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Chapter 14



Author’s POV







Jennie stood there in shock, staring at her locker which was completely dyed with red and black paint.






— was written with white paint.



Everyone in the hallway were also watching and murmuring.



She swallowed her saliva in fear, opening the locker slowly.



What’s in the locker too? __ was what everyone was anticipating.



But the sight in the locker made people gasped.



She was also among the people, because a gasp escaped her mouth.



Shredded papers splashed with red paint filled the locker.



Her sport wear were not exempted.


To worsen it, the sport wear was soaked in a small bowl of water.



❌❌WATCH OUT BITCH!❌❌ __ was also written inside the locker.



She felt her legs turned jelly with tears ready to flow down.



*What have I done to deserve this?*



Oh my God! This is really bad!



It’s terrible!



After all, she is a commoner, many students will make her life miserable.



Yeah, and this is the beginning.



But I feel pity for her.



So bad!



Even some stupid students were videoing the scene.



“Jennie! What’s happening?”, Lina exclaimed with Candy standing calmly behind her.



It’s obvious they just arrived and were surprised as well.



Lina rushed to Jennie and turned to look at her locker.



She exclaimed with shock; “Holy Moly! What the f**k?!”.



“Shit! Who did this to you?!”, Lina asked with confusion written on her face.



Jennie only shook her head, bitterly.



Just then, Lisa and her friends walked into the hallway.



Candy looked up at her and their eyes met.



She curved her lips in a smirk before walking to her locker.



With her fists clenched, Candy moved swiftly to Lisa, who was arranging her locker.




She pulled her hair and slammed her head against the locker with great pressure.



Everyone turned their attention to the new scene between Candy and Lisa.



“What are you doing bitch? Let go off me!”, Lisa groaned and Candy smiled maliciously.



“You’re the real bitch here! Acting so unreasonable! If you’re having problem with your messed up family, your schoolmates are not the ones you should reflect your anger on! And if you think you can’t handle it, f**k off this school! Remember you did the same thing to me last session?!”, Candy yelled at her, still holding her hair tightly.



Lisa struggled to get herself outta her grip but Candy seems stronger than her.



She winced in pain and yelled back; “You’re so crazy Candy! You think I was the one that did that to her locker? You must be a fool!”.



Candy released her hair and bursted into laughter; “oh my goodness! Lisa, I don’t remember mentioning anything about Jennie’s locker!”.



Lisa’s face darkened immediately, visibly angry.



Exactly! Her conscience betrayed her.



Candy never said anything about the locker.



Some students murmured among themselves.



Candy smiled victoriously and continued; “I only reminded you of what you did to me last session. But your reply shows that you were the culprit!”.



Lisa gritted her teeth and spat; “how dare you declare false accusation against me without any proof?!”.



And with that, she raised her right hand up and PAH!



Her hand landed on Candy’s cheek.



Due to shock, everyone gasp.



Trembling in fear, Jennie watch the scene.



*This was all my fault!* __she thought.



Not wasting any more time, Candy punched her and the duo started engaging in a fight.



With the duo pulling each other’s hair viciously, Candy landed hard slaps on Lisa’s cheek with her other free hand.



No one dares interfere, because these two girls are the most influential ones among them.


Who would dare step on the tiger’s tail?



Even Lina was panicking opposite the fighters.


She was deeply worry about her best friend who already has bruises on her beautiful face.



Not able to bear any longer, she rushed in between them to separate the fighters.



She held Candy back, who was struggling to charge at Lisa.



“Lina, let me go! Let me disfigure her bitchy face! I won’t let you off this time bitch!”, Candy yelled, pointing at Lisa.



Lisa’s face was even worst, the bruises almost covered her entire face, making her look like the demon queen in war.

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She also spat at Candy; “Tell your bitchy friend to let go off and let’s see who will disfigure whose face”.



But Lina was in between them, holding Candy behind her and pushing away Lisa who was in her front.



Forcefully, the two pushed Lina to one side and started another round of fight.



Surely, Candy was winning.



Lina fell on the ground and Jennie rushed to help her up.



Meanwhile, Jason and her friends who were at the school restroom heard people squealing.



They rushed out to see some students running toward the same direction.



“What is happening?”, Bon asked surprisingly.



“Probably some new gossips!”, Jason replied ignorantly.



J.G, who was busy with his phone, exclaimed; “Wth? Guys, look at this, Candy and Lisa are fighting in the Grade 12 locker room!”.



“What?!”, They all chorused unbelievably.



J.G showed them the live video.



Not wasting any more time, they all rushed to the locker room.



On getting there, they saw the scene.



The two girls were indeed fighting.



No one noticed their presence until Jason shouted in his deepest voice which echoed for few seconds in the room.



“What the heck is going on here?!!”.



When everyone had the s£xily deep masculine voice, they all froze on the spot.



Even the two fighters were not exempted.















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Inseparable Lovers


( Our High School Love Story )



By: Sulaiman M. Zainab





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