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Chapter 18


Author’s POV





After a little sip from her tea, Mrs. Min replied; “Nothing much! I just want my daughter, Lisa, to marry Jason!”.



Lady Heisha’s eyes widened in shock and surprise.



*Is she crazy? How rude! She dares to sit in my study room! In the Tan Mansion! With great confidence and even dared to talk garbage! Her arrogant and uncultured daughter should marry Jason Tan? She even said it with no fear! Even family of higher status than hers can’t dare! Is it a declare or request?!* ___she thought, looking at Mrs. Min with hatred, who was also staring at her with confidence.


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Lady Heisha stood up, pacing around the large room and rubbing her fingers together.



“And what makes you so confident?”, She asked.



Mrs. Min brought out a file from her bag, then slammed it on the center table, which made Lady Heisha turn to her.



“I have a land in India which I recently bought. It’s three hundred hectares of land!”, She said and Lady Heisha bursted into laughter.



“Ridiculous! Mrs. Min! Do you remember where you are? This is the Tan Mansion! You want to offer us just three hundred hectares of land for your daughter to marry the heir of Tan family? Just three hundred hectres? Are you kidding me? Or what are you trying to insinuate?”, Lady Heisha said, unbelievably.




Mrs. Min picked up the file and stood up. She replied; “I know. Compare to the Tan properties, three hundred hectares of land is just like a drop of water from the ocean. But I’m not stupid to have come here to offer that tiny hectres of land. Aren’t you curious about the most fascinating thing I found in the land?”.



Lady Heisha looked up at her, now in curiousity. “What is it?”.



Smiling, Mrs. Min stretched out the file toward her.



Giving a shrug, she collected the file, then open to read.



With her eyes widen in shock, she look up at Mrs. Min; “Crude oil?”.



“Hm, Crude oil! I’ll give Tan family the land for free and in exchange, my daughter and Jason will marry each other! Since they’ll be together forever, you’ll gain alot of wealth from the land forever too! That land is a rare luck but I got the luck, so it was difficult for me to decide that I give it out for free. But since it’s a great offer for my daughter to be a Madam in the Tan family, I made the difficult decision”, said Mrs. Min.



“Hun, you don’t expect me to believe this little file!”, Lady Heisha snorted.



“You can send your people to confirm it! And here is the land purchase certificate!”.



Mrs. Min brought out a spiral binded file and gave it to her.



“Nevertheless, Mrs. Min, I don’t want your daughter to marry Jason!”.



“Really? What will happen if Chairman Tan heard about my offer and you already rejected it?”, She replied and Lady Heisha’s face darkened immediately.



After a short silence, Lady Heisha spoke out; “Of course, I’ll send my people to confirm the land before we can make any deal. I will talk to the Chairman about it. If the crude oil is true like you’ve said, rest assured!”.



Smiling, Mrs. Min said; “Trust me. After the confirmation and agreement, I want them to get engaged before their graduation.”.



“Hm!”, Lady Heisha nodded.



“Then, I gotta go now!”.



Mrs. Min collected the land purchase certificate and picked up her bag, ready to leave.



“I’ll e-mail you if the Chairman accept the deal, so that we can talk about the land confirmation!”, Lady Heisha said to her and Mrs. Min nodded with a smile.



“I will get some guards to escort you out!”, She added as she walked to her office desk, then pressed a button on the desk which made a beep sound.



Immediately, five security guards rushed in and bowed in respect.



“Escort her safely out of the mansion!”, Lady Heisha ordered.



“Yes Ma’am!”.








Jason’s POV





After school, I went to drop Jennie at her home before I headed home too.



My car drove into the compound and halted in front of the mansion.



I got down from the car and entered the mansion.



“Welcome Young Master!”, All the servants chorused as they bowed a little.



A maid rushed to me with my slippers.


I pulled out my shoes, then wore the slippers.



“Jason!”, I heard someone called.



I look up to see…a woman walking down the stairs with her heels making loud sound as it steps on the marble floor. Some guards were trailing behind her.



“Who is she?”, I asked no one in particular.



“Young Master! She is Lady Hara of the Min family! Miss. Lisa’s mother!”, Kay replied.



Kay is my personal bodyguard.




Lisa’s mother?



What is she doing here?



The woman stopped few inches away from me, smiling.



“Jason! Long time no see!”, She said and I scoffed.



“I don’t think I know you!”, I replied in a low tone.



“Hm, of course you know me but you’re not ready to remember”.



“Maybe!”, I mumbled and walked away.







“Kay! I want to know why she was here!”, I said as I entered my bedroom.



“Yes Young Master!”.



He bowed and walked out of the room.



I freshened up before I went to my mom’s room.







Candy’s POV





I treated my hands immediately I got home.



We just arrived from school.



My hands are hurting due to the punishment.



I didn’t even attended any class because after I finished my task I took a nap in the garden.



Lina walked in to my bedroom and sat on the bed.



“Should I order for some pizza? You must be hungry!”, She asked.



“I don’t want pizza!”.



“Then, you want ice cream and sponge cake? Let’s go to KFC!”.



“My body is aching!”, I groaned.



“Should I tell the maids to prepare food for you? What do you wanna eat?”.



“I’m not hungry!”, I snarled.



“Oop! You’re still in a bad mood!”, She mumbled.










Lisa’s POV




It was already 10 o’clock when I sneaked into the house.



Mum must be asleep.



Holding my backpack and shoes, I walk up the stairs noiselessly in the dark.



Suddenly, everywhere lightened up and I froze on the spot.



“Going somewhere, Lisa?”, I heard my mom’s voice behind me.



I regained my sense after few seconds and turned back.



She was standing down the stairs dressed in a black night gown, staring at me.



I swallowed hard as she started walking up the stairs toward me.



“Where were you last night?”, She asked, now close to me.



I went stiff and speechless.









I opened my mouth to say something but the pain I felt on my cheek got the words stucked in my throat.



She just slapped me.


I tucked my hair behind my ear, staring at her with hatred.



Her eyebrows furrows suddenly as her eyes swept on my face.



“You got into a fight?”, She asked and my heart almost jumped out through my mouth.



Oh my God!


The bruises on my face!



“No! I…”.






She slapped my other cheek too.



I bited my lips in anger until I tasted blood in my mouth.



“What? Hun? Why do you care? Wherever I slept last night, why do you care?! If I got into a fight, WHY DO YOU CARE?!!!”, I growled at her as she stares at me unbelievably.



“You’re out of your mind! You humiliated me yesterday! You humiliated me for the fact that you didn’t attended the dinner with Chairman Choi! You slept outside just to avoid the dinner! But you still have the gut to come back into this house?!”, She yelled and I scoffed.



“This is my father’s house! I have every right to come back whenever I want! And how has the dinner got to do with me? It’s not my business! Your dinner with him, I don’t care! Yes, I slept outside yesterday, so what? You’re afraid I might get pregnant as well? Just like you got my pregnancy when you were 16 years old!”.



Her face darkened in rage and she slapped me again.



Pointing her finger at me, she shouted angrily; “Listen to me young lady! You have no right to say such rubbish! Get that into your skull!”.



“Yeah, I understand! But why are you really concerned about the dinner? After all, you just want to marry him to acquire his wealth, then toss him aside, like you’ve done to others!”, I said, smiling mischievously.



Glaring at me, she clenched her fists.



“You’re a bastard! Ungrateful animal!”, She said in a low tone and stormed away.



“Yeah! I’m a bastard since you had me out of wedlock!”, I yelled for her to hear.



I sighed heavily, then sat on the floor tiredly.



Tears started escaping my eyes, flowing down my cheeks.



My family can never be perfect again.



Candy was right, my family is messed up!










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Inseparable Lovers


( Our High School Love Story )



By: Sulaiman M. Zainab




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