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Chapter 23




Author’s POV





“Jen, just ignore. Don’t panic!”, Jason whispered to her.



“Hm!”, She nodded.



Hun? Why is Jason with that commoner?



Isn’t that Jennie?



Look at her dress!



I can’t believe she is the one



Is she Jason’s date?



The murmur went on as Jason and Jennie walk into the Hall.



Candy, Lina, and Jason’s friends were not exempted as they all stare in shock and surprise.



Candy was wearing a royal blue monkey-tail with V-neck and tri-quarter sleeves. The edge of the sleeves and gown were designed with pink soft wool.


A pink clutch and pink glass-like wedges to match.



Lina on the other hand was wearing a yellow open-shoulder short flay gown with black tummy belt. A yellow with black stripe mini-bag and black heels.



They were all chatting before Jason and Jennie arrived.



“What the f***?”, Lina exclaimed.



“It’s Jennie! OMG! I think am crushing on her!”, Bon cooed and Lina glared at him.



“Ohh, sorry babe!”, He whispered, chuckling.



“Hey guys!”, Jason walked to their table with Jennie.



“Wow! Look who we’ve got here. Jason, who is this damsel?”, Bon asked.



“As if you’re blind!”, Lina replied.



“Wow! You look beautiful Jennie. I almost didn’t recognize you!”, Lina said to Jennie who smiled.



“Is this not Jennie?”, Someone said behind them and they all turned to see Lisa, smiling.



She was wearing a pepper red strapless gown with sweetheart neck and a slit that reach her mid-thigh. On the tummy are flower-like holes that expose her bare tummy.


A red clutch and red heels to match.



“So, you are alive? I thought you were dead since you were absent for two days!”, Bella said as she walk to their table.



Lisa’s face darkened.



“As you can see, I’m still alive!”, She replied as she collected a glass cup of drink from an usher.




“Whatever! Please don’t ruin this prom party, Lisa!”, Lina said, then rolled her eyes.



Lisa smirked; “I won’t!”.







Jennie’s POV





The party went on interesting.



Everyone was having fun and some students played truth/dare.



They dared a girl to do lap dance with Jason.



Gosh! Jason is such a flirt!


He didn’t even rejected.









We were all sitted around a big circular table.



A table for each classes.



Varieties of food, fruit and drink were arranged on them as everyone chatted.



Music was blasting and some students were dancing.



Oh my!


This is the most fascinating prom party I’ve ever attended.


Though, I feel like the only boring person in here because I haven’t stood up from my seat.


All I did was cheer, laugh and smile to the fun things everyone was doing.



Jason was also busy chatting with his friends, moving here and there.







Later, the pop music stopped and waltz started.



Few students paired to the stage, dancing to the rhythm.





So boring!



I took a bite on my grape, playing game on my phone.



“Hey!”, Jason whispered beside me and I turned to him.



“Let’s dance!”, He said.



“Hun? That boring dance?”, I asked and he chuckled.



“No, let’s try it!”.



“I can’t dance!”.


“I’ll teach you!”.









“Jason, no!”.



“Jenny, please!”.







Jason persisted for long and I had to accept.



Such a stubborn guy!



Candy paired with ChanSoo and I must say they’re cute together.



Lina paired with Bon and Bella with a cute guy.



After the dance, I was tired.



Walking toward my seat, I felt someone stepped on my dress and I almost fell on my face but someone held my hand.



With my eyes widened in shock and fear, I slowly regained my stamina.



Oh God!


I thought I would fell!



I can still feel the person’s cold hand around mine.


I turned to see Lisa, holding my hand and smiling maliciously.





Lisa of all people!



She released my hand and said loudly; “Ohh, sorry! Sorry, I accidentally stepped on your lovely dress and you almost fell! How humiliating it would have been?! But thank goodness, I was fast to held you back!”.





What is she up to again?


I know she intentionally did it because I could tell from her mockery expression, but why did she help me when I almost fell?



I stare at her and she smirked, moving closer to me.



She leaned her head toward my ear and whispered; “if you had fell, imagine how embarrassing and disgraceful it would have been! But still, I helped you! Jennie, look forward to something more disgraceful than this!”.



With that, she walked away.



As if I just understood everything she whispered, a gasp escaped my mouth due to fear.





That girl is a devil!



I looked around but no one noticed what just happened.



What have I done to this Lisa girl?


I don’t know why she hates me!




*Jennie, look forward to something more disgraceful than this!* ___her words echoed in my brain again and I trembled.



“Are you okay?”, I heard Jason’s voice and I look up.






He twitched his eyebrows and moved closer to me.



“Are you sure?”.



I sighed silently, then smiled.



“I’m fine!”.







Finally, the prom party was over.



It was already past eight.



“Guys, let’s go to club! It’s Friday evening!”, Lina exclaimed happily as we all walk out of the building.






“Jennie, you’re coming with us, right?”, Bon asked and I shook my head.



“I don’t club”, I replied.



“Are you kidding me? It’s Friday evening! Let’s just have fun!”, Lina said.



“I’m sorry, I can’t!”.



“Okay, okay! She doesn’t club! You guys go ahead, I’ll join you later!”, Jason interrupted and grabbed my hand, walking to the car.



I entered the car and he also entered through the other door before the car drove off.







Jason’s POV





After I dropped Jennie at her house, I went to the clubhouse.



I couldn’t stop thinking about Jennie.


She is more beautiful today.



It was almost ten when I arrived at home.



Feeling happy, I walked to the kitchen to get myself a bottle of yogurt.


Kay also followed me.



Gulping the yogurt, a maid came in.



“Young Master! Old Master Tan wants to see you in his study room!”, She said to me as she bowed.


I furrowed my eyebrows.



My father wants to see me?



“Okay”, I replied.



“Kay, go and check on my mom. Tell her I went to see father!”, I said to Kay behind me.



“Yes Young Master!”.



I opened the study room door slowly before I entered.



My father was sitted on the chair with his hands on the office desk, looking at the tab.



I walked to him and bowed a little.






He groaned silently and dropped the tab on his office desk.



He look up at me and sighed.



I shifted my gaze to the tab and saw a picture of me and Jennie at the prom party displayed on it.



“Do you love her?”, Father asked in a low tone.



“She is the commoner you gave a scholarship into E.T.H.S! When did you started acting irrational?!”, He yelled.



“You’re my heir! You flirt around with girls, do you think I have no idea about it?! Did you know the chaos your irrational attitude caused when you gave the girl a scholarship? Do you think you can even be with her? You better get rid of your stupid feeling for her before it’s too late! Jason, I can even allow you to date her as your girlfriend as long as you remember this, she will never become a Madam in this household as long I am alive! But I hope I’m wrong. You don’t love her, right? Or let me say, hope you are not falling in love with her? If you marry her, of what benefit will she be for you? You have to marry a girl who will benefit us!”, He said and I kept mute.



After a long silence, he spoke again; “Jason, you don’t have anything to say?!”.



I look up at him and shook my head.



“I don’t have anything to say, father!”.



“You!…”, He glared at me and stood up.



After a long silence, he said calmly; “I was informed that you haven’t attend your private classes, you take lectures with your mates!”.



“Yes father! It’s boring taking lectures alone in my private lounge. I prefer staying in class with others!”.



He sighed.



“If you insist!”.



“And about your engagement!”, He added.







“Didn’t your stepmother told you about your engagement?!”.



“No father! I have no idea”.



“You’re getting engaged to Min Lisa!”.



Hahahaha, engagement? To Min Lisa? Haha, probably she is his friend’s daughter. I hope it’s not the Min Lisa I know.



“If I may ask, who’s she?”, I asked anxiously.



“You don’t know Min Lisa? Your stepmother said that she is your classmate!”.









That witch?!












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Inseparable Lovers


( Our High School Love Story )



By: Sulaiman M. Zainab





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