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Chapter 19



Jason’s POV





I walked out of my mom’s room after she was asleep.



It was already past 10pm.



“Young master!”, Kay rushed toward me.



“Follow me!”.



We entered my bedroom and I sat on the sofa bed, picked up the TV remote then turned on the TV.



“So?”, I spoke.



“Young Master! Lady Hara came to discuss something with First Madam.


But I couldn’t find out about their discussion!”, Kay replied and I nodded.



That’s unexpected.



I don’t trust those two women.



“Young master! It’s getting late, you should go to bed. Remember you’ve to wake up early so that you can get to Miss. Jennie’s house as early as possible”, he said.



Talking about Jennie, my face lit up.



I turned off the TV and placed the remote down.



“You can leave now!”, I said to Kay, smiling.



“Yes Young Master! Good night!”.






I slumped on my bed and picked up my phone.



Hey little princess! You’re there?



I sent a text message to Jennie.



Who are you?



Not long, a message from her came in.



I chuckled.



Yeah, she doesn’t know I have her number.


After all, I’m Jason Tan.



Really? You don’t know me? Don’t pretend, I’m sure you’re blushing right now!



Get out! Why are you still awake at this time of the night?



Now you know me?







Why are you still awake too?



Why should I tell you?



Why do I need to tell you too






Hey! Are you angry?!



She didn’t reply again.



Hey! You are still there?








Why is this girl so stubborn?!





She replied.



Are you mad at me?









What ever!



Jennie, I followed you on We-chat








This girl is becoming more daring. I love that!



So you should follow me too!I insist!



Almost fifteen minutes now, she hasn’t reply.



Suddenly, a notification popped on my phone, it’s from We-chat.



I clicked on it.





Just now



“Hun?”, I exclaimed and sat up on the bed.





She followed me.



Smiling happily, I opened my We-chat.



Haha, what an honour! Miss. Kim Jennie followed me!



I sent to her.



Indeed a great honour Mr. Jason Tan!



She replied and I bursted into laughter.



Then, I continued teasing her and we chatted for long before I slept.






(Jason’s mom)


Lady YooRa





I heard a loud knock on the door.



Who is that?


At this time of the night?



Maybe it’s Jason.



I turned on the lamps and got down from the bed, walking reluctantly to the door.



I opened it to see Lady Heisha.



“Why are you here?”, I asked and she walked in.



“I came to discuss something with you!”.



“It’s already late!”.



She can’t possibly harm me, right?



She sat herself down on the couch, looking at me.



“Why don’t you close the door?”, She said.



“I don’t trust you!”.



“YooRa, I won’t hurt!”.



“I’m a married woman, you can’t call me by my name!”, I said.



“But you are younger than me. And you were my fashion designer back then before you snatched my husband!”, She said scornfully.



“I didn’t snatched your husband! You’re still in the Tan family. You still have your honour as the First Madam of the Tan family compared to me, I’m just an ordinary second madam with an illegitimate son. And Lady Heisha, I was your fashion designer, that was nineteen years ago!”.



She glared at me and stood up.



“Do you still wanna discuss whatever you came for, I’m feeling sleepy!”, I added.


“I want you to tell Jason that he will be engaged very soon”.






I laughed briefly and said; “Engaged with what? The company’s affairs?”.



“To a lady! You truly understand what I meant! Stop playing dumb with me! I just want you to tell him!”.



“If my son wants to get engaged to a lady, he’ll tell me!”.



“Haha! That’s for you to say but not for us to decide! It’s Old Master Tan’s decision!”.



“Really? I’ll tell my son, but if he doesn’t accept it, that’s final! I want the best for my son, if you wanna get him engaged to any lady he doesn’t love, I won’t accept it!”.



“YooRa! When did you started making decisions in this family?! I don’t need your decision, I just want you to tell him yourself!”.



“I won’t let you use me against my son! You should tell him yourself!”.



“YooRa! It was Chairman’s decision! You can’t go against his words!”.



“Look here Lady Heisha! I don’t care! When last did I even saw the Chairman called my husband?! My son is my happiness, if he is not happy I can never be happy! Tell him yourself, if he accepts, then I’m okay with it!”.



“Do you want to ruin the Tan family?! This is business we are talking about!”.


“Now, marriage is involved with financial business?”.



“I can’t blame you because you can never understand business!”, She shouted at me.



“And I can’t blame you too because you have never had a child!”, I yelled back and she froze, staring at me.



Oh God!


I didn’t mean to say that!


She vexed me.





She suddenly slapped me.



“How dare you?! How dare you YooRa?!”, She growled angrily.



Oh my!


What have I done?!



“I’ll make sure you’re kicked out of this family!”, She yelled.



“I’m sorry to say this, no one can kick me out of this house! I’ve endured for very long!”, I replied calmly.



“And I’m really sorry Lady Heisha! I didn’t mean what I said earlier! I’m really sorry!”, I pleaded with sincerity.



“You’ve got some nerves now!”, She said and stormed out of my room.



I slumped on the floor weakly with my palm on my cheek.


I want happiness for my son!



Marriage is a life time contract, it can’t be toyed with.



If he accepts, then so be it!



Who is even the lady they want him engaged to?












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Inseparable Lovers


( Our High School Love Story )



By: Sulaiman M. Zainab






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