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Chapter 8




By Jennifer Owens






~ Boyce ~




I woke up the next day, tidied up and dressed up.


I went downstairs to meet aunt Gina seated on a couch.


After waving her goodbye, I boarded the school bus.


I arrived at school and raced to the cafeteria to eat breakfast cause aunt Gina no more prepares breakfast.


After having breakfast at the cafeteria, I went to class.




~ Stiles ~




Since yesterday, I haven’t seen Inara.


I know the way I acted with her wasn’t good but I was upset.


I should’ve forgave her cause she regretted her mistake.


Now I don’t even know where or how to get to her.


I just hope she’s fine .


I dropped Cali at her school and I drove to mine.


I arrived at school and parked.


I got out and went to the schools’ backyard where I first met her, hoping I’ll see her there.


My eyes scanned everywhere but didn’t see her.


I sluggishly went back to class.


After some lectures, the bell rang for lunch.


Bexley, my best friend and I went to the cafeteria and sat with the other guys.


Everyone wrote down their orders on a sheet of paper and gave it to Mike to go bring us our orders.


Mike is one of my friend, we’re 4 in number.


He’s chubby, fat and eats a lot.


He’s very funny and nice too.


Already closed to the food canteen, he turned and came back to our table.


“what ” Bexley and Riley asked at once.


“I’m not the one to get the orders today ” he blurted out.


He gave me a look and slammed the paper on the table in front of me.


“your turn ” he said and I rolled my eyes.


I took the orders and went to get our food.


After lunch, we went back to class, did some lectures before the bell rang.


Everyone started heading out in duos and trios.


“Stiles, is something bothering you ” Bex asked.


Of course yeah!



I’m worried about Inara and Rikki hasn’t picked my calls since yesterday and even this morning.


“no Bex ” I lied and he gave me a strange look.


“fine! Rikki’s not been picking my calls “I blurted out.


“isn’t that Rikki over there ” he pointed to a group of girls with a guy in their midst and Rikki was amongst them.


A smile tugged at my lips, just seeing her beautiful face.


Bex and I walked over to them and I smiled when our eyes met.


“hey ” I said smiling.


“hey ” she said back.


I pulled her aside and kissed her.


“I missed you ” I said and kissed her again.


“why haven’t you been picking my calls ” I asked when I pulled away.


“just stuck up with school issues ” she blurted out.


“you got me worried ” I said and kissed her but she pulled away almost immediately.


OK this is the first time she’s doing this.


“they’re waiting for me, I’ve to go ” she said, referring to the girls and that boy.


They were three girls and a boy.


“I thought you came to see me ” I blurted out sternly.


“nope! I accompanied Eva to come pick up her brother ” she blurted out while I stared at her unbelievably.


“anyway, see you later ” she pecked my lips and left with them.


That was strange.


Is she trying to get away from me or what?


Rikki is clingy but now is as if she doesn’t want me around her.


She even pulled away from my kiss.


Bex patted my shoulder as I watched them leave.


Bex left and I drove to Cali’s school to pick her up.


I picked her up and drove home.




~ Boyce ~




I alighted the school bus and ran into the house.


“I’m back “I announced, standing in the sitting room.


I got no reply so I ran up to my room.


I freshened up, did my home work and went downstairs.


“aunt Gina ” I called.


“aunt Gina! ” I called louder but got no reply.


I went back up to her room and it was locked.


This means aunt Gina isn’t home.


So she just left the main door opened for me.


I ran downstairs to the kitchen and ate the left overs of lasagna.


I drank juice and went back to the sitting room.


I switched on the TV and settled to watch the cartoon “miraculous “.


It’s one of my favorite cartoon movies.


I cheered along as lady bug and chat noir did their miracles.


I stood on the couch, jumping happily.


I stepped on something making me sit on my butt in the couch.


I winced in pain, rubbing my foot.


It hurts!


I got down from the couch, searching for whatever poked my foot.


“keys! ” I exclaimed and threw it on the floor.


Stupid keys.


But whose keys are these?


Are they aunt Gina’s keys?


I picked up the key and ran up to aunt Gina’s room.


I opened the door with the key and I smiled.


Time to start the search.




~ Stiles ~




I laid on my bed, staring at the ceiling.


Inara please come, please.


“Inara ” I called, hoping she’d hear me cause she’s a ghost.


She might have some super powers as a ghost so maybe she can hear me call her.


“Inara, if you can hear me, I’m sorry ” I blurted out.


“I didn’t mean to be such an unforgiving jerk, I’m sorry ” I blurted out sincerely.


“so just come ” I begged.


“please ” I added and closed my eyes.


I’m a jerk!




~ Boyce ~




Gosh! I’ve been searching for the keys for minutes now but still can’t find it.


I think it’s not here.


I turned to leave but sighted a little box on top of the drawer.


That’s way too high for me.


I’m small so I can’t reach up there.


I carried the chair that was beside the bed and placed it in front of the drawer.


I got on the chair, strectehd my hand higher and took the box.


I got down from the chair and opened the box.


Inside was a key, just one key.


I took it, dropped the box and ran out.


I stopped in front of the “locked room” and smiled.


I shook the key into the keyhole, turned it and it creaked open.




~ Gina ~




I came out of the grocery store and boarded my car.


I still have to see Angie.


Angie is an old friend, my closest friend.


Shit! I forgot my room keys on the couch in the sitting room.


With Boyce roaming everywhere in the house as if looking for something, I can’t leave my door open.


I need to get the keys before he does.


Only God knows what he wants.


I reversed and headed home.




~ Boyce ~




I entered the room and it was very dark.


I traced my hand down the wall beside the entrance, looking for where to switch on the lights.


I found it and switched on the lights.


The room was big and empty.


The widows were closed.


There was nothing in the room except a long table in the middle of the room.


On the table was another thing like a table and it was covered with a black clothe.


I walked over to the table and took off the black clothe, exposing a wooden casket.


Who the hell keeps a casket in their house, Gina Sean?


I tried opening the casket but it was heavy.


I tried harder and it opened.


I looked in and my heart hung in my throat at the sight in front of me.








By Jennifer Owens .






Inara the ghost








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