Sun. Jun 23rd, 2024

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Inara the ghost.
















Being in a world where you can do nothing is totally a pain in the ass.


I’ve been in this world like this for over a year now.


No one can see nor hear me but u see them all.


Ever since my parents died in that motor accident, leaving my brother and I in this world.


I wouldn’t even say my brother and I coz I’m good as dead too.


I mean I’m a ghost and no one can see me, not even my brother.


Living the life of a ghost, I found myself stuck in this planet earth.


Trying to find that unique person that can help me.


That can see and hear me.


That’ll help me out of this ghostie life of mine. But the question now is, does such a person exist?


Will she ever find that unique person that can see and hear her?


Will she remain a ghost all the days of her life?


One way to find out and it’s through this story so don’t miss it.






Inara the ghost.


( Ghostie )



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