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Chapter 21



Candy’s POV






I walked into the school garden.



Few students were there, so I went to a quiet area, where I sat on the swing-like chair.



Right now, I’m feeling guilty.



ChanSoo has always been nice to me but what have I done in return? Snubbing him.



Truthfully, I like ChanSoo but Jason…



I don’t understand my feeling for Jason, but I must say I like him too.



No, I love him but… Is my feeling for Jason just infatuation?



ChanSoo is cool, caring, loving, jovial and everything ––– and he loves me; as he says.



But Jason; he is cool too, caring, loving, he is jovial too ––– but does he love me?



I remember he once told my brother that he likes me as his friend. Does that mean he doesn’t love me?



Then, it’s one-sided love?





don’t want one-sided love! I want him to love me!



And ChanSoo…


That cute brat!







The first time Candy and ChanSoo met, they were just five years old.



That time, Candy was picking some flowers in the school garden when she noticed a cute chubby boy, staring at her.



Smiling, she walked to him and said; “Hey you! Why are you staring at me?”.



Her school uniform was cutely fitted and her hair was packed in ponytails with bang.


She was slightly chubby and really short but smart.



The cute boy replied; “You are beautiful”.



She blushed, smiling sheepishly.



“Really? And you look cute too!”, She said and the boy smiled.



“Are you in Emperor Tan Kindergarten too? I’ve never seen your face before and you are not wearing our school uniform!”, She added, blinking her eyelashes.



The boy nodded and replied; “Hm! I’ll start schooling here tomorrow. My mom brought me here today to look around the school. I don’t know anyone but I have an elder sister in Emperor Tan High School”.



“Wow! High School? I always dream of high school! I heard people in high school are grown up and free to do anything. When I get to high school; I



will go shopping with my friends, visit the beach and I wanna be the most beautiful girl in high school!”, She said dreamily.



“You will surely be the most beautiful girl!”.


he said and she blushed again.



“I’m in kindergarten and you?”, She asked.



“I’m in Kindergarten too!”.



“Wow! We’re going to be in the same class!”.



“Really? But I think I’m lost, can you help me? My mom went to the restroom and I was eager to look around the school premises. Now, I think I’m lost!”.



Smiling, Candy replied; “Sure! I’m gonna be your friend when you resume school. I have many friends and I’ll introduce you to them. I will take you to look around the school too!”.



Looking at her with great admiration, he nodded happily.



“Pinky promise?”, She raised her hand up toward him.



“Pinky promise!”, He replied, intertwining his fingers with hers.



They both smiled at each other.



End of flashback




Smiling, I stare at the flowers.



I really love that memory.


It’s been long but still fresh in my mind.



“Thinking about something?”, Lina’s voice interrupted.



Lina sat beside me on the seat, also looking at the flowers.



“You like him, don’t you?”, She asked and I glanced at her.









Biting my inner cheek, I gave no response.



She sighed and continued; “You don’t love Jason. You should clearly understand that!”.



“But I…”



Lina interrupted; “No, you don’t love him. It’s all infatuation! Why don’t you just pay attention to ChanSoo and give him a trial, then you’ll know that your feeling for Jason is not true love”.



I kept mute, thinking deeply.



I was really out of words.



“Look at another direction and feel the difference, then you’ll know your real feeling!”, Lina added.



“But…all my hope since all these years! I never gave up the hope that…


Jason will love me!”, I stuttered in a low tone.



Lina turned to look at me, then said; “Really? But look at Jason, look at the way he treats Jennie. His feeling for her is clearly visible, Jason loves her! Who cares if she is a commoner? Love is blind! Is that the guy you still have hope on? And if the girl loves him too, then boom ––– They’re already couples! And you?”.



She paused and laughed briefly.



Then continued; “You’ll be here waiting for that guy who doesn’t even have a tiny feeling for you. Whereas, there is another guy dying for your love. Don’t you think you’ll later loose on both sides? So, it’s preferably you choose the latter that you know really loves you! You can’t just sit down and keep hoping, you’ve to give trials. If Jason doesn’t work, then it’s not true love. Another will work and if it’s true love, it’ll last forever!”.



With a scoff, I asked; “Are you trying to tell me to give up on Jason and give ChanSoo a chance?”.



She snapped her fingers, nodding; “Perfect!”.



I look at her in disbelief.



“That’s why you gave such a long sermon? As in, you still have some senses left in you?”, I said unbelievably and she gasped, looking at me with her mouth open.



“I mean I can count the number of times you’ve talked with great sense. You know, that kind of feeling when your best friend speak with seriousness



and common sense, you would be like ––– So this girl still have some senses left in her?”, I added before laughing.



You need to see her facial expression, haha!



I mean it, Lina is very lousy and mostly doesn’t think twice before she speaks.


But she just lectured me!


As in, Lina lectured me with seriousness!





Yeah, she often give me advice but not in a serious way.


One would even think she was joking but she mean it.



And just now, she gave me an advice with full seriousness!





“You must be kidding me! Ugh! I disagree to believe it!”, She snorted and I chuckled.



“Anyway, thanks!”, I said and she scoffed.



“Who need your thanks?! Humph! Little brat!”, She mumbled and I laughed.



I placed my head on her shoulder, smiling.



“You and Bon are really pain in the ass! I’ve been babysitting you guys for good eighteen years! Ugh! It’s a big pain!”, She grumbled and I laughed even louder.



Lina is crazy!


Who is babysitting who?



Please ask her how old she was when me and Bon were 1 year old?







Author’s POV





The rest of the day went like a blur.



It was already the D-day; Friday!



Lisa was not in school again and no one was even bothered to know the reason.



The school closed by twelve noon and all the students went back home to prepare for the prom night.



Candy, Lina and Bella went to the boutique to choose and buy their dresses.



By the time Candy and Lina arrived home, it was already past two o’clock.



Candy sat on the kitchen counter and sent a text message to ChanSoo.



Still want me to be your date to the prom party?



ChanSoo on the other hand, almost went crazy when he saw her message. He replied immediately;



Yeah, of course



Candy saw his message, then smiled.



Come pick me up in the evening! Be here five o’clock on the dot!





ChanSoo read her message, feeling excited.


He wouldn’t dare miss this opportunity.



Sure! Your home address?



After Candy sent the address, she felt relieved and unexplainably happy.



Imagining his happy expression, she blushed.







Jennie’s POV





“Are you crazy? What do you mean by you’re not going to the prom party? You must be kidding me! You’re such a nerd!”, Mia kept ranting.



For goodness sake, is it her prom night?



Relaxing on the couch with a big bowl of popcorn and watching a nice movie is the best.


But my little lousy sister wouldn’t let me enjoy the comfort.



Why did I even told her about the prom night?!



Oh, my!


I’ve messed up big time!


Telling her is the worst idea ever!



Pacing in front of the television, she shouted; “Sis! You’re definitely not going to miss that prom!”.





She is obstructing my view!


Why in front of the TV?



I sighed.


“Mia! I don’t even have a date!”.



“Who cares? Rent an handsome guy if that’s what it takes!”.



What the heck is she spouting?



I sat up and placed the bowl of popcorn beside me.



“Mia, your craziness is out of hand! But please move away from the TV and keep mute!”.



She stood akimbo, glaring at me.



Oh Gracious Lord!


My intention was to watch movies and enjoy my Friday alone, whereas my schoolmates are out there stressing themselves with the prom party!


But my sister is here ruining my plan!



I opened my mouth to talk again but the door bell interrupted.



I snorted at Mia and went to the front door.



I opened it but no one was there.





Who rang the doorbell?



My eyes scanned around but I saw no one.



I scoffed and grabbed the door handle to close the door when I noticed a big grey parcel on the door post.






I squatted to take a closer look.



‘TO KIM JENNIE’ ––– was written on it.



Who sent it?


And what could be inside?


It’s so big!



I picked up the parcel, closed the door and walked back to the sitting room.



I placed the big parcel on the floor and knelt beside it.



What if it’s bomb, Jennie?





“Who sent that?”, Mia asked, walking closer to me.



“I’m asking myself that question too, Madam!”, I replied and rolled my eyes.



I used a razor blade to cut the tapped area, then opened it slowly.





My eyes widened at the sight of a sparkling emerald dress, a silver mini bag and silver heels!



What the heck?!



I picked up the small envelope on the dress and opened it.



Got my small package, little princess? Get dressed for the prom night, I’ll pick you up by four o’clock!


~Cute Jas!





Jason sent it?


Prom what?



“Oh my God! This bag costs 1.5million dollars!”, Mia screamed as she picked up the silver bag, checking it out with daze.





1.5 million what?



I look up at the bag in her hand with shock.


Jason wants me to carry that?



Still in shock filled with surprise, I brought out the emerald dress, staring at it.



How much those this costs too?



Oh Lord!



“Jennie! who…who… sent them?”, Mia stuttered in astonishment, checking the heels too.



She look up at the dress in my hand and gasped.



“Lemme see that!”, She snatched it, checking every spot on the dress.



“Wow! This is heaven!”.





I’m short of words!



How can I accept all these expensive stuffs?!



How can I wear them to the school prom night?



Somebody, shoot me!












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Inseparable Lovers


( Our High School Love Story )



By: Sulaiman M. Zainab





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