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Chapter 22



Jennie’s POV





I packed them back into the parcel and carried it up, heading to my bedroom.



“Hey! Won’t you tell me who sent them? Your new f***ing rich boyfriend?”, Mia shouted, trailing behind me.






I entered my room and shut the door across her face, then locked it.



I heard her squeaked and I rolled my eyes as I sat on my mattress.



I brought out the dress, staring a it.


Suddenly, my phone started ringing, which made me startled.



I picked up the phone on my mattress; it’s Jason.



Tell me you’re dressed already!



He said and I sighed.



Jason, I can’t accept the package you sent. It’s…



He interrupted before I could complete my sentence.



It’s what? Too cheap? Throw them away, I’ll send another!





Throw what away?


What is too cheap?



That’s not what I mean. As in, thank you so much but I can’t accept it! It’s too expensive. You don’t expect me to wear them to the school prom night. What will people think? I stole them or borrowed them?



He chuckled.



Who will dare to think about that if they see you with me? Jen, you talk too much, get dressed! I’m waiting outside





Outside where?



Hun? Outside where?



Your house of course! Huh, the sun is so bright and I think I’m getting melted like an ice cream. At least, lemme rest in your house before you get ready. Open the front door!



He said and I’m sure he smirked.



I spranged on my feet.





He is outside?


As in right now?!



I rushed out of my room to the front door with my phone still placed on my ear.



“What happened to you?”, Mia yelled.



I ignored her and opened the door, to see Jason standing in all his glory.



He was also holding his phone against his ear with his s£xy lips curved into a thin line.



What the heck?


He is really here?



We kept staring at each other and I swear, I’m not ready to look away. He is just too perfect!



His black tuxedo was cutely fitted on him with a bow tie and his hairstyle ––


– is dope!




You need to see his black leather shoes too!



Oh heaven Lord!


Is he a newlywed groom?


Is he an angel of beauty?


No!; Is he the god of beauty?



How can a human being be so so so ––– I don’t know the word to qualify it


––– enchanting? Yeah, lemme use enchanting!



His voice snapped me back to reality; “I wish you can drool at me for the rest of the day but unfortunately, time is not on our sides today. Miss. Kim, at least let me in!”.



I blinked my eyes rapidly before looking away with a blush of embarrassment.



Don’t blame me, he is just too enchanting to be ignored.



“OH MY LORD!!!”, Mia screamed in shock, staring at Jason.










Jason sat down in the sitting room, smiling.



What the heck is wrong with this guy?



Why is he smiling?


It’s not as if he is in paradise!



You need to see the way he was looking around the sitting room with a look of happiness.





What am I even saying?!



Mia walked in with a bottle of water and a glass cup on a small tray, not taking her eyes off Jason.



She placed the tray on the table in front of him, smiling sheepishly.



“Hey handsome!”, She whispered.



Oh My!


This brat!



Jason turned to look at her.



“Are…are you… really Jason Tan?”, She asked cautiously.



“Hm!”, Jason nodded and she gasped again.



“Can…I touch…you?”.






Mia stretched her hand out and caressed his cheek.



What the…



“You must be Mia!”, He said and she nodded sheepishly.



“Yes! How did you… Ohh, Jennie must have told you about me, after all she is your girlfriend!”, Mia said and my eyes widened in surprise.



Not only my eyes, you need to see Jason’s too.



He shifted his gaze to me and I look away in embarrassment.



This is the most awkward moment ever!


Thanks to Mia, the little devil!



I can’t take this shit any longer, I’m totally out of words.



How do I face Jason later?



I glared at Mia before running off to my room.



“Your room is quite portable, I like it!”, I heard someone’s voice behind me and I startled.



Ohh, it was the middle-aged woman Jason brought to take care of my makeup.


She was holding a medium box ––– that I think must be the makeup box.



I forced a smile; “Thank you!”.



“Let’s get started, it’s getting late!”, She said and I nodded.







I kept staring at my reflection on the full length mirror.



Is this really me?



The makeup and hairdo totally transformed me.


I must say I look beautiful than I expected.



And the dress… it’s a fitted A-shaped gown with sweetheart neck and off-shoulder. The back is open down to my back waist and from the waist is a long flay with slits, reaching the floor.


The dress is an emerald but the material used for the off-shoulder is silver color; which the back shoulder is a bit longer, covering few of my exposed bare back.



The woman did a light makeup on my face and I love it.


My hair was also braided in a French plait.



I put on my silver heels and stuffed the silver mini-bag with few things I might need.



“Wow! You look so beautiful!”, The woman said with admiration and I smiled.



“Thank you ma’am!”.







I walked out of my bedroom with the woman.





The heels are making hell of noise as I walk.



We met Jason and Mia laughing.



What is so funny?



I’ll roast this Mia girl once I get back from the prom party!



They stopped their laughter and turned their attention to us.



Jason widened his mouth open as he stood up slowly, staring at me.



Oh my!


I look horrible, I guess!



“Wow! Look at this goddess!”, Mia said, checking me out.



I look up at Jason and can you believe he was still staring?



I walked toward him.



“I wish you can drool at me for the rest of the day but unfortunately, time is not on our sides today. Mr. Jason Tan, let’s get going!”, I said with a smirk.





Did I just said that?!


Where did I gathered my courage?!


I used his words against him, haha!



Oh Jennie!


You’re such a brat!



Jason looked away in embarrassment and I chuckled.



He turned to Mia and said; “I’ve a little package for you!”.







He walked to the front door, opened it and someone handed a big shopping bag to him.



“Mia, it’s a present for you!”, He said and gave it to Mia who was puzzled.



She opened the shopping bag and gasped.



“Really?!”, She exclaimed.






“Thank you!”.





What’s in that shopping bag.



Mia turned to me and blurted; “You won’t be the only one enjoying prom! Don’t worry, I’ll cover you up when mom arrive. You can enjoy your time with Mr. Beauty!”.










I sat in the car beside Jason who kept glancing at me.



I’m fully filled with guilt.


The girlfriend thing Mia spouted.


What is he thinking about me?



“I like your sister, she is just like Bella too!”, Jason broke the awkward silence and I gave a faint smile.



“And your house…I like it too. It’s portable and peaceful!”, He said and I look up at him.



“My neighborhood is always noisy, you saw everything. How can that be more peaceful than your mansion?”, I said and he sighed.



“At least, you’ve peace of mind that no one is there to make any trouble for your family”, he said in a whisper and I furrow my eyebrows.



“What do mean?”.



He smiled at me before looking out of the car.



“It’s nothing!”.



I stared at him for few seconds.



What could be bothering him?


Is it possible that he also has something bothering him?



“Jason! About what my sister said. The girlfriend thing…am sorry. She is just good in spouting rubbish”, I said and I heard him chuckled which made me look up at him.



He was also looking at me.



“It’s nothing!”.




“But Jason, I don’t really wanna go to the prom party!”.



He smirked and look away.



“You talk too much!”, He mumbled and I sighed silently.



“And you look beautiful!”, He said and I look at him again in surprise, he was just staring outside the car.



I smiled faintly.







Finally, we arrived at school.



It’s already past five.



The car halted in front of the school hall building and the door opened.



I clutched onto my bag nervously as I got down from the car.



Jason also got down and walked to my side.



“Go ahead, I’ll follow behind you!”, I said and he furrowed his forehead.



“Why should I? You are my date!”, He replied and I look up at him in shock.









“Your what? You want me to attend the prom party! Not to be your date, Jason!”.



“What were you thinking?”, He smirked and grabbed my hand.



“Let’s go!”.



We walked into the building and I must say it’s magnificent.



It’s seems like the party has already started because few students were still outside.



And those students wouldn’t stop staring.






We took an elevator to another floor which looks entirely different.



Still holding my hand, we walk toward a giant door where few ice-looking guards stood by the sides.





Standing there all day long with no expression, wouldn’t that be boring?


I pity them!



They opened the giant door and Jason dragged me in gently.



I was greeted by the most amazing sight ever!



It was really spacious and luxurious.


It looks exactly like a fancy dinner party.


I’m sure this room can occupy more than a thousand people.



Everyone was chattering and drinking but they all turned their attention to us as we stepped in.



Silence befell before murmuring started.



I swallowed hard and my body went stiff.


Almost all eyes in the room was on me ––– well, all eyes…



I felt Jason’s hand holding tighter.










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Inseparable Lovers


( Our High School Love Story )



By: Sulaiman M. Zainab





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