeah, but she called me. And also, candy, I gave her your new number, probably she will call you”.



And with that, he walked away.



I sighed silently, staring at the key.



“Babe, you should be happy you got your phones and everything back”, Lina said.



“I still have a lot of questions to ask. I should be happy but I don’t know why I feel empty. Something is going on in this house, Lina!”, I said, furrowing my eyebrows.



I can feel something is not right.



Come to think of it, mom is not back which is quite unusual and dad hasn’t showed up since the day he left for the dinner party he said he was going.



“Hm, I don’t know. But forget about all that, Bon is angry”, she said and I nodded.



“I know. We shouldn’t have doubted him”, I replied, feeling guilty.







Bon’s POV





Driving on the expressway with speed, I clenched my hand around the steering tightly.



I had to lie again!



Actually, I’m not angry because they found out I went to grandpa’s villa but I’m extremely angry at myself.



I couldn’t even tell my sister the truth!



I feel deeply bad about it.



I had to use the key to cover everything up.



I can’t tell her the truth, does that makes me a bad brother to her?





Yeah, I know I am a bad brother and I hate myself for that!!!






Author’s POV





Later, Bon went to the police station to retrieve his mother’s car before going back home.



Candy settled things with him and they went back to their normal selves.



The girls told him about Lina’s mom’s arrival on Sunday and Candy’s plan to sleepover.



He agreed to it and on Sunday, they all went to Lina’s house.



Also, Lady Nanna (Candy’s mom) called Candy and made her believe that her business trip was prolonged.







Seconds turned into minutes and minutes into hours…


It was Monday again.



The school was still buzzling about the last prom party.


It was all on the school internet and the students wouldn’t stop talking about it especially Jason’s mysterious date which was Jennie.



Their pictures were all over.


Jennie arrived at school very late since Jason didn’t showed up to pick her.


She waited for long but she decided to board a bus to the school.



Walking into the class, the lecture has already commenced.


It was a commerce class.



“Kim Jennie, you’re late!”, The commerce teacher said to her strictly.



“I’m sorry sir!”, She replied immediately.



“Take your seat and let’s continue the class!”.



She rushed to her seat and sat herself down as she placed her backpack on the desk.



Before she sat, she noticed Lisa who flashed her a smile. Lina also waved at her.



Then, the class continued…







After about 45 minutes, the commerce class was over and the teacher left.



“Good morning Jennie! Why were you late?”.


Jennie heard Lina’s voice and she turned to her.



*Jason is not in school?!*___ She thought as she took a glance at his empty seat.



“I woke up quite late!”, She replied, smiling.


“Oh! So how was your weekend?”, Lina asked.



“Fantastic! And yours?”.



“It was good!”.



Candy on the other side was busy with her laptop, smiling happily as she operates on it.



“Awwn, I’ve really missed my baby!”, She cooed before giving the laptop a brief kiss.



What the heck?!



“Guys! Jason has not arrived yet!”, ChanSoo said, looking worried.



“I tried his numbers during the weekend but it was all unreachable”, J.G also said.



“That’s unusual. Let’s wait, it’s just past nine. Maybe he got hooked up with something”, Bon said and they all nodded hopefully.



“Haha! ChanSoo, nice hair tint you’ve got!”, Lina complimented and he flushed.



ChanSoo got his hair tinted to aquamarine green.



“That’s right. Your hair is cool bro!”, Bon exclaimed.



“I am envious, I feel like tinting mine too right now”, he added in a childish tone and they laughed.



“Candy, look at ChanSoo’s hair! Awwn, the guy is so cute, isn’t he dreamy? Maybe I should even date him!”, Lina intentionally whispered to Candy’s ear, who turned to her and sent a cold glare.



Chuckling, Lina exclaimed; “oh! Please! Don’t bite me! I was only suggesting!”.



Candy scoffed and said: “it’s not my business! If you like him then go ahead and date him. Who cares?!”.



Lina burst into laughing.


“Someone sounds jealous!”, She teased and Candy look up, glaring at her.



“It’s not funny!”, She muttered and Lina continued her laughter.



“Jennie, how are you?”, They heard Lisa’s voice and everyone turned to her, looking flabagasted.



Did she just said Jennie?



“I am fine!”, Jennie replied with a flash of smile which added to their confound faces.



What the heck?!



Even Candy’s fingers froze in the middle of typing.



“What the hell is going on?”, Lina mumbled in shock.



The gazes Jennie was getting made her uncomfortable on her seat.




Lisa smirked to herself before taking selfies with her phone.







During recess hour…



Lina dragged Jennie along with them to the school cafeteria.



They all sat down on the chairs around a table.



“Jennie, stay away from that Lisa, she is a devil in disguise. I don’t mean to bad-mouth her but it’s the truth!”, Lina said to Jennie.



Candy said chirpily: “Lina, how has that got to do with you? Please, let’s talk about something else. It’s almost eleven and Jason has not arrive!”.



“And his numbers are still unreasonable!”, ChanSoo added as he placed his phone on the table.



“Maybe we should visit him after school today”, J.G suggested.



“Haha! I am definitely not going to the Tan Mansion! I don’t wanna see that Lady Heisha at all and there is no way we can dodge her if we really wanna go there. Oh my, the woman gives me goosebumps!”, Bon said, rubbing his palms against his arms.



They all bursted into laughter at his comment.












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Inseparable Lovers


( Our High School Love Story )



By: Sulaiman M. Zainab





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