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Chapter 25



Jennie’s POV









What is she doing here?






She stood on the door post, smiling at me.



What the heck?



“Good morning Jennie!”, She waved at me.



This is the same girl that told me to look forward to something more disgraceful, yesterday.



Why is she here today?


In my house!


Why is she acting politely and innocent?


How did she got my home address?



All these questions just started battling for answer in my mind.



I swallowed hard and gave a flash smile; “h…hi!”.



“Can I come in?”, She asked, still smiling.





Come into where?






She interrupted me; “please, I need to talk to you!”.



She can’t harm me in my own house, right?



I opened the door widely, then paved way for her as she walked in.



I led her to the sitting room and gestured her to seat.



Mia, who was operating on her i-pad, look up at me before shifting her gaze to Lisa.



Well, she got the i-pad as a gift during an international quiz competition, where she won the first position.



“Jennie, can we go somewhere more private?”, Lisa asked and I look at her perplexed.



What is she up to now?


Whatever it is, I’m sure it’s no good.



“There is a public playground close to to this place, let’s go there!”, I said and she nodded.



“That’s good!”.







We both sat on one of the long metal benches positioned under a big tree in the playground.



I don’t just feel comfortable with her fake innocent look.



We sat there in silence for long because I’m sure not gonna speak first.



The playground was slightly crowdy since it was weekend.



“Jennie!”, I heard Lisa called beside me and I turned to look at her.



“I’m really sorry for everything. I know I’ve been bad to you in the few days you’ve resumed our school, I really didn’t mean everything. Find a place in



your heart to forgive me, please. I know you don’t still trust me, but I’ll make it up to you. I swear, I’ve turned a new leaf. Please Jennie!”, She pleaded, holding my hand, which sent me into a world of confusion.



Staring at me with sincerity, tears started rolling out of her eyes.



“I’m sorry!”, She mumbled in tears.Recommend you to download Topster Stories App for Exclusive Access To Erotic and Romantic stories



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This is a great description of the word ‘perplexity’.


I’m in the awkward situation right now.



As in, did Lisa just apologized?


No!; Is she really sincere?





She tapped my hand to get my attention back.



I sighed and said; “Lisa, you didn’t offended me. I did nothing to you, you just seemed to dislike me. I have nothing against you!”.



“That’s why I’m sorry. Please forget about all of that! And about what I said to you at the prom, I didn’t mean it, I was in a bad mood. Please forget it!”.



“It’s okay Lisa. I’ve forgiven you. It’s okay!”.








I nodded and she smiled, wiping her tears with an handkerchief.



“Thank you!”.



I couldn’t take it anymore, the more she cried the more guilt ate me up. I felt like I was responsible for her tears. All she asked for was forgiveness.



It’s normal if she turned a new leaf overnight, she must be feeling guilty for bad behavior, right?







❌❌❌ Lisa’s POV ❌❌❌





I entered my car feeling disgusted and my chauffeur closed the door.



I just left Jennie’s house.





I feel like puking, this environment is so disgusting.



Haha, I can’t believe she easily trusted me!



Let’s see how my plan will go.


I swear, I’ll make sure I separate Jennie and Jason.



I don’t care if Jason loves her or not but the way things are going lately, Jason really likes that commoner.



Jason is mine and mine alone!



Since it’s weekend, I’ve got nowhere to go.



I got down from the car, before walking into the house.



My mom’s personal maid rushed to me as I proceeded to walk up the stairs. She said; “Young Miss! Madam wants to see you. She is at the backyard garden”.



I glanced at her scornfully before heading to my room.







I walk into the rose garden.





Is rose the only flower on Earth?



I hate this garden big time.



I saw mom from a far and I walked up to her slowly.



She was putting on a gardener gloves and holding a flower trimmer.



“You wanted to see me!”, I said as I tucked my hair behind my ears.



She stopped whatever she was doing to the flowers and turned to me.



“You seems to have forgotten about your engagement to Jason. After you passed out during our last conversation, you haven’t say anything about it!”, She said and I stare at her puzzled.


If I am right, I dreamt about the engagement, it was not real.


But how did she knew?


What is she saying because I don’t understand!



“Make it clearer!”, I said in a low tone and she eyed me.



“Your engagement with Jason Tan that I discussed with you, you haven’t say anything about it!”, She said loudly, visibly pissed.



It seems like another dream, so I pinched my cheek with my fingers but I


felt the pain.


It’s real!



Grabbing her hand, I said happily; “mom! I’m getting engaged to Jason Tan, is that what you mean?”.



“Obviously!”, She mumbled and I released her hand in shock filled with excitement.



I’m getting engaged to Jason Tan!


Getting engaged means I’ll become Jason Tan’s fiancee!!!!


All the world will know about it!!!!


Jason Tan will finally be mine!!!!



Not knowing how to showcase my excitement, I started jumping around the garden.



“I’m getting engaged to Jason Tan! I’m getting engaged to Jason Tan!”, I sang, smiling happily.



“Don’t get too excited, we haven’t fixed the date for the engagement!”, I heard mom said but I ignored her.



I can’t imagine the expression on everyone’s faces if they finds out!


I, Min Lisa, will get engaged to Jason Tan!


After getting engaged, I’ll officially become Jason’s wife-to-be!!!!!



Haha, Candy, Jennie, all of them!





I couldn’t help but burst into laughter.



“I need to post it on the school group chat!”, I said to myself, feeling pleased.



“Lisa, you can’t do that yet!”, Mom interrupted and I frown.






“The engagement plan is still going on. Let’s fix everything up before you go around blurting to everyone!”.



I snorted, walking away.



Such a plan bomber!



But anyway, I’m surely getting engaged to Jason Tan!



Can I really keep my mouth shut on this engagement for now?


I don’t think so!


My exciting self is urging me to tell everyone right at this moment!







Candy’s POV





“Oh yeah! My mom is coming home tommorow!”, Lina yelled excitedly as she walked into my room.



I’ve been busy cleaning up my room.


Right now, I’m arranging my books in the shelves.



I sat on the floor close to the shelves, arranging the books I scattered on the floor.



“Really? Aunt is coming back tomorrow?”, I asked unbelievably and she nodded sheepishly.



She also sat down on the floor opposite me, picking up some magazines and flipping their pages.



I dropped the book I was holding and frowns.



“What is it?”, Lina asked.



“You’re going back to your house tomorrow too? You’re gonna leave me alone?”, I said, sucking my bottom lip.



“Candy! Don’t worry, I’ll come back very soon. You know mom won’t stay here for long. And it’s not as if this is the first time I’ll leave!”.



“Yeah, but I’m not used to staying alone again. You have been here for more than a month now!”.



“How about this? Since your mom is not back, let’s go to my house together. We should tell Bon, maybe he’ll be interested too!”.



“Sounds great! I’ve really missed Aunt! Let’s plan a surprise welcome party for her!”.



“Cool! Mom will be happy!”, Lina replied, smiling.



“Lina, talking about my mom, it’s almost a week now, she said she is going on three days business trip. I’ve called her number several times but it’s not available!”, I said worriedly.



“Oh my! I’ve been thinking about it too. It’s almost a week now!”, Lina replied, looking baffled.



Just then, someone flung the door opened and we quickly turned to the direction.



It was Bon.



He strode toward us, smirking.



This brat!



“Don’t you have your hands to knock? How dare you bang into my room?! Where are your manners?”, I yelled at him as he sat himself on the couch.



“I left them in my room”, he replied.


“Go and get them!”.



“My room is locked”.






“Hey twinny! You’re angry? I can’t remember the last time you knocked on my bedroom door too!”.






“Yeah, really!”.



“It’s okay guys!”, Lina interrupted us.



“Bon, you’re looking good, going somewhere?”, She asked.



“Yeah. I’m going to…







Bon’s POV





Oh my!



I almost blurted it out.



The two girls wouldn’t stop staring at me with curiousity, waiting for me to complete my sentence.



I scratched my neck nervously.



“Going to where?”, Lina asked, moving her forehead up and down at me.



I laughed nervously.



I can’t tell them that I’m going to see Mom.


No! That’ll stir up a big explanation.



“I’m going to see my friends!”, I said, giving them a puppy face.



“You liar! It’s obvious that you’re lying! Now tell us, where are you going?”, Candy asked in a commanding tone.



Not wasting any more time, I spranged on my feet and ran out of the room.



“You brat! Come back here!”, I heard them yell before I slammed the door shut.



I sighed before heading to the elevator.







Candy’s POV





Immediately Bon ran out of the room, I look to Lina who also turned to look at me.



“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”, I asked her.



“That’s if we’re thinking the same thing!”, She replied and my eyes lit up.



“Let’s follow him!”, We both chorused in a whisper.



“Inconspicuously!”, I added and we did a high-five.



Wherever you’re going twinny, we’ll find out!












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Inseparable Lovers


( Our High School Love Story )



By: Sulaiman M. Zainab





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