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Chapter 2


By Jennifer Owens




~ Inara ~




Did he just talk to me?


I smiled with a ray of hope in me.


I disappeared and appeared in front of him making him fall on his butt. “what the heck? I almost bumped into you ” he said as he dust the dirt off his butt.


I chuckled at what he just said.


Bump into me? No that can never happen.


I mean people pass through me.


I’m surprised that he can see and hear me, shocked precisely.


“no you can’t bump into me ” I said proudly and he chuckled.


“I can but I ain’t gonna do it ” he said and walked past me.


“you can’t bump into me, I mean it ” I said, blocking his way.


He goes right, I go right. He goes left, I do the same.


“just f**ken stop it ” he yelled and I flinched.


Why am I so scared? There’s nothing he can do anyway.


“and what ya gonna do if I don’t ” I asked boldly, still in his front.


He sighed and pushed me aside and to my greatest surprise, I fell on my butt.


I felt his touch.


“oh common, don’t be so girly ” he said and walked back to me.


He pulled me up with one lift and walked away.


“hey wait up ” I called to him.


I ran to him and held his strong arms.


He stopped, looked at me and gently took my hands off him.


“so I’m Inara and you? “I asked.


He turned to face me with a stern look, leaned closer to me and said to my face “get lost “.



I chuckled and continued following him until he got to the men’s changing room to bathe.


“now I want to freshen up so leave “he ordered and I scoffed.


I went over to a bench and sat with a smirk on my face.


“I don’t take orders ” I remarked.


He rolled his eyes and sighed.


“OK fine, will you please give me some privacy ” he asked and I put on a contemplating face.


“yeah OOK” I said and got up then headed to the door.


I opened the door and went out cause I don’t want him freaking out here.


I reopened the door and took in my head to peak.


“you ” he exclaimed with wide eyes.


“yeah OOK ” I chuckled and closed the door.


Time to take a tour round this school.




~ Stiles ~




“now I want to freshen up so leave ” I ordered when we got to the men’s room.


She scoffed and sat on a bench with a smirk plastered on her face.


“I don’t take orders ” she remarked sternly.


“OK fine, will you please give me some privacy ” I asked politely and her expression turned to that of contemplation. This girl’s got to be crazy.


I mean who contemplates whether or not to watch a stranger undress and take a bath?


“yeah OOK” she simply said and got up.


She went to the door, opened it and left.


I pulled off my shirt and turned back only to meet the amused gaze of her.


“you” I exclaimed with shock.


“yeah OOK ” she chuckled and left.


I sighed and went to freshen up.



After freshening up, I put on my jean pant then wore my button up shirt. I brushed my hair with Ava’s brush that I of course stole and left the room. I heaved a sigh of relief when I notice that crazy girl was nowhere to be seen.


Thank God I’m free.


I turned to leave but screamed in shock and fear when I knocked heads with that crazy girl.


I looked around to see if anyone saw or heard me but thankfully they didn’t.


She chuckled and stood properly coz she was in her heels ______She tip


toed to meet my height.


“Inara or whatever your name is, will you please stop stalking me ” I asked, trying to be cool and polite as I can but it came out a bit hoarse. “I’m just trying to be friends with you ” she pouted like a child.


Awwn she’s so cute when she does that.


“I don’t want nor need any more friends ” I said, more like lied.


I don’t know but for some reason I don’t want her to leave but I still want her to go.


“look at you, you’re lying ” she chuckled and I sighed.


OK she caught me.


Now that I’m looking at her, she has reddish brown hair, blue eyes, well


shaped nose and a beautiful face.


She’s to die for.


I went to the park with her trailing behind me of course.


I boarded my car and she did too.


I rolled my eyes at her crazy act and started the car.


The ride home was hell of a something.


Never in my life have I met such a blabber beak, more like a parrot.


I arrived home and pulled into the drive way.


I got out and she did too.


I went over to my porch and rang the door bell.


Cali my baby sister opened the door.


I arched an eyebrow as to how she could open the door.


She’s 5 and her hand couldn’t possibly reach up to the door knob.


I saw her push aside the stool she used in opening the door and I smiled.


That did it all.


She smiled and hugged my thighs


“you’re back ” she said with glee.


“yeah right, I wasn’t dead ” I said and rolled my eyes.


She ran back upstairs and I turned to see Inara still at the porch.


“common in ” I said and she smiled.


I headed to the kitchen where I know mom and Ava would be and Inara followed.


“I’m gonna introduce you to my mom and sister ” I said and she chuckled while I gave her a “what ” look.






~ Inara ~




“I’m gonna introduce you to my mom and sister ” he said and I chuckled, knowing fully well that they can’t see me.


I mean I’m still a ghost and they can’t see me or can they?


He gave me a “what” look and I stopped chuckling.


“trust me you don’t wanna do that ” I said with a smile and he rolled his eyes.


Avery Ernest Danger ” he called softly when we got to the kitchen. “Stiles Ernest Danger ” a woman with neat blonde hair said and I chuckled softly.


Stiles pecked her cheek and she ruffled his hair.


I looked over to the other person in the kitchen and it was Stiles sister. She had black hair with pretty big eyes.


“mom I want to introduce a friend to you both ” he said and and his mom dropped the spoon she was holding and gave her attention to Stiles. “who’s she ” his mom asked.


“have you finally dumped Rikki “his sister asked and he rolled his eyes.


“she’s just a friend I met today ” he said sternly.


“you met her today and you brought her home? She must be sooo special ”


his sister chipped in and he scoffed.


What? Am I not special?


“so where’s she ” his mom asked and he gave her a confused look.


“there she is ” he pointed at me.


I was standing at the kitchen door.


“where ” his sister asked.


He sighed and turned to me.


“Inara meet my mom and my sister ” he introduced and I almost laughed cause of his mom and sister’s expression.


“and guys, this is Inara ” he said and his mom and sister gave each other a look.


“OK son, I don’t know what you drank or how much you’ve drank but you’ve got to chill ” his mom said and left the kitchen.


“dude, this joke wasn’t at all funny ” his sister patted his shoulder and left too.


He looked at me strangely with furrowed eyebrows.


“they can’t see you? ” he asked.








By Jennifer Owens



Inara the ghost




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