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Chapter 20



Author’s POV





The next day went smoothly at the school, though Lisa was absent.




Jason went to pick Jennie at her house and dropped her back after school, as usual.



It seems like the two are getting more closer every second.



It was already Thursday, a day before Prom night.







Lisa’s POV





I was eating my breakfast on the island counter in the kitchen when my mom walked in.



“Lisa!”, She called.



“What?”, I mumbled between chewing my pancrackers.



She leaned on the counter and I rolled my eyes.



I’m not ready to go back to school, though I will surely not miss the prom




Definitely not!



“I want to tell you something!”, She said and I glanced at her.



I picked up another crackers and shoved it into my mouth, humming to nothing.



“Very soon, you’ll get engaged to Jason!”, She said and my hand froze in the middle of picking up my coffee.



I shifted my gaze to her.


Did I heard wrong?



Haha, I think I’m having ears problem.



“You heard me, right?”.



“Wait, what Jason?”.



“Jason Tan of course!”, She shouted, getting pissed.



Jason Tan?





My eyes became blurry and I passed out.







I opened my eyes to see a maid standing beside me.



What happened to me?



Why am I on the bed?


I sat up and look at her.



“What happened to me?”, I asked her.



Bowing a little, she replied; “Young Miss! You passed out!”.



“Hun? Where is mom?”.



“She left for work an hour ago!”.





The dream I had when I was unconscious was my best dream ever.



In the dream, mom told me I was gonna get engaged to JASON TAN!



Hahaha, really funny but unfortunately, it was a dream.



I sighed and said; “I feel more energetic, prepare my bath water! I wanna go to school!”.



“Yes Miss!”.



“Wait, what’s the time already?”, I asked and yawned.



“It’s past 9am!”.



“Hm! But why did I passed out?”.



“I have no idea, Miss!”.



“Hm! You can go!”.


“Yes Miss!”.



Ah, what a wonderful dream I had!



Hm, I don’t feel like going to school again.







Jennie’s POV





“Aww, who is gonna be my date to the prom night?”, Lina whimpered playfully.



I can’t count the number of time she has been repeating that.



All the school has been buzzling about the prom night.





“Hey Lina! I wanna be your date again!”, I heard Bon said.



“Hun? You? Never! Not again! You’re so boring! Remember what you did on the last prom night? You left me to flirt with one ugly girl! Ugh! I felt like puking!”, Lina shouted and made a weird sound.



“Seriously? You must be kidding me?!”, Bon replied.





These two are cat and rat.


Always arguing.



“Hey blockhead! I’m not kidding! I want to enjoy the remaining prom nights with a s£xy, caring, handsome gentleguy –– before we graduate!”, She blurted dreamily.



Oh God!



But come to think of it, who had always been Jason’s date?



I turned back but his seat was empty.


Even ChanSoo and J.G .



Where are they?



Why do I care?



“Lina! Please! I promise you, I’ll be a gentleguy this time! Un?”, Bon pleaded.



“Okay, okay! I’ll think about it!”, She replied.



“Thank you!”.



“I said I’ll think about it, I didn’t said I’ve accepted!”.



“Okay! I’m going to Jason’s lounge, the guys are there planning something.


I can’t be left out!”, He said and rushed out of the classroom.



Jason’s lounge?


Planning something?


So Jason has a lounge in this school?



‘yeah, of course! After all, he is Jason Tan!’ ___ my inner mind replied.



I sighed and resumed my reading.



“Hey Jennie! Have you decided to come to the prom night?”, Lina asked behind me.



I turned to her and shook my head.



She frowns and said; “Jennie! You should come! Tommorow, the school will close by twelve noon and the prom will start by 5pm. We’ll go shopping after school, you should prepare too!”, She insisted.





I can’t afford to buy anything, definitely I’m not going.



And who’ll be my date?


Haha, way to go girl!


Don’t embarrass yourself.



“I’ll think about it!”, I lied and she smiled.



I’ll not think about anything, I’ve made my final decision.



“But Candy, who is gonna be your date again?”, Lina asked.



Candy look up at her, smiling.



“Jason!”, She replied.







“Jason? Keep it up girlfriend! Keep hurting yourself! Keep dreaming about being Jason’s date! Jason won’t fall in love with you! Fix that into your medulla!”, Lina said to her in a low tone, then snorted.



So, it has always being Jason?!





“I don’t need him to fall in love with me! I wish I can be his date, just for once!”, She replied.





So, she has never being his date?


Then, who?




Ugh! I can’t imagine it!


I’m sure Jason will rather choose Candy over that witch!



“Haha, I knew you will become a baby mama at last!”, Lina mumbled and I almost laugh.



“Thank you Miss. Future-teller!”.






“You’re welcome! But I hope the Account teacher won’t come, his class should have started! I really hope he won’t!”, Lina said.



That’s right.


Why has he not arrived yet?




“I thought you read future, Miss. Future-teller? You are in best position to answer that question!”, Candy replied and I heard Lina huffed.



“You’re so annoying!”, She grumbled.



Just then, ChanSoo rushed into the class with a single rose flower in his hand.



He walked swiftly to Candy and knelt beside her seat, raising the rose forward him.



Haha, drama is about to happen.







Author’s POV





“Candy, please can you be my date for the prom night? Please Candy! Don’t reject me again!”, He pleaded, still on his knee.



Candy glanced at him and scoffed.



“No!”, She replied.



With his eyebrows furrow, he pleaded hopefully; “Candy, please don’t do this to me! I’m begging you. I swear, I just want you to be my date, just this once!”.




Frowning, Candy spranged on her feet; “Don’t you understand ‘no’? I say no!”.



She shoved the rose away and walked out of the classroom, leaving everyone dumbfounded.



“ChanSoo!”, Lina called pitifully and he smiled at her.



“I’m fine!”, He mumbled before he left the class.



He doesn’t look fine at all.



“But why?”, Jennie asked, baffled.



“She is always like that!”, Lina replied sadly.







ChanSoo walked into the lounge.



His friends were waiting for him.



“Got rejected again?”, J.G asked.



ChanSoo sat on the couch, with his palms placed on his head.



Jason moved closer to him; “I’m sorry, it’s all my fault”.



Jason felt guilty because Candy rejected ChanSoo because of him.



ChanSoo look up at him and smirked; “It’s not your fault, as long as you don’t betray me!”.



“Huh, my twinny is a blockhead!”, Bon grumbled, licking a strawberry sweet.



“Hey dude! Watch ya mouth!”, ChanSoo shouted at him.



“Ohh, look at you! She just rejected you and you’re still here trying to fight for her.”, Bon replied mockingly.



“Thanks Mister!”.



“But wait, J.G! Who is gonna be your date?”, Bon asked him curiously.



“As usual”, J.G replied and he rolled his eyes.



“Yeah, as usual, we’re in the same boat again, J.G!”, ChanSoo said, chuckling and J.G glared at him.



“Hey what’s up with that look?”.



“Who is in the same boat with you? After all, I didn’t got rejected. If I want any girl as my date, I can get them with a snap of my fingers!”, J.G said and scoffed with pride.



ChanSoo yelled; “Are you mocking me?!”.



“I can’t remember doing that!”.



“Haha, cut the crap! You got rejected, you don’t have any date for the night, what is the difference? You both go around, flirt with other people’s date during the prom nights! Better get someone this time!”, Bon said.




“Says the person who also got rejected!”, J.G and ChanSoo mocked, laughing.



“Who said I got rejected?!”, He blurted and ChanSoo shoved a popcorn into his mouth, which made him choked.



The two bursted into another round of laughter.



“You talk too much!”, J.G whispered into his ear and chuckled.



He did a high-five with ChanSoo.



“Hahaha!”, Jason bursted into laughter and they all turned to him.



“An hilarious drama with a cup of chilled Yogurt!”, He sipped his drink, laughing again.



In between his laughter, J.G shoved a popcorn into Jason’s mouth too and he started choking.



“Hahaha! Buddy didn’t saw that coming!”, Bon said and they all laughed.



Jason glared at them; “You jerks!”.



“Sound more like ‘jerk’son!”, ChanSoo mimicked Bella and they laughed again.



Jason snorted, sipping his yogurt angrily.



“Uh, buddy looks angry!”, ChanSoo whimpered playfully.


“Awwn!”, J.G also cooed.



“Baby, come to mama!”, Bon spread his arms out, moving closer to Jason, who glared at him.



They bursted into laughter again.



“Jerks!”, Jason mumbled and gulped all the content in the cup.










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Inseparable Lovers


( Our High School Love Story )



By: Sulaiman M. Zainab





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